Do you have video productions, live streaming, or conference presentations with smartphones coming up where you will need to read a large script? If so, you might need to consider buying a teleprompter for iPhone and make sure that the takes go well and that they deliver a fine recording effect. This blog will introduce the strong reasons why you need it and how to choose the ideal one for your shooting.
  • Why choose a teleprompter for iPhone?
  • What things do you need to consider before buying an iPhone teleprompter?

Why choose a teleprompter for iPhone?

Moman mobile phone teleprompter features HD clear and wide angle beam splitter glass for your comfortable reading

1. Why not cure cards: It’s flexible to edit the script

Cue cards need a lot of preparation since they must be typed out before the shoot and the script must be locked well in advance of their creation. When you need to alter the script on location, this might be a difficulty. Change the terminology because it doesn't sound right, spell out the numbers so they are read in a certain way, or just shorten the script if it's getting too lengthy. To edit a section of the script, you must create a new cue card if you already have one. Doing this can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don't have extra cue cards on hand. With the use of a teleprompter, you can make changes to the script as you go and have them appear seamlessly as the performer reads it aloud.

2. Why not phone apps: It ensures a natural eye contact

When it appears as though you are not utilizing an iPhone video teleprompter, you are using it appropriately. You read from a prepared script while staring directly into the camera when using it. When chatting with the viewer, you make eye contact with them. The most effective way to communicate with another person is to maintain eye contact. The lack of a prompter can prevent a message from being delivered effectively. When a speaker's eyes are constantly moving to the left or the right, they appear "shifty" and unreliable. Therefore, placing a computer or piece of paper close to the lens is not a wise idea. After some practice, an iphone camera teleprompter will assist you in effectively communicating with your audience, whether they are clients, students, or coworkers. The majority of live reality show hosts and politicians, as well as all TV newscasters, utilize these video devices.

What things do you need to consider before buying an iPhone teleprompter?

Regardless of your favored brand, spending limit, available equipment, or prompting demands, there are a few important issues you do have to consider before purchasing a portable teleprompter for iPhone.

Moman iPhone teleprompters is compact, lightweight, durable for meeting your requirement for video production, live streaming, brocasting, and more.

1. What size and style do you need?

  • Is it compact and sturdy enough for outdoor shooting?

When it becomes a part of your photography kit, then you will require it as you require other devices in your rigs. It should be compact enough for burdenless carrying and holding, and small enough not to take so much place in your rucksack or case. Furthermore, some recordings may encounter extreme situations and accidents like dropping. Therefore, while considering the feature of being lightweight, you should also look for a durable prompter for long and sustainable use. There are some is made of metal and glass, which are a little heavier but more lasting. It depends on your choice.

  • Does it offer the recording range you required?

The distance from the speaker to the text mirror should be your first consideration when choosing the right size. They come in different sizes, some of which are big types that can support large phones and even pads as a prompter for text reflection. This one is mostly mounted on a tripod or monopod, and thus can be placed on a desktop or stand on the ground. There is another kind of little one, like the Moman MT1 mini teleprompter for iPhone, the dimension only measured 260*220*160mm, and it only weighs 800g. So you can easily pick it up with a handheld grip, which is included in the product package, along with your iPhone, fill light, and microphone receiver together. With so many options, You must choose among the several monitor sizes available on the market the one that best meets your needs. For instance, a 17-inches monitor can reach up to 6 meters, a 10-inches needs to keep 4 meters away, etc. Please keep in mind that regardless of the size and type you choose, you must make sure the device is compatible with your camera, lens, and tripod.

2. Is the video teleprompter for iPhone suitable for your specific applications?

What are you going to buy it for? Making vlogs to share your life, podcasting, TV live broadcasting, posting shorts or videos on YouTube and TikTok, online courses, hosting conferences, or doing presentations? Different purchasers have different needs. Will the broadcaster themselves regulate the script's pace, or will a different operator? To meet your needs, we provide the broadest selection of controller solutions, including wired and wireless control with phones or foot pedals. However, if you choose the type of mobile phone teleprompter, in addition to the device you have happens to be an iOS smartphone or those of a similar size, there is another situation that your needs belong to the traveling recording and handheld shooting category. In this case, you have to consider whether it is easy to carry, whether it can adapt to the bright light from all sides of the outdoors, which form of control it uses, and whether it is convenient for you to operate with one hand and flexible movement.

3. Does the teleprompter for iPhone recording have the features you need?

  • Easy installment and flexible placement

It should enable you to mount the gadget securely and is suitable for devices of various sizes. When it comes to sight lines, the device is as high-quality. Any text may be easily read from every angle. You are allowed to talk whether you are sitting or standing. Since the design is flawlessly integrated, installation is easy and quick. You may alter the scrolling speed, the typeface, the timer, and many other options in it. Even better, you can control anything from a distance using a remote. Wide application is supported for the Moman mobile phone teleprompter for YouTube.

  • Unboxing video: How to set up and use Moman MT12 professional teleprompter

  • High-definition projecting for reading

If you disassemble the components of a phone teleprompter, you will find that very simple. Just a clear glass, a holder for a video monitor, and a shroud, plus your shooting device. And these parts show whether they are strong enough to be durable, adjustable, and suitable for different recording environments. The most important thing is to ensure a clear reading experience without hurting your eyes. Beginner teleprompter for iPhone filming works well in most studio lighting and interior environments. You will need enough brightness in your monitor to be able to read it if you need to use it outside in direct sunlight.

4. What does your budget allow?

Many video bloggers and online celebrities utilize a mini teleprompter for iPhone when filming or live-streaming since "prompters" are commonly accessible for far under 1000 dollars. This number is a bit exaggerated, you can already buy one under $200 as a Moman MT12 suchlike a professional teleprompter for video, which is built with a metal one-piece construction and consists of a wireless remote. Not to mention the fact that you can have it for less than $150 after a discount now. It is not the more expensive the better, many times at an affordable price to buy has been able to fully meet your needs. Additionally, prompters are used in a large number of product demos you see on YouTube.


Although it appears to be relatively straightforward, a teleprompter for iPhone serves an important purpose in video creation. No matter what kind of material you're trying to record, it's critical to keep your audience in your line of sight. It is hard to maintain eye contact when reading from a desk-mounted gadget or piece of paper. Thankfully, there is something fantastic like it that makes your job simpler. He makes you look competent and dependable. Numerous enhancements made possible by this useful tool make regular filming simpler and more entertaining.

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