"Everyone could be Photographer and Filmmaker - The centre piece of this big thing is not Skills, but the Moments (Moman) in your everyday life."

Moman is the name of Moment. It came in 2017 with a vision to Stay with Your Moment and Capture Your Moment. Now Moman has grown into one of the leading destinations for all high quality photography tools and the ultimate source of inspirations for professional and amateur photographers.  Our experienced sales team, attentive customer service and up-to-date inventory are keys for us to build up the Moman Amazon Store and to maintain loyal followings. All this is the point of the startup of the current momanx.com.

Moman started with the accessory category of tripods the year it marched into the photography market, and then stepped into the segment of video light in 2019; two years later in 2021, we launched our first V mount battery Power 99 which has proven to be a successful solution for on-the-go shooting. In the meantime, Moman develops the lineup of microphones which are mainly wireless for both cameras and smart phones.

However, you would find other photography brands such as SYNCO and COLBOR at this store. This is because Moman believes that “Everyone” - either a professional photographer or amateur and even a student - is willing to choose his/her photographic and videographic tools to run each well-scheduled video project or enjoy every improvisation. They may vary by product category, carry basic or advanced technologies, and get suited to different uses.

For example, the aforementioned Moman video lights are focused on their compatibility with cameras and phones, while the invited-in COLBOR has strong competitiveness in studio lights which are enhanced players in building the standard three-point lighting scene.

Another good idea is the partnership with the Audio Technician SYNCO. It is a growing brand that has already stood firm in the field of recording microphone. Unlike Moman, SYNCO has a full product line of microphones, ranging from shotguns to lavaliers, wired to wireless, on camera to phone, etc. It joins Moman Store to enrich the microphone types and to push Moman to together step into the medium and premium audio market.   

All these are also reasons why Moman builds the online store named momanx.com which means "Moman Plus". In addition to SYNCO and COLBOR, Moman expects more brands to join us and to together expand the marketplace of photo- and video-graphy.  

Moman regularly holds sessions with our product suppliers and attends their product training; we also have our own product R&D team to demonstrate the launched products; our long-term KOL partners who are experts in the field frequently announce their opinions and make their recommendations on the social media to help make your decisions. All these are the basis of our Blog, the so-called Moman Ideas and Moman Reviews parts.

In the past five years, Moman PhotoGears has expanded the online business at different E-commerce platforms. Now we provide all categories, information and product inventory worldwide at momanx.com, a move intended to explore a better way to serve our customers. Our 24-hour online customer service, specific expert advice and one-stop solutions are all ready for everyone who just starts this creative journey or has had a place on the art practice.

Reach out to us by LiveChat at the bottom right, Tel: 13560196688, or email HKMomantech@gmail.com, and service@momanx.com.