Using USB-C microphone suchlike external audio sources can significantly enhance the grade of your work. While some beginners do not know much about it, making improper operation result in low utilization. This blog is going make an introduction of this kind of mic from the following parts.
  • What is a USB-C microphone and When will you need it?
  • How to connect it to your phones or cameras?
  • How to mount it for making a handy shooting setup?
  • How to promote the recording effect with an external microphone for Android USB-C?
Moman wirless lavalier micorphone for usb-c android phone CP2 works in interviewing, streaming, and video production.

What is a USB-C microphone and When will you need it?

Get to know about its definition and usage

USB-C, which is also called Type-C, is the USB Implementers' Forum's newest connection model. The microphone connected to a recording device using this interface as an external audio tool, is known as a USB C microphone. It’s usually worked with Android phones or modern recording devices with the compatible input port.

Even though new smartphones have increasingly great video capturing capabilities, their built-in ones don't always produce the finest audio, which might ruin an otherwise spectacular movie. You can create some genuinely outstanding material, whether it's a TikTok video, a documentary, or a short film, by simply adding a tiny professional mic and capturing rich, crystal-clear audio to match the quality of your video footage.

How can a usb type c microphone help your video creating

Learning how to capture high-quality audio on an Android device is simpler than ever. You already have a fantastic audio and video recording equipment like mini wireless phone microphones in your pocket if you want to launch a podcast or video series. Smartphone video quality is amazing, and it keeps getting better with each new model that comes out. Unfortunately, there hasn't been as much focus on audio quality improvement. Although functional, the mic fall well short of their potential. This is why buying an external one for your Android device is a terrific step towards generating the greatest audio and video projects in a simple and economical method.

How to connect it to your phones or cameras?

Using a usb-c microphone with dual channel makes the sound capturing more clean and smooth when you are video chatting with your friends.

If your streaming device has a USB-C, you can simply plug the shotgun mic or the receiver of the USB C lavalier microphone into your phone without the demand for the chaging converters. Most of the external mic for Android phone today are made to have plug and play design. It means once it connects to your mobiles or camcorder, it can start recording right away, saving the setup times.

Use adapators when there’s no corresponding usb-c port on your device

If you are using devices that arem’t equipped with right port, like the iOS devices of iPhones and iPads with the special lightning interface, or cameras with 3.5 mm TRS port, you will need to use the lightning-to-type-c adaptor or 3.5mm-to-usb-c adaptor that match your shooting items. Connect the short cable's Type-C slot-equipped end to the USB C microphone for phone video recording first, then put the adaptor's other end—which has the plug your things have—into it before plugging it into your phone.

Once connected, your smartphone ought to recognize the microphone automatically and replace the built-in microphone with it as the default, providing you with high-quality audio right away. Pushing the adapter cable into one of the cable management slots will keep your setup organized and make shooting more practical and convenient.

SYNCO G3 tutorial and review: Learn more about the connecting operation

The SYNCO G3 is not the typical type as a usb-c microphone for phone, but it's packed with the adaptor cables in the package for a broader use with Androids, iPhones, cameras, even PCs and tablets. This video goes into detail from its performance, features, and practical application scenarios to introduce you to the use of this one product. It gives you more different considerations and options.

How to mount it for making a handy shooting setup?

You must first use a mount, tripod, monopod, grip, or a clampto safely hold your phone or other devices, and then you must attach the microphone to this grip in order to put it on your mobile devices. With a very mini microphone like the Moman CP2 type c wireless microphone, you don't have to worry too much about mounting and fixing it. Because of its light weight, it is not easy to fall off the phone. It can be stabilized only by a receiver and smart phone plug-in connection.

And usually this connection is located in the location of the charging port, do not worry about it will block the lens, affecting the picture shooting. If it is a larger shotgun on-camera type, you will need to consider buying hot shoe mount or grips to maintain the balance and fix it to your cameras.

How to promote the recording effect with an external microphone for Android USB-C?

If you are a Android phone user, you might need a USB-C phone microphone for better audio in YouTube video filming or daily life recording.

Know your microphone clearly for the right application scenes

You should not disregard the manufacturer's recommendations just because you are using an Android phone and USB microphone. Your audio quality may significantly improve by learning how to use your mic correctly, what situations it works best in, and where to set it.

Use a windshield to make your recording more pure and clean

Use one of the windshields if you're recording outside, moving around while you're recording, or speaking straight into the usb-c podcast microphone to reduce background noise in your recordings. The foam windshield will assist preserve your audio in most other scenarios, but the fuzzy windshield is your best option if you're recording outside because it will block out the most wind noise and keep your recordings clean.


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