In this new era of virtual employment and education, people who work from home or take online classes may need a teleprompter for laptop that enables them to get over the obstacles of interacting with an online audience. This blog introduces three types, including the one for an inbuilt PC camera, the one for an external webcam, and the teleprompter computer software you can download from a site.
  • Laptop webcam teleprompter of external desktop type
  • Small laptop-mounted promoter device for the built-in webcam
  • Teleprompter software for laptop downloaded from the website
  • Conclusion: How to choose among the three types of teleprompters?
Moman MT12 studio teleprompter can use for laptop webcams, cameras, camcorders, smartphones. It has a large reading range thanks to the big and clear beam splitter glass.

    Laptop webcam teleprompter of external desktop type

    This kind refers to the most common teleprompter device of a camera-mounted kind, like the Moman teleprompter. They are actual devices used for cameras, camcorders, and smartphones recording, and they are compatible with the external webcam of laptops as well. It includes a promoting device for projecting the scrolling scripts and a mirror for reflecting the content to the speakers.

    Three pros of webcam teleprompter: Large view, versatility, and broad compatibility

    • Wide reading range for a comfortable experience: This type of teleprompter is bigger than the laptop-mounted type, thus it can provide larger views. Like Moman MT12 studio teleprompter features a 12-inch beam splitter glass for a 15’ wide reading range, making your reading and presenting experience more comfortable and natural.
    • Various applications: Not only it can be utilized with the external webcam of your laptop or computer, but also you can use it with your video cameras, camcorders, or mobile phones for Youtube video recording, live streaming.
    • Versatile functions for text editing: The prompting device can be your smartphone, iPad, or other tablets. With a customized App like Moman Prompter App, you can upload your speech content or presentation materials in text, pdf, or even in the form of still pictures or gifs. And it also supports charging font size, the color of the words and background, etc. You can import and export text with ease with the prompting monitor on your teleprompter for laptop Zoom without losing any of your meticulous formatting. 
    Moman MT1 smartphone teleprompter has a small and sturdy construction for vlogging, podcasting, and video producing. It is ideal for laptop Zoom meetings as well.

      Two cons of teleprompters for laptop camera lies in their price and size

      • Its devices and accessories are costly. Compared to some software that can be downloaded for free or mini prompter devices that can be installed directly on a laptop, it is a bit more expensive. Since there will be also the need for accessories such as a tripod, prompter monitor, etc. Now at Moman PhotoGears Store, camera teleprompters are available for under US$100 and US$200. The Moman MT12 3-piece live streaming kit with a microphone and panel light is available for only US$199.
      • Its size and weight are not travel-friendly. Though is designed to be as compact and lightweight a body built of robust materials as possible, it will still take up some space. A handheld type of small teleprompter for mobile phones like Moman MT1 or MT2 may be a good choice.
      Moman MT12 3-piece live streaming kit includes the laptop teleprompter, a LED panel light, and a shotgun microphone. It supports great performance and video effects in vlogs, live streams, broadcast, etc.

        Small laptop-mounted prompter device for the built-in webcam

        Compared to the teleprompter for an external webcam above, the mini teleprompter attach to a laptop for a built-in PC camera is much more mini and simple. With the mounts and hot shoe mount of the prompter, you can fix it directly on your computer. If you work remotely or work for a company that adapts a hybrid work paradigm that needs doing both home and office work, you'll need a small and budget laptop teleprompter like this. After the COVID-19 issue, the chances of having online meetings and cooperation discussion is rising.

        What are the advantages of the portable teleprompter for laptop?

        • It is suitable for those who don’t have an external webcam. Not everyone will buy an external camera for their laptop. Thus based on the situation of using the inbuilt cam, this type is the best and only option.
        • It is more convenient to have real-time interaction with your guests. Since the camera is right up on the screen display on your laptop, You simply need to look down a little bit to see other people on the screen and see their real-time expressions and real feedback. This is often difficult to do when utilizing an external webcam unless it is mounted right above the laptop, but that can be a bit off.

          Teleprompter software for laptop downloaded from the website

          When using virtual prompting software instead of an actual device, you can see the scrolling scripts of your screenplay on your laptop in front of you, which is right next to your Zoom meeting room. It makes you seem assured and in control rather than disorganized and disoriented. Using this App, you may turn your laptop into a portable internet teleprompter for presentations.

          Download Moman Prompter App for free. It is a customized app for Moman camera teleprompters, and it supports editing text, font size, background color, and others.

          Pros of the App of record teleprompter on PC laptop: Budget and can have a real-time monitor

          • Budget or even free: You can download it from the website for free or with a charge. Here are so many recommended options for you to choose from. And in some aspects, it is much more “portable” than the two types of devices above.
          • Real-time monitor: You can view your audience thanks to transparency controls on the software, which lets you see how they are responding to your presentation. This quickly informs you of the quality of your concept.

          Cons of virtual software: Limited functions and inconvenient control

          • Limited functions: Actual device is made of a shroud for blocking unwanted lighting, beam splitter glass for clear reflecting, and a monitor that can be equipped with a customized app for prompting. These things give it superior using experience and effects. In comparison, the virtual laptop teleprompter software would have limited functions to control and edit.
          • Hard to control: If you are using a laptop teleprompter like Moman MT12, then you can control it with a remote in the product package, or with an external foot pedal. Some devices support voice control systems as well. And this is what software is hard to be compatible with.
          Moman studio teleprompters are all packed with a remote control. You can adjust the speed of the scrolling scripts when you are using a prompter device for laptop.

            Conclusion: How to choose among the three types of teleprompters?

            If you usually only use your computer for lectures or online meetings during telecommuting, then you can choose to download a teleprompter software for simple usage from the web.

            If you are looking for more functionality, then you can choose a small laptop-mounted prompter device, which won't cost you an It won't cost you much.

            If you want to use the teleprompter for laptop for video recording, vlogging, live streaming, etc. in addition to the online conferences, then you can consider buying a studio teleprompter like the Moman MT12, which is superior in terms of functionality and experience.


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