Getting a nice shot is wonderful, but the end video won't sound polished if your audio quality isn't good enough. An external microphone for camera will be perfect for you to face versatile situations that need clear and crisp sound. Today this blog will tell how it promotes your video audio in four parts.
  • What is an external camera microphone?
  • What are the advantages?
  • When do you need an external microphone for video camera?
  • Which type of microphones should you get?
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What is an external camera microphone?

Camera microphone is a unique sort of microphone created to function effectively with a camcorder or a DSLR that can record video. It frequently has a function that allows it to attach to a camera's hot shoe mount or other rigs and gears, and it is small in order to reduce the shooting device's total weight.

What are the advantages?

1. Clear sound audio is much better than that of the internal mic

Few cameras or camcorders will boast about their recording effects during product introduction, because it is obvious that this is not their strong point. They can provide HD picture shooting and recording, but can not guarantee the very clear sound audio that an external microphone for DSLR camera offers. Usually, the built-in ones on cameras don't sound all that great, which is the same as the modern smartphone having great video quailty but low audio level, that's when you need a USB-C microphone for your Android cell phones or lightning one for iPhones. The camera itself emits a lot of handling and mechanical noise, which they frequently pick up. External on-camera microphones are made to function better acoustically than built-in ones. When you use a camera to make videos for your vlogs or course reservation, you will have a hard time balancing the sense of peacekeeping between high-definition frames and low-quality audio. How can you solve this problem? That is to upgrade your equipment, which means getting yourself an external microphone for camera. They can be fixed to the camera, most have a lightweight and compact construction and can be perfectly integrated with the shooting device. The sound quality is superior to the installed one. Additionally, since some of them have their power source, the battery life is increased.

2. Special polar pattern help capture the sound you want

External microphones are often directional, which means they only capture the sound that is directly in front of them. With the voice-catching pattern of cardioid, hyper-cardioid, or Omni, these types of digital camera external microphone might enhance your recordings' quality by lowering background noise. Those who are both photographers and filmmakers unquestionably require it. A single camera may do a variety of jobs, particularly for video tutorials, vlogs, short films, and interviews,. If you want your films to sound fantastic, you'll still need to add a microphone for filming even if the camera has one built in.

3. Strong signal and high sensitivity for long-distance recording

Simply speaking, after purchasing a wireless external microphone for a camera, you find that one of the biggest convenience points it brings you is the recording placement. you often feel annoyed for not knowing how to control the distance between the speaker and the camera. Close to the camera, the picture does not look good, far from it, and can not ensure that the internal camera mic can be properly radioed. A clip-on type can solve this problem with a strong signal with a long range of transmission.

When do you need an external microphone for video camera?

SYNCO shotgun microphone with small size can be easily mounted on the camera or camcorder for vlog recording. It can effectively reduce environment noise and focus on human voice.

1. Outdoor filmmaking

Depending on the type of work you're doing, it can either assist you to pick up more realistic surrounding noises or increase the quality of conversation when people talk ahead of the lens. When making films on location, you will inevitably encounter various noises such as wind, the noise of cooling fans of camera equipment and studio lights, the sound of car horns, and the sound of passers-by talking in the background. A high-quality radio device allows you to focus on the sound you want to record.

2. Professional live broadcasting

The recording equipment you select will depend on the type of broadcast you want to capture and your unique requirements. Any broadcast circumstance may be handled by a good video camera external microphone, including ENG/EFP applications, sporting events, mobile news broadcasting, TV entertainment programs, and more.

3. Personal vlog shooting

Anyone producing high-quality video content should invest in the best microphone for vlogging. Although you might believe that the built-in microphone on your camera would be enough, you'll need to improve if you want to meet the high standards set by online viewers. With a camera teleprompter for your confident reporting, and the good audio from the mic, it surely improves your vlogs quickly and in some ways also increases your post-production efficiency.

4. Lesson or document recording

Course and document recording is not an uncommon thing these days, and both of the two situations would need an external microphone mirrorless camera, and other kinds of recorders compatible. Online courses are recorded for students to review after class or can be sold to those who need them. Some documents and cases need to be stored in video format. Such films are unique and will be viewed again and again as learning materials or reference files. They all require audio accuracy, and the slightest inaudibility may result in miscommunication or incorrect storage of information.

Which type of microphones should you get?

SYNCO wireless lavalier microphone for camera is compact and has dual channel for two-person recording.

1. Wireless lavalier type for free movement

This type usually consists of two parts: receiver and transmitter. The former connects to the shooting devices, the latter is used to clip on the speaker’s collar for catching sound. It’s not complicated to figure out how to attach it to the filming devices. SYNCO G2(A2) wireless external microphone for cameras suchlike products might be the best option for those running a YouTube channel or doing two-person interviews outdoors, etc. It supports a two-channel wireless system for speaking and recording, which means it has two transmitters and can record simultaneously, don't bother passing a microphone around.

2. Shotgun type for directional sound capturing

When you wish to mike up a video taken from above the scene or when you're filming outside and require an exceptionally tight sound polar pattern to reduce noise from outside, shotgun types are your best bet. Even in the most challenging shooting conditions, these choices deliver outstanding professional audio. SYNCO D2 vlogging camera external microphone with brass body and an XLR output interface is compatible with relatively small industrial video cameras, market video recorders, and DSLRs with video capabilities. It develops strong sensitivity to noises coming from a certain direction of -32dB. Additionally, it may reject -18 dB off-axis noise in order to have the best audio pick-up impact.


If you utilize an external mic, the quality of your recording will significantly increase. High quality is not required, however, it would be good. Get yourself an inexpensive video camera external microphone, and you will be surprised by what it can offer you.And pay attention that as more and more self-publishing youtubers emerge, and the cost of making videos decreases. The use of cell phones for filming is already a big trend, if you have plans to develop in this area, it is best to planning to prepare yourself a mini phone microphone as well.


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