SYNCO G2 Pro is a wireless microphone for DSLR with single and dual system options for various applications. One transmitter for G2(A1) Pro while two TXs for G2(A2) Pro, both of which have the budget price under $200 and feature easy operation for beginners. Today's blog will be centered around Youtuber Milo Content's review video and will cover three aspects followed.
  • Package list: What is included in SYNCO G2 Pro’s box and what are they used for?
  • Recording test: What does it like to shoot with G2 Pro wireless external microphone for DSLR?
  • Product comparison: SYNCO G2 Pro vs G1 and G2 wireless lapel microphone for DSLR, what’s the difference?

Video by Youtuber Milo Content (Spanish)

(Note: The following quotes are auto-translated English)

Package list: What is included in SYNCO G2 Pro’s box and what are they used for?

  • Wireless charging box: "It is durable and impact-resistant." In the video, the first sight of the SYNCO G2 Pro wireless microphone for DSLR camera is the charging case it packed. The box features a capacity of 3400mAh and is designed to have a Type-C charging port on the side. It support two additional full charge of G2 Pro.
  • Receiver and transmitter: SYNCO G2 Pro’s TXs and RX are the same size and weight, which is very compact. The vlogger Milo pointed out that the receiver has a digital output, which means we can attach it to our computer and use it as the main mic for various usage scenarios.
  • Cable: "It is interesting to find so many types of cables in the product box." said Milo. There’s Type-C to Type-C cable for fast charging or connecting to the PC. And the 3.5mm TRRS for smartphone and TRS for camera enables SYNCO G2 Pro to link to the shooting devices directly.
  • Laple mics: The package also comes with a pair of mini lapel mics and windmuffs. 
SYNCO G2(A2) Pro has two transmitters and one receiver. It is ideal for two-person recording, one-to-one interviewing, video chatting, etc.
    Image Source: SYNCO

    Recording test: What does it like to shoot with G2 Pro wireless external microphone for DSLR?

    Reviewer Milo's recorded review of the SYNCO G2 Pro is up on the street, so before we do that we can take a look at the parameters given on the product page about the G2 Pro's various capabilities.

    Parameter form: G2 Pro has great audio quality verified by professional tests

    SYNCO G2 Pro


    Wireless Tranmission

    Digital 2.4GHz




    -40dB (±3dB, re 1V/Pa at 1 KHz)

    Maximum SPL

    120dB SPL (at 1KHz)

    Working Distance

    656ft/200m (LOS area);

    164ft/50m (NLOS area)

    RF Frequency Band


    Volume Adjustment

    6 levels (0-3-6-9-12-15)/(0~30dB)

    Audio Input

    3.5mm TRS Mic Input

    Audio Output

    3.5mm TRS Mic Output

    Test 1: Is the 200m working distance of the G2 Pro small wireless DSLR microphone feasible?

    This up to 200-meter LOS range of wireless transferring distance ensures that you are free to stay away from the camera. It doesn't constrain you from making large movements or walking around, allowing you to switch between distant and close-up views of your video. Milo wasn't particularly precise with his distance measurements, but we can see that when he walks out a good distance until he's no longer visible in the recorded cell phone footage that stays in place, the sound coming from the transmitter is still clear.

    Test 2: Can its noise-reduction feature maintain a pure sound?

    From the video recording effect, we can feel that when Youtuber Milo has turned on one piece of noise reduction mode, the sound of the wind, the sound of cars passing by on the side of the road, and some small human voices around him are all filtered out. What remains inside the microphone is the pure and clear sound of Milo speaking. As you can see, the SYNCO G2 Pro is a great wireless interview microphone for DSLR e for street-side field recording, which can be used for daily vlogging, street interviewing, podcasting, live streaming, and so on.

    SYNCO G2 Pro wireless microphone for DSLR, mirrorless camera, and other types of video cameras, can provide a high-quality audio effects with clarity.

    Image Source: SYNCO

    Product comparison: SYNCO G2 Pro has an extra quick charging case compared to G2

    SYNCO G2 Pro wireless lapel microphone for DSLR has an extra wireless quick charging case for longer working time compared to SYNCO G2. The biggest difference between SYNCO G2 Pro and G2 is that G2 Pro wireless microphone for DSLR has a fast charging box while G2 hasn’t. This sturdy case can be used to store its transmitter and receiver, and its hard outer shell is a good barrier against outside impact. If you accidentally sweep the box off your desk, the equipment inside is well protected. The best part is that this case is a charging compartment, and like mentioned above, it has a USB-C charging port on the side for providing two times of extra full charge for SYNCO G2 Pro. It can greatly prolong the constant recording time.

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