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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
DSLR camera microphone SYNCO M3 is just 52g and Φ32×186mm in size, making it very portable for outdoor shootingCamera mic SYNCO M3's interference tube is designed to improve the directional sound pick-up, offering high-quality audio output
Sale price$59.00
DSLR Camera Microphone SYNCO M3SYNCO In stock, 50 units
Camera shotgun mic SYNCO M2S with a compact construction and a real-time plug-in LED indicatorShotgun mic SYNCO M2S black is compatible with most 3.5mm input devices including camcorders. DSLR cameras, smartphones, etc.
Sale price$29.00
On Camera Shotgun Mic SYNCO M2SSYNCO In stock, 50 units
Small camera microphone SYNCO M1S Black is just 2.8inch in length and weighs 1.2oz, allowing it to be easy to carry on the devicesCamera mic SYNCO M1S works on plug-in energy coming from the device and takes on a no-button and also plug & play design
Sale price$29.00
Small Camera Microphone SYNCO M1SSYNCO In stock, 50 units
Record with unidirectional shotgun microphone for phone SYNCO U3 black whenever and whereverUnidirectional microphone SYNCO U3 makes 2 degrees of low cut at 75Hz and also 150Hz for clear audio
Shop camera shotgun microphone SYNCO D30 for high-grade natural sound recording at Moman Online StoreBlack shotgun microphone SYNCO D30 with special design of slanting air vents, offers a clear, crisp and natural audio output
Sale price$159.00
Camera Shotgun Microphone SYNCO D30SYNCO In stock, 50 units
Wired microphone for camera Moman MA1 only weighs 35g and is light and portable, working well for outdoor recording activitiesWired mic Moman MA1 enjoys a wide compatibility with DSLR cameras, smartphones, laptops, etc. by TRS/TRRS cables
Sale price$29.99
Wired Microphone for Camera Moman MA1Moman In stock, 50 units

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