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COLBOR BP45 photography light softbox is of 45cm. It is portable and foldable for convenient carrying.COLBOR BP45 has a wide range of applications. It can be used in live streaming, portrait photography, product videography.
Sale price$59.99
COLBOR BP45 Photography Light Softbox of 45cmCOLBOR
In stock, 50 units
COLBOR BP65 Bowens mount softbox of 65cm is used to give balanced and soft lighting for videography activities.COLBOR BP65 enjoys broad applications. It is suitable for professional prodct shooting, weddings, broadcasting, and so on.
Sale price$89.00
COLBOR BP65 Bowens Mount Softbox of 65cmCOLBOR
In stock, 50 units
COLBOR BP90 parabolic softbox Black is of 90cm. It is compatible with Bowens mount, and it is packed with two diffusers.COLBOR BP90 softbox enjoys a wide range of usage scenarios, such as product or food photography, video recording.
Sale price$109.00
COLBOR BP90 Parabolic Softbox of 90cmCOLBOR
In stock, 50 units
Recording studio lighting COLBOR CL100 with a CRI of 97+ LED beads and 50 lighting effects, is powerful for mobile shootingCOLBOR CL100 supports APP remote control in real time. You can adjust lighting levels and different effects on it
Daylight LED COLBOR CL100M features a CRI of 97, which proviedes smooth lighting while restoring the object's natural colorCOLBOR CL100M is a 5600K video light without any strobe in slow motion and time-lapse photography
Sale price$189.00
COLBOR CL100M Daylight LED for StudioCOLBOR
In stock, 49 units
COLBOR CTR1 is a remote control for lights. It is black and mini, made of Aluminum and ABS robust materials.COLBOR CTR1 is small yet powerful for kinds of wireless control for COLBOR video light. But remember not all the products are suitable.
Best v mount battery plate COLBOR VBS works with the included cable to power video lights, cameras and suchlike photography equipment. The black COLBOR VBS v lock battery mounting plate gets v lock batteries mounted and features a D-tap output to power photography devices.
Sale price$39.99
COLBOR VBS V Mount Battery PlateCOLBOR
In stock, 25 units
The black v lock battery mount plate COLBOR VM2 is on sale with a D-tap to Type-C cable.  It's compact, lightweight and solidCOLBOR VM2 black colored v mount battery adaptor can be used for COLBOR CL-60 series. It's perfectly match this studio lighting setup.
Sale price$29.99
COLBOR VM2 V Lock Battery Mount PlateCOLBOR
In stock, 18 units
Desview R6 field monitor for camera can connect to most devices of HD or 4K directly, like DSLRs. It gives effective sync footageDesview R6 is of 2800nits ultra-high brightness. It can show detailed images even under the hard light
Sale price$329.00
Desview R6 Field Monitor for CameraDesview
Sold out
Desview T2 teleprompter for cell phone is widely compatible for situations like vlogging, online classes, etc.Desview T2 enables speakers to read scrolling text while facing straight forward to the cameras or phones
Sale price$89.00
Desview T2 Teleprompter for Cell PhoneDesview
In stock, 50 units
Desview T3 large teleprompter is made to support big prompting devices up to 11-inch. It is suitable for recording videosDesview T3 large screen teleprompter has a prompting clamp of a max length of 19cm. It can hold devices like phones or tablets firmly
Sale price$99.00
Desview T3 Large TeleprompterDesview
In stock, 47 units
Moman PhotoGears provide extra service fees for customers.
Fxlion Nano One v Lock battery is amount to four 18650 batteries and has a large capacity of 13600mAhFxlion Nano One is a professional V-lock battery charger of 3400mAh
Sale price$179.00
Fxlion Nano One V Lock BatteryFxlion
Sold out
Gimpro BMPCC d-tap to bmpcc 4k power cable supports a stable charge for camera devices with the v mount batteryGimpro BMPCC is a safe and premium charging cable for power solutions with the d-tap port to BMPCC 4k cameras
Sale price$29.99
Gimpro BMPCC D-tap to Bmpcc 4k Power CableGimpro
In stock, 45 units
Save 17%
Moman A620 horizontal tripod arm features a 3/8" mounting seat as well as a center column knobMoman A620 is an extension arm for tripods
Sale price$49.99 Regular price$59.99
Moman A620 Horizontal Tripod ArmMoman
Sold out
Camera tripod ball head Moman BH01 Red is made of durable and lightweight CNC aluminum alloyThe product details of camera tripod ball head Moman BH01
Sale price$45.99
Moman BH01 Camera Tripod Ball HeadMoman
In stock, 49 units

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