For better video audio effects, a lot of Youtubers, film producers, vloggers, and interviews will buy a wireless camera microphone. It can offer high-quality sound and be convenient for continuous recording. This blog is going to introduce four best picks and tell you the tips to choose and use.
  • Four best wireless microphones for camera recording at Moman PhotoGears Store
  • Four factors to think about when choosing a cordless mic for camera
  • Three applications to use a wireless microphone for video camera
  • Four steps to connect and record with an external camera mic
  • FAQ: How to have better audio quality for camera video production?
SYNCO G2 Pro wireless camera microphone has a LOS transmission range of 656ft/200m, providing secure, stable, and clear audio for vlogging, video making, interviewing, and so on.

    Four best wireless microphones for camera recording at Moman PhotoGears Store

    The market is booming with a huge variety of wireless mics, making it difficult to choose the finest one. To identify the finest wireless mics, the four top wireless camera microphones at Moman PhotoGears Store are listed below.

    • Spec. table of wireless mics Moman C2, SYNCO G2 Pro, G3, and T1


    Moman C2

    SYNCO G2 Pro

    SYNCO G3

    SYNCO T1



    $129.00 for G2(A1) Pro

    $169.00 for G2(A2) Pro


    Regular $199.00


    Wireless Transmission

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Digital 2.4GHz




    -40dB (±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)

    -42dB (±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)


    Audio Output

    3.5mm TRS/TRRS

    3.5mm TRS Mic and Headphone Output,

    Type-C Output


    3.5mm TRS/TRRS

    TX Quantity


    1 or 2



    Transmission Range

    492ft/150m(LOS area)

    164ft/50m(NLOS area)

    656ft/200m (LOS area)

    164ft/50m (NLOS area)

    820ft/250m(LOS area)

    164ft/50m(LOS area)

    Battery Life

    8 Hours

    8 Hours

    5 Hours for TX

    13 Hours for RX

    Using AA 1.5V x 2, 120mA

    Screen Display

    Charging Case

    1. Moman C2 1-Trigger-1 wireless microphone for DSLR

    Moman C2 is a mini Lavalier microphone for video recording. It adopts the 2.4G ISM global unlimited frequency bands and has a latency of 58ms. It can transfer and produce clear and crisp sound for film making, live streaming, online classes, and so on.

    Moman C2 is a 1-to-1 mini camera microphone with TFT screen. This lavalier mic supports built-in and external audio output, and it features low-noise design.


    • Digital 2.4GHz wireless transmission in 150m (LOS area)
    • One-button mute and optional low-cut function of 150Hz
    • TFT screen for real-time working status monitoring
    • 7 to 8 hours of continuous working time


    • It is not packed with a charging case but supports Type-C fast charging
    • It does not support a two-speaker record, but there’s an option for Moman C2X 1-trigger-2 wireless lav mic

    2. SYNCO G2 Pro dual lavalier mic with wireless charging case

    SYNCO G2 Pro has intelligent noise-reduction technology to deliver flawless audio transmission. Additionally, the straightforward and versatile design made it simple to reliably shoot high-quality moments with a DSLR.

    SYNCO G2 Pro has two transmitter options of 1-to-1 and 1-to-2. It is packed with a wireless charging case and being ideal for long-time shooting outdoors.


    • Designed to have a wireless charging case for hassle-free recording time up to 24 hours
    • 492-foot long-range transmission of 2.4 GHz frequency (LOS area)
    • Two transmitter quantity options: SYNCO G2(A1) Pro 1-to-1, and G2(A2) Pro 1-to-2
    • TFT display screen for visualized checking and in-time adjustments


    • When TX and RX are too far apart, the transmission will be unstable due to the obstruction of people, trees, and buildings in the middle

    3. SYNCO G3 wireless external microphone for camera

    SYNCO G3 is an omnidirectional wireless collar clip mic with 2-way communication and 3-channel recording. Its 2.4GHz band and 250m/852ft long-distance sound transmission with great clarity make it eligible for worldwide operations and ideal for recordings. Now it’s up to US$100 OFF!

    SYNCO G3 wireless microphone for DSLR is now down to US$99. It has a wide compatibility with various devices, including smartphones, cameras, camcorders, etc.


    • 1.8-inch LCD screen showing current power level, sound effects, etc.
    • Inbuilt audio mixer for managing soundtracks
    • 44 hours of onboard memory and CD-quality grade of 16bit/48Khz
    • Compatibility with mobiles and cameras thanks to the TRS and TRRS outputs


    • For most personal recordings, there is no specific need to buy a SYNCO G3 3-channel wireless mic

    4. SYNCO T1 UHF wireless lapel mic with camera cold shoe adapter

    With the 3.5mm TRS and TRRS output, SYNCO T1 supports cameras, smartphones, camcorders, recorders, and various applications. It has a compact size of 1.9oz and a weight of 55g without battery. It can be used in Zoom meetings, interviewing, broadcasting, and so on.

    SYNCO T1 is a camera microphone for zoom meeting. It is packed with a camera cold shoe mount for installing on the shooting device.


    • Digital signal processing tech and 70dB of SNR for low noise
    • Frequency range of 572MHz-586MHz
    • 50m transmission range and 16 switchable channels
    • Support camera and smartphone recording and various applications


    • For video recording, you may need to use it together with the mini wired lapel mics in the package. Attach the SYNCO T1 to your waist and clip the lapel mics to your collar.
    • It does not have an input port for direct charging. It uses two AA batteries.

    Four factors to think about when choosing a cordless mic for camera

    Despite a lot of cameras featuring built-in sound recorders, wireless microphones are more reliable and effective. Before purchasing the microphone, a few factors should be taken into account.

    SYNCO best wireless camera mics now are for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store. They are budget, compact, and versatile for your Youtube video filming, and daily vlogging, etc.

    1. Audio quality

    Given that wireless camera microphones are designed to enhance sound quality, it is the most important component. The use of this equipment can let you record audio with fantastic coverage. Always choose a wireless lapel microphone for camera if you want good quality and less background noise interference. So the best one should have a higher frequency.

    2. Connector compatibility

    Before purchasing, check sure the wireless transmission or plug-in connection is compatible with the device you are using. Because some wireless mics only operate with particular cameras, camcorders, or mixers.

    3. Transmitter channel

    The quantity of channels or tracks refers to the quantity of wireless microphone transmitters. If you often shoot alone or are used to handling a microphone for one-on-one interviews in a handheld method, then the Moman C2 1-trigger-1 mic will suffice. But if you want to record two people at once, then you need a dual wireless microphone for camera, like the SYNCO G2 Pro with two TXs.

    4. Transmission range

    The mic's sound transmitting range is very important. The wireless microphone for the camera advances along with technology since wireless technology operates at high frequencies and can function well over greater distances. A modest range with decent quality will do for people wishing to record inside as most mics have a big range that allows you to record from a distance.

    Moman on-camera wireless shotgun microphones are best for interviewing, podcasting, and live streaming. They are easy to mount and use, and can capture a high-quality sound with great clarity.

    Three applications to use a wireless microphone for video camera

    Here are three ways of possible usage scenarios of wireless camera microphones, including video production, educational applications, and live streaming.

    1. YouTube and Tiktok video making and vlogging: The best external camera mic offers audio with clarity

    When compared to your camera's built-in audio, the best wireless DSLR boom microphone will immediately improve the sound quality of your recordings. Naturally, that's ideal for home videos as well. If you want to broadcast to an audience, you'll need a good mic that meets their expectations for quality. The sound is the single most 'amateur' component in the video. So you need a good mic if you want to be considered seriously as a videographer or filmmaker. In this post, we compile the best purchases across a range of fashions.

    2. Online classes, Zoom meetings, on-the-go shooting: Wireless Lavalier microphone for camera supports free movements

    In educational settings like online classes and presentations on Zoom meetings, wireless mics are quite helpful since they let lecturers, teachers, and guest speakers walk around freely while interacting with students and using their hands to refer to notes. The need for classes to be recorded for live streaming and replay viewing, together with the growth of remote learning, has led to the widespread use of recording technology at educational institutions all over the world. Any kind of presentation has the same limitations. At meetings, conferences, on-the-go shooting, and places of worship, these small wireless camera mics are a productive method to broadcast and record audio.

    3. Interviewing, podcasting, broadcasting: Camera mount wireless microphone provides great streaming effects

    A cordless or Lavalier camera mic could be an excellent option if you're shooting interviews because it can be fastened to a person's garment to catch their speech. If you are unsure about a wireless connection, there are also on-camera shotgun mics available. The greatest option for capturing group talks for podcasts is a studio microphone. They function in both directions and are frequently simple to plug into a computer for quick setup.

    Four steps to connect and record with an external camera mic

    How to use wireless microphone with video camera? It's quite simple and only takes four steps.

    SYNCO mini camera boom microphones for video shooting, vlogging, online classes, weddings, Youtube and Tiktok shorts making.

    Step 1: Pair the receiver and transmitter of the mic

    Most of the Moman and SYNCO wireless lavalier microphones for cameras can pair their TX and RX automatically. Just push the button and wait for about three seconds. When the indicator lights turn green, it means they are wirelessly connected.

    Step 2: Connet the wireless microphone to the camera

    Whether it is a Lavalier mic, shotgun mic, or camera-mounted mic, you will need to let a wireless microphone connect to camera. Some of them come directly with the corresponding plug, such as the plug-and-play microphone SYNCO P1L with the plug for the lightning port of the iPhone. However, the mics for the camera usually need an adapter cable for connection. For example, the SYNCO G2 Pro has a 3.5mm TRRS cable for mobile phones and a TRS cable for cameras and camcorders.

    Step 3: Clip the microphone transmitter on the speaker’s collar

    This step is for THE BEST WIRELESS LAPPEL MICS, you need to clip the receiver, which is the speaker, to your shirt via the pocket clip on the back, roughly where the collar or tie would be.

    Step 4: Adjust the gain level, voice effect, and current audio mode

    Next, you'll need to test if the default volume and pattern work for you by making a trial recording, and then making adjustments. When using a microphone with an electronic screen like the SYNCO G3, you can see the current values, effects, power level, etc. in real-time, making it easier to operate. If you encounter a microphone without a screen, then you will need to make several tests.

    SYNCO wireless lavalier microphone for camera and camcorder have long battery life for continous work up to several hours. They are high sensitive, and have low laterncy for great audio effects.

    FAQ: How to have better audio quality for camera video production?

    To guarantee optimum performance, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here are tips to help you prevent dropouts, distortion, and other types of interference from damaging your takes.

    • In relatively quiet environments you may not need to turn on the noise-suppression mode of the wireless camera mics, which may make your voice sound a bit aggressive.
    • Be careful to adjust the position of the microphone to your mouth, and don't set the gain too high, as this can lead to distortion and clipping.
    • Your wireless mic system's frequency settings must be mutually compatible and free from interference with any nearby channel usage.


    When it comes to producing videography material and providing clear audio in a variety of scenarios, the best wireless camera microphone opens up several new options. With excellent audio quality and an extensive transmission range, these wireless mics will elevate your content production with professional inside and outdoor recording.

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