SYNCO G2(A2) is a wireless microphone for video camera that has professional sound quality and dual-channel for two-speaker recording.

The Youtube channel Fenchel & Janisch has got the G2(A2) we sent and did a detailed video tutorial of it. Also, it ran some recording tests for checking the actual use effect and experience of the mic.

After watching the video to get a visualized quick overview, we can now have a further understanding of G2(A2) by following the text introduction.

Spec. and Pros & Cons explained: How does SYNCO G2(A2) perform?

SYNCO G2(A2) best affordable wireless microphone for Youtube videos has a mini body. It features a TFT on both the receiver and transmitters for real-time monitoring.

Parameter table of G2(A2) high end wireless microphone for camera

Form Factor:

Built-in/External Mic

Sound Field:


Polar Pattern:


Wireless Transmission

Digital 2.4GHz

Frequency Range:



-40dB (±3 dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)

Maximum SPL:

135dB SPL (at 1KHz)

Transmitter Working Distance

492ft/150m (LOS area)

164ft/50m (NLOS area)

TX&RX Battery Charging Time


Battery Life


Through this table, we can see the specific data of the SYNCO G2(A2) wireless microphone system for video cameras related to audio quality and the type of its polar pattern and wireless transmission People who know about this can already judge whether this product is suitable for them according to the parameters, is it worth buying. As for the advantages and disadvantages of the performance of the design, we will be divided into points to explain one by one.

With the Dual-channel wireless camera microphone SYNCO G2(A2), you are able to make vlogs with your friends, or having video chatting, 2-person interviewing, etc.

Reasons to buy

  • Portable size for carrying and clipping
The RX and TXs are both of mini size with the same dimensions of 52×42×17mm. Each of them weighs 39g, and
  • Dual channel for one more speaker
With two transmitters, this dual wireless microphone for camera can be broadened for a variety of uses, such as two-person vlogging or online chatting, couple Youtube video production, one-to-one interviewing, etc.
  • Stable and clear transmission over long distances

Featuring the 150Hz low cut filter function and 5-level gain control, it can make the sound captured more clean and pure. What’s more, it enjoys a working distance of up to 492ft/150m in the LOS area.

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When using the SYNCO G2(A2) wireless interview camera microphone, you should mount the receiver on you shooting device through the pocket clip, and clip the transmitter on your collar or tie.
  • TFT screen design for convenient monitor and adajust
The clear display will show the recording mode of Mono/Stereo, pairing status, power status, and Channel A/B gain. You can directly see the current recording condition, so you can easily change the mode and volume, or charge in time.
  • One-button muting save time from frequent power on and off

As a digital noise reduction microphone for video camera of Lavalier type, it also has a mute function by simply pressing the specific button like the Moman USB mics, which is very convenient for you to stop to communicate and make adjustments during the recording process, and be able to respond to unexpected situations that occur while live streaming.

Shortcomings in contrast

  • It doesn’t have a fast charging case like SYNCO P-series, G-series, and G1 Pro wireless microphone system for camcorder. But it can constantly run for 8-hour recording thanks to the built-in lithium battery of 400mAh. And owing to the 3-in-1 charging connection, it shall be fully replenished within 1.5 hours.
  • With the screen display, its transmitter is not as mini as SYNCO P1L/T, Moman CP2 these kind of podcast phone microphone. But you can connect on external lav mics with wind muffs that are in the package.
  • It’s not waterproof or weather-proof like the Moman H-series motorcycle intercom microphones. So when shooting or vlogging outdoors, if there is a sudden rain or snow and other weather, please protect the G2 (A2) well.

How can the G2(A2) wireless lapel microphone for video camera help you?

SYNCO G2(A2) provide clean and natural sound thanks to the noise-canceling feature. But you can still use the windmuff for strong wind noise when shooting outdoors.

1. Chase professional audio for filmmakers and broadcasters

The excellent sound quality allows it to take on the task of professional filming, podcasting, and broadcasting. You can hide the small lapel microphone in the actor's clothes, and the wireless microphone for camera recording will not show up in the picture and affect the video outcome. Its wireless function allows the speaker to release his hands, not bound by the cable. And its 150-meter propagation distance can greatly expand the recording range of activities.

2. Support on-the-go clear recording for YouTubers or vloggers

A good quality and reasonably priced microphone like the SYNCO G2 (A2) at US$169.00, is the first choice of many online video producers. Because the picture quality of cameras, cell phones, or tablets has improved with technology, however, the sound quality of these devices' internal mic recordings has not improved significantly. Some Youtubers or Tiktokers who often need to shoot vlogging in noisy environments and conduct street interviews will need an external microphone for video camera that can improve the audio level.

3. Ensure efficient online classes and conferences for accurate information transmission

Nowadays, there are various forms of online courses, pre-recorded and live class forms. The content taught has unique accuracy, and if the volume is high and low, blurry and intermittent due to the poor radio performance of the device itself, then the listening experience will be terrible and seriously affect the efficiency of the class. The same is true for telecommuting online meetings. With a wireless microphone for video camera like the G2 (A2), you can fluently convey information and conduct a hands-free presentation during Zoom meetings as needed. If you need a version packed with quick charging case, you can choose the SYNCO G2 Pro wireless microphone for DSLR.


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