Moman MT12 is a modern teleprompter that can mount cameras, camcorders, or smartphones for recording speech, video production, or live streaming. The big view teleprompter can hold a device phones and pads up to 12.9 inches, and make the scripts reflect clearly on the no-ghosting glass. It supports app editing and remote control.

Video tutorial: Why and how to use Moman MT12 studio teleprompter?

Youtuber Paul Heimlund did a detailed review on Moman MT12, which mainly has three parts below. After watching a more concrete image of the video operation, here we will summarize it more clearly in text form for you.

1. How can modern teleprompter systems improve your video production?

  • Save time in memorizing the script and make everything done efficiently in one shot.
Anyone in the filming group can convey their content without spending time attempting to recall the lines or becoming distracted if they have a clear script in front of them. This enables you to produce high-quality video material more quickly, freeing up everyone to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities.
  • Make interview and corporate videos go fluently and happily without retakes
Users may speak with clarity and assurance with the aid of an eye direct teleprompter since not everyone is a professional actor. Interviewers and interviewees both will appear more credible as a result, and the video will appear more polished, professional, and well-rehearsed.
  • Make sure your topic is presented clearly and consistently.

People may speak about the material in a style that is simple for the audience to understand, with the help of a script that is displayed on the device. Additionally, it assists in keeping the message on a topic and prevents digressions.

Moman MT12 modern teleprompter is made of metal and glass. It features 12-inch mirror display and sturdy one-piece construction.

2. How do modern teleprompters work?

Compared to the old television prompting apparatus, today's teleprompters are becoming more sophisticated, not only in terms of ease of use, but also in terms of reading experience, and in terms of naturalness and fluidity in presentations and recordings.

It consists of three parts, including the beam splitter glass/mirror for reflecting the scrolling scripts, the shroud for blocking unwanted lighting, and a clamp for putting your prompting devices. And except for the camera-mounted types, there’s also a modern teleprompter for presidential speeches which is placed on the stage, facing to live audience.

3. What is Moman Prompter teleprompter app and what can it do?

It is a customized app designed for Moman teleprompter products. You can find its download QR code on the product page or section page (Moman Apps) at Moman PhotoGears Store, install it on your iPhone & iPad (iOS ver.), and Android smartphones & tablets (Android ver.) and start using it.

It supports text management, including text scrolling speed, changing font size, background color, etc. Also, it has functions for counting down and connecting to the remote for real-time control. Now, it keeps upgrading and continually coming up with new capabilities.

Moman Prompter App is a customized free teleprompter app for MT12, MT1, MT2, etc. You can download it on your phones and tablets for prompting.

Four features that make MT12 the best practical prompter tool

Below we will introduce you to the MT12 product in two aspects, including its features, and what are its advantages and disadvantages when comparing it with the MT1 teleprompter equipment. Hope that you can better pick out a suitable one.

  • Big view and wide reading range.
It features a 12-inch display glass and clamp for large smartphone & tablet prompting a max of 12.9 inches. It can reach a wide reading range of up to 15’.
  • Compatibility with various devices for shooting.

Moman MT1 and MT2 are designed to have the fixed hole position behind the glass, with 8 lens adapter to place the camera for shooting. While MT12 uses a more flexible and convenient cloth shroud and drawstring design, makes it not only suitable for diverse camera and camcorder lenses, but also becomes a teleprompter for laptop webcam, or recording with a smartphone.

Moman MT12 is easy assembly and enjoys a wide application for podcasting, Youtube video recording, live streaming, interviewing, and so on.
  • Robust materials for stable mounting.
It’s built of metal and glass, coming with dimensions of 340*270*96mm, and weighing 1800g. Compared to the Moman MT1 small teleprompter for phones, it may be a little heavier, but it is also more rugged, stable, and offers a wider range of views.
  • Phone editing and Bluetooth remote control support.

With the free customized app Moman Prompter, you can edit your text conveniently. And thanks to the remote that is packed with the Moman MT12, you can pair it with your prompter, and adjust the scrolling speed in real-time while your recording.

Steps to mount and use Moman MT12 modern teleprompter

With the special cloth shroud and drawstring design, Moman MR12 modern teleprompter for video is compatible for mirrorless cameras, BMPCC, DSLR, camcorders, cell phones, etc.
  1. Start by mounting it on a tripod or monopod, or a large stable gimbal or stabilizer.
  2. After making sure it is mounted firmly, attach your camera equipment to the back of the glass, and set it into the black cloth shroud. Then point the lens at the reflecting mirror and tighten the drawstring.
  3. Next, mount your mobile phones or tablets with the clamp in front of the mirror of the teleprompter for video camera.
  4. Adjust the angle of the glass, and see whether the text can be reflected clearly on it. You should check and make sure there is no ghosting or skewing that causes the text to disappear.
  5. Install the equipment you need on the grips and mounts on both sides of the MT12 and make your own modern teleprompter system. You can add equipment like the panel lights, microphone receiver, v mount battery for your cameras, etc.
  6. Hold the remote in your hand, practice a few times, and you can start counting down for shooting.

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