Recording without a podcast phone microphone could make the outcome effects terrible, especially when you are on the go. Here we will talk about how to choose the right one, and use it for better audio and more audience.
  • Do you need a microphone for a podcast?
  • Which kind of external phone mic is right for you?
  • Steps to using a cell phone microphone for podcasting recording
  • Three tips for recording a podcast on your phone microphone
SYNCO U1L is a 90° rotatable shotgun microphone for phone video recording. It's mini and lightweight, yet it can capture a pure and natural sound.

    Do you need a microphone for a podcast?

    When creating a podcast, one of the most vital tools is the audio tool. Having a high-quality noise-canceling wireless Lavalier microphone for phone podcast that can generate clear, precise audio and is appropriate for voice applications is crucial. In video production, podcasting, live streaming, and suchlike applications that require picture and sound transmission, sound quality is an important factor in audience retention. Thus, it's critical to utilize the finest one you can.

    Which kind of external phone mic is right for you?

    When speaking of external recording devices for phone audio input, we can simply divide them into three types that can be commonly seen on the market. In each type, we will recommend one product to facilitate your understanding of its advantages and disadvantages.

    SYNCO U1L Shotgun mics for podcasting for mounting on phones

    SYNCO U1L mini condenser shotgun microphone has a frequency response of 40Hz-20KHz, and sensitivity of 66dB. Thus it can provide clear sound transmission.

    SYNCO U1L is a podcast iPhone microphone. It’s made of metal and extremely small in size 1.7*7cm. It reproduces sound quality with clarity and captures voice in a wide range. Its lightning plug makes it able to have a direct connection to iOS mobile devices, and there is no need for adapters. U1L utilizes the plug-in power, so you don’t have to worry that it suddenly go lack of power during shooting.

    Moman CP2 Dual-channel Lav type for two podcasters speaking

    Moman CP2 wireless clip on microphone for podcasting, is of plug and play design, featuring Type-C/Lightning/Both plugs.

    Moman CP2 podcast lavalier microphone has the option Type-C plug as an Android phone podcast microphone, Lightning plug for iOS, or both of the two. It has one receiver and two transmitters for two podcasters talking at the same time. It features a transmission distance of 10m+ and has a sampling rate of 48KHz, and SNR over 75dB. It can deliver a rich, natural, and stable sound to your phone.

    Moman EM1 USB desktop type for Laptops and phones

    Moman EM1 budget USB podcaster microphone can be used with PCs and laptops, but also it can record on your smartphone thanks to the USB to Type-C cable.

    The USB microphone is mostly used for PCs like computers or laptops, but with the appropriate input/output ports you can also use it for cell phones, tablets, and even cameras. The Moman EM1 comes with a USB to Type-C cable for smartphone use, which is a gift in the package. If your device is an iOS system, then you may need to purchase a lightning adapter cable as the microphone attachment for iPhone podcast. EM1 is of Cardioid pickup pattern, which can greatly capture pure sound with super low background noise.

    Main specification table of U1L, CP2, EM1

    The introduction above may have skipped some product parameters, which are now added in the table below. You can also have a more intuitive comparison of these three kinds of mics.



    Moman CP2

    Moman EM1



    Wireless lavalier











    Electret Condenser

    Frequency Response





    -35dB at 1KHz



    Battery Requirement

    Plug-in Power

    Wireless Charging Case

    USB Charging

    Steps to using a cell phone microphone for podcasting recording


    SYNCO P2L is a iPhone podcast microphone with dual-channel. It's packed with a wireless charging case. And it can record from a long distance.

    Connect the mic to the phone and set it up

    • The above-mentioned SYNCO U1L has a plug-and-play design, it is directly connected to the phone through the lighting plug, and then by adjusting the right angle since it is 90° rotatable, the radio will be aimed at the speaker.
    • If it is Moman CP2, you need to plug in the receiver and wait for the two TXs to automatically pairing. When the light shows green, you can start podcasting.
    • The USB microphone is also the type without additional settings, the difference is that you may need to use the bracket, tripod, or monopod to fix it or hold it in your hand.

    Have a real-time monitor by headphone

    The headphone output on the SYNCO G1 Pro, P-series, and other products, is one of the best features. Take G1 Pro wireless microphone system for camcorder as an example, it not only has a Type-C port for charging or output, a 3.5mm TRS output for the lav mic (Which is packed with the box) but also has a 3.5mm monitoring port for you to check the recording effects in real-time.

    The 3.5mm jack port on the phone microphone for podcast enables you to check the sound quality of your audio before and while recording and to listen to it again when you're done. If you're considering recording, we strongly advise having a set of headphones on hand at all times.

    Use the original app or download the pro podcast app to record

    It is a free option to specifically download a professional podcast app for records or not. Generally speaking, the ordinary recording function that comes with the phone can already meet your needs. But if you are looking for a more convenient, comprehensive, and professional recording app, which has voice change and post-editing functions, you may need to download a straightforward new audio recorder.

    Moman CP2 is a compact external lapel microphone for Android phone and iPhone. It features noise-canceling for voice capturing with clarity. It can be used in Youtube video filming, interviewing, podcasting, etc.

    Three tips for recording a podcast on your phone microphone

    When you have all the necessary equipment, it's time to consider recording. Here are some pointers for getting better audio.

    1. Get your mic and shooting device steady

    You need to keep your phone stable during the recording process and avoid any bumps, jolts, or vibrations. That’s because even a small collision can produce noise, which may be picked up by your mic and heard in your podcast. Of course, this can be prevented if it is a digital wireless lavalier microphone system. If it's the shotgun kind, we still recommend that you don't touch your phone, or use a handheld stabilizer to steady podcast mic for mobile.

    You can use SYNCO P2T wireless clip microphone to vlog your daily life with friends, or use it for a stable and clear video chat.

    2. Test your mic with words of linking and plosion

    Perform a few tests to make sure your audio is clear and undistorted before you begin recording. You might consider saying a passage from your podcast script to see if the recording is clear. Or you can say some linking and plosion words to adjust the volume level or the distance between your mouth and the mic. If conditions allow, you can also try to walk into a relatively noisy environment to test the noise cancellation performance of the external phone microphone for podcast.

    3. Make sure you speak from an appropriate distance

    Think carefully about where the mic should be placed on your lips while recording on a phone. Your audio may sound distorted if you're too near to it. If you're too far away, it will sound like you speak from a long distance and lose clarity. Make sure your podcast phone microphone is 20 to 30 centimeters away from your lips and aimed directly at it for a rich, professional sound.

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