Many content creators may have the need of doing lots of films and videos, and the inbuilt recording mic of camcorders might not be able to reach the sound quality you require and make the audience satisfied. And that’s when you need an external one like Moman C1X. This wireless lapel microphone for camcorder, camera, cellphone, and suchlike shooting devices, can provide crystal clear audio in video recording.

Why do you need a lapel microphone for video camcorder like C1X?

Cameras and camcorders are built for HD display and rich color scenes but typically lack internal pre-amps and microphones, unfortunately. Adding a Lav mic to your tool kit will help with this problem. It is one of the easiest and most efficient techniques to achieve the desired professional sound.

High-quality audio recording has become simpler for everyone thanks to the lapel microphone for Sony camcorder, or from Canon, Panasonic, or other brands. These very competent devices are obviously used for ambient noises, podcasts, and live music, but one of the most important applications for portable digital recorders is in film and video production.

Moman C1X wireless laple microphone for video camera has adjustable low cut function and gain control of 4-level(0-8dB). It supports high-quality sound capturing for recording and live streaming.

What makes Moman C1X have great audio quality?

Through the video review above, we can actually feel the recording quality and level of Momoan C1X, and here we will talk about the data to prove it. And we will introduce its other special features to you in detail.

Spec. table of C1X wireless external microphone for camcorder

Wireless Transmission

Digital 2.4GHz

Polar Pattern


Frequency Range



-40dB(±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)

Maximum SPL

135dB SPL(at 1KHz)

RF Frequency Band


Working Distance

164ft/50m (LOS area),

98ft/30m(NLOS area).



Gain of Receiver

0-4 Level (0-8dB)

Working & Charging Time

8 Hours & 1.5 Hours

Size & Weight (TX=RX)

52x42x16mm & 35g

Moman C1X dual channel lavalier microphone has one receiver and two transmitters for 1-to-1 interviews, filmmaking, and presentations.

What features does Moman C1X have?

  • Dual-channel transmitters are able to support two-person recording, like couple vlogs, one-on-one interview, and so on.
  • Strong signals of 2.4GHz and LOS transferring distance of 50 meters provides you a stable and reliable wireless recording, keeping you out of the confused UHF spectrum.
  • Packed adapter cables makes it compatible with kinds of devices. It's not only a microphone for camcorder, but also a phone mic and camera external mic.
With the 3.5 TRS camera cable in the package, you can connect Moman C1X wireless mic to DSLR, mirrorless cameras, digital camcorders, and other professional shooting devices.

What are in the package of C1X Lav microphone for camcorder?

  • One receiver and two transmitters

These three individuals have the same size and 35g weight, being compact and versatile. They are labeled as TX or RX. They all have pocket clips to hold them in place and have USB-C ports for powering, buttons for setting, indicators for showing pairing status and charging status, etc.

  • A cable of 3.5 TRRS for smartphone and a cable of 3.5 TRS for camera

These two adapter cables are used to connect the receiver to the shooting devices. They enable C1X wireless lapel microphone for streaming to record with cameras, and camcorders, but also smartphones, tablets, or even laptops that have a TRRS interface.

  • A 3-in-1 charging cable

This cable has a USB port on one side and three Type-C ports on the other. With it you can charge one receiver and two transmitters at the same time, greatly improving charging efficiency. It adopts USB-C this kind of quick charging method, C1X can be replenished in 1.5 hours and keep operating for 8 hours continuously. Among the lav mics products sold in the Moman PhotoGears Store, there are some with cases for wireless charging and storing, like SYNCO G1 Pro wireless microphone system for camcorder, P-series, and Moman CP2.

Moman C1X camcorder cilp on microphone has a polar pattern of omnidirectional. It can catch pure and rich human voice for your video production.
  • Two mic windshields

When you are in a windy, or noisy environment around, these two little things can greatly reduce the noise in your recording, allowing the C1X wireless Lavalier microphone for camcorder to focus more on your voice.

  • Two Lavalier microphones with wind muffs

The Lav mic is smaller and lighter than the RXs and TXs of the C1X, meaning they are also more concealable. To connect them, clip the Lav mic to the collar and let the wires pass underneath your clothes to connect to transmitters pinned to your waist or in your pocket. This also makes it easier to hold the TX in your hand and make changes to your settings.

  • A carrying bag

With this thick and solid bag, you can contain the Moman C1X wireless lapel microphone for camcorder, the Lav mics, and charging cables all in one pack for a tidy and convenient outdoor shooting.

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