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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Daylight LED COLBOR CL100M features a CRI of 97, which proviedes smooth lighting while restoring the object's natural colorDaylight LED COLBOR CL100M with 5600K daylight light and 30 lighting effects, allows 240FPS high-speed filming without strobe
Sale price$189.00
Daylight LED for Studio COLBOR CL100MCOLBOR In stock, 50 units
Recording studio lighting COLBOR CL100 with a CRI of 97+ LED beads and 50 lighting effects, is powerful for mobile shootingRecording studio LED lights COLBOR CL100 is built of lightweight and durable ABS plastic, making it handier for filmmakers on the go
On camera LED light Moman MLQ-RGB is in compact construction as a pocket size for easy carrying LED film lights Moman MLQ-RGB provides powerful illumiantion with a total of 90 LED beads with a high CRI over 95
Sale price$55.99
On Camera LED Light Moman MLQ-RGBMoman In stock, 50 units
RGB LED Panel Light for Camera Moman ML6-RCRGB LED Panel Light for Camera Moman ML6-RC
Sale price$75.99
RGB LED Panel Light for Camera Moman ML6-RCMoman In stock, 50 units
Camera LED light Moman ML3-D black has 96 quality LED beads featuring a high color rendering of 96Camera mount LED lights Moman ML3-D Red has a control dial that allows you to modify Bi-color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6500K
Sale price$55.99
Camera LED Light Moman ML3-DMoman In stock, 100 units
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DSLR Camera Light Moman ML6-DCDSLR Camera Light Moman ML6-DC
Sale price$69.99
DSLR Camera Light Moman ML6-DCMoman In stock, 50 units
Best RGB Camera Light Moman ML9-RGBBest RGB Camera Light Moman ML9-RGB
Sale price$99.99
Best RGB Camera Light Moman ML9-RGBMoman In stock, 49 units

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