When you are not satisfied with the recording effect of your phone, in other words, your shooting needs more professional sound, a mini phone microphone can largely solve these problems. This blog will tell you what features make a good one and recommend three of the best microphones sold at Momanx.

  • What are phone microphones?
  • Five things to look for in an ideal phone microphone
  • Three small microphones for phone at Momanx

Moman mini microphone for phone recording CP2 can be used in YouTube vlogging, Facebook live streaming, etc.

What are phone microphones?

The recording device for mobile phones has a big feature, that is small size, that is because the characteristics of the phone itself are portable and compact for daily use and carrying. The mini microphone for cell phone generally can be divided into three kinds: lavalier type, shotgun type, and they look like sculpture type. The first one is the most common kind that so many vloggers on YouTube and Tiktok are using them. A lavalier mic sometimes referred to as a lapel mic, collar clip mic, neck mic, or body mic, is typically worn as a bodyworn mic someplace on the speaker's body. While the performer or presenter is performing, they enable them to wander about freely. The nearer to the source, the sound is better.

Five things to look for in an ideal phone microphone

1. The Right plug - How to connect mini microphone to phone?

Broadly speaking, there are two ways, one is the transmitter using Bluetooth tech directly connected to the phone. This way you need to open the Bluetooth receiver settings on the phone in advance. But the Bluetooth wireless system can only work within a certain distance. So the one you need might separate into two parts of receiver and transmitter, which can greatly expand the range of the recording activities. While walking hundreds of meters away and talking, the mini phone microphone still maintains clear and stable sound transmission. And the way how to connect the receiver to the phone is to plug in, connect, set up, and record through the appropriate jack. Android phones use the traditional USB interface like Type-C or the new one called USB-A. iPhones use the lightning port for input and output. There are some with TRRS 3.5mm ports. Once the receiver and phone are successfully connected, then turn on the transmitter, pairing quickly, and you can start your videos. 

2. A Rugged body – Can it handle different extreme environments?

Some people will have specific requirements for the strength of construction of the mic, such as shooting in sub-zero temperatures, or the need to shoot extreme sports, such as parkour, climbing, cycling, etc., not only some of these, many times you will need a mini microphone that plugs into phone which is sturdy and lasting enough, worth your money and can be used for your shooting for a long time. After all, no one wants to buy a mic that is fragile and easily broken.

SYNCO recording microphone with small size has a wide applications for iphone streaming and chatting with friends.

3. Sensitivity - Why does my phone microphone sound muffle?

If your recorded sound seems muffled, it proves that you need to buy a professional external mic for recording. If you still can't hear it clearly, it means that the one you bought does not have high sensitivity. It is one of the important features, which is attached to the product data sheet, so you can easily find it. For example, the table for SYNCO G3 portable microphone for vlogging with phone is marked with”-28dB (±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)”. A sensitivity rating indicates how powerful the output signal will be at a specific sound pressure. What is a decent rating for sensitivity? Depending on the use, a strong mic sensitivity rating may be required. More gain is needed to get the mic signal to line level the lower the sensitivity. A 16 mV/Pa mic sensitivity would need 60 dB of amplification to achieve a line level at a conversation level of 70 dB, which is a decent rating.

4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) – Why is it mostly recording the speaker’s voice and not noise?

A wireless LAN connection's performance is directly impacted by SNR. Larger SNR values indicate that the signal strength is stronger relative to the noise levels, allowing for higher data rates and fewer retransmissions, which together improve throughput. In general, networks that utilize speech applications should use signals with an SNR value of 25 dB or higher, whereas networks that use data applications should use signals with an SNR value of 20 dB or more.

5. Polar Pattern – How does it capture your sound so accurately?

Portable phone conference microphones have a certain trajectory to pick up sound, which is the key to a good external mic capturing your sound more accurately than built-in ones. Different trajectories form different specific types, divided into three categories like cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional. The third one is the pattern of most of the wireless lavalier kind.

Three small microphones for phone at Momanx

1. SYNCO G3: 2.4 GHz digital wireless lapel mic for mobiles and cameras

SYNCO 3 channel small phone microphone utilizes the 2.4GHz digital technology, it is perfect for your daily recording or filmmaking.


  • Price: US $199.00
  • Sensitivity: -26dB
  • SNR:>75dB
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Main Features: Triple-channel wireless recording system, internal audio mixer, 1.8-inch LCD screen, wide compatibility with phones and cameras

As the newest product of wireless type, SYCNO G3 has a great breakthrough in technology and design. One of them is that it supports 3-channel communication. It uses the 3rd Generation Syncoder™ Algorithm to build a multi-channel speaking system with a combined range of 250m. When recording with it, you can talk and hear the timely sound from the receiver on the phone side as well as the TXs next to the sound source.

2. SYNCO P2T: Mini microphone for android phone of high-fidelity

SYNCO wireless lavalier phone microphone is packed with a quick charging case. It can work for on-the-go recording for a long time.


  • Price: US$112.00 Regular price$125.00
  • Sensitivity: -26dB
  • SNR: >75dB
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Main Features: Dual-channel recording, high-fidelity with DSP intelligent chip, plug & play design, dynamic light indicators

SYNCO P2T with two transmitters for two speakers is shaped like a small finger, or it's just a clip. It is very small and light with a size of 49*19*19 mm, so when you clip it on your collar, it won't pull your collar or tie it down, and your neck won't feel any constraint. Of course, this won't be its only advantage, this mini microphone for phone features high fidelity and supports a strong signal transmission.

3. Moman CP2: Dual-channel microphone with OLED monitor screen

 Moman compact phone microphone CP2 is ideal for interview recording. It can transmitt a crisp and rich sound.

  • Price: US$69.99 Regular price$79.99
  • Sensitivity: -38dB±3dB
  • SNR: ≥75dB
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Main Features: Two transmitters of a 2-channel system, long battery life, effective noise canceling, pocket-size charging case

Visually Moman CP2 is not the same as P2T, its transmitter is round and pill-like. But it comes with a portable charging box, which has a capacity of 1000mAh and supplies power to TX and RX during the storge. Also, CP2 has three different options for you to choose from, with the same performance, you can choose the USB-C port, lightning jack, or both of them, being a mini wireless microphone for iPhone, but also other kinds of mobiles. Based on the 2.4GHz tech and noise suppression, it can be utilized in a variety of applications, such as exterior photography, interviews, or long-time live streaming.


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