The built-in mic on modern DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is sometimes insufficient for filmmaking. They frequently have relatively small capsules and have very limited audio volume adjusting options. You can get the right directional audio for your movie or video by buying a microphone for filming.
  • Introducing two types of microphone for filming, which is the best for you?
  • What should be considered before buying a microphone for filming?
SYNCO G2(A2) lavalier microphone for filming can used with kinds of video cameras, including mirrorless, bmpcc, DSLR, and so on.

    Introducing two types of microphone for filming, which is the best for you?

    Shotgun types of direction audio capturing

    Film producers may use shotgun microphones to get the greatest audio for the project. By picking up certain noises without capturing unwanted audio sources, they provide clear and high-quality audio for movies. They are therefore essential components of your filmmaking equipment, especially if you specialize in filming documentaries or fiction films. Speaking about directional mics, shotgun microphone for filmmaking is quite well-liked. Almost all filmmakers unquestionably have at least one of them. 

    • What are the benefits of this shotgun type for filming?
    1. Excellent adaptability and reliable, high-caliber audio performance.
    2. The bulk of them are directional because of their shotgun design.
    3. Ideal for capturing audio on the spot from a specific position or subject.

    Whenever you're looking for them, shotguns are quite simple to mount. As a result, filmmakers adore them. They are just solid all-arounder that is always beneficial to have on hand. The top shotgun microphones for filmmaking for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store are shown below.

    • SYNCO D2 XLR condenser shotgun microphone

    SYNCO D2 microphone for filming YouTube videos picks up the hyper-cardioid polar pattern and gains high sensitivity to sounds. Its sturdy brass body makes it features low noise and high anti-interference. You can enjoy the flat frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz when making films. Just connects it through the XLRM connector simply and quickly.

    Lavalier type for long-distance recording

    Lapel, lav, collar clip, shirt microphones are excellent tools for any production. It's important to be aware of the following since, similar to booms, they are designed with a very specific function in mind.

    With the SYNCO P2L iPhone microphone for filming, you can record short videos or films with your friends at any time.
    • Why choose a Lavalier microphone for your videos or movies?
    1. The noise cancelling microphones for filming are simply small condenser types with great audio quality.
    2. No matter the weather or how far away you are, the wireless lav mic clearly and pleasantly picks up the subject's voice.
    3. Compared to a large boom or full-size mic, the sound quality is not quite as good.
    • SYNCO G2(A2) clip on microphone for filming of wireless design

    SYNCO G2(A2) has the same frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz as SYNCO D2, but it’s of wireless lavalier type. This dual-channel external microphone can be used for phone recording and camera filming. It features digital 2.4GHz and a working distance of 492 feet in the LOS area, which is ideal for long-distance movie production.

    What should be considered before buying a microphone for filming?

    Wireless lapel microphone for filmmaking is the most common type for phone recording. They are portable, verstatile, budget, and features high-quality sound audio.

    Frequency response

    The range of human hearing is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Another frequent type of microphone is one that begins recording at 40 or 50 Hz and goes up to 20 kHz. To reduce excessive rumbling at the source, you might not need a microphone that can go as low as 20 Hz, depending on the circumstances.

    Max. audio pressure level

    Before they start to distort, microphones can sustain a particular amount of noise. This is referred to as the highest SPL rating. The usual rating that is lowest is about 120 dB SPL. For reference, that's high since it's close to the point when one starts to feel physically uncomfortable. Find a mic with enough maximum SPL headroom if you want to record really loud noises.

    Filters or pads support

    The top external microphone for filming also has extra components like pads and high-pass filters. Filters allow you to choose to remove low-end data up to a specific frequency, which in some cases aids in maintaining the signal's purity. Pads act as a buffer by lowering the input signal level, allowing you to record strong sound sources without fear of distortion.

    Power source

    Many microphones for filming YouTube videos run on external power like v-mount batteries that have the corresponding output port. Some shotguns, such as those attached to DSLR cameras, are battery-operated. A typical XLR mic can let you choose between using batteries or phantom power from a field recorder or audio interface.


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