Moman CP2 is a microphone for recording video on phone, belonging to the type of Lavalier wireless. It has two transmitters for two people speaking and recording at the same time. Also, it has two kinds of receiver for you to choose for your iPhone or Android mobile devices. The lightning port with price of $69.99, Type-C interface for $65.99, and both of the two for $75.99. CP2 can be utilized in many situations like filmmaking, Youtube video recording, daily vlogging, podcasting, live streaming, interviewing, online teaching, etc.

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Five key features that make Moman CP2 special

  • Two channels: Moman CP2 best microphone for phone video recording has two TXs for dual recording channels, and thus it is suitable for situations of both single-talent speaking and two-person filming.
  • Great audio: It features noise-canceling for clear and natural voice capturing. Also, it has a 20-meter(65-feet) transmission distance for moving around and speaking freely during the records.
  • Compact size: It is portable with dimensions of 42.3x32.5mm for the transmitter, 36x13mm for the receiver, and 106x65x33.5mm for the charging case.
  • Easy using: It is designed to be plug-and-play with simple steps of power on/off, pairing, and using. No extra Apps or drivers are needed when you use this wireless microphone for video recording on phone.
  • Long run time: It is packed with a powerful charging case of 1000mA for quick, stable, and wireless powering, which can fully charge 5 times one transmitter. With 5-minute charging, the TX can last for one hour more.
Moman CP2 wireless lapel microphone has a Black portable charging case packed with it. It features long operating time for constant video production.

    Spec. table of Moman CP2 : What to tell it can improve your recording?




    Transmission Frequency


    2.4GHz is not limited by the frequency band in many situations.

    Transmission Distance


    It enables comfortable and free movements in a wide range while filming.



    CP2 enjoys a low delay which is acceptable for most users.

    Frequency Response


    This is an ideal range of frequency response recognized in the market.



    An SNR of at least 40 dB is regarded as great.

    What is included in the package box?

    • TX transmitter*2: Two transmitters for being clipped on the speakers’ collar, tie, or necklace, since they are extremely lightweight and small. There is a power button and an indicator light for showing the pairing status, but no display screen.
    • RX receiver(Lightning*1/Type-C*1/Both included): This is a free-choice item, and there are three for you to choose from according to the smartphone type you use to film, or the recording device when you use it as microphones for teaching.
    • Wireless charging case*1: When you put the CP2 in it, it will already start charging wirelessly automatically. This case with a 1000mA internal battery not only plays the role of charging but also serves as a carrying case to store and protect the microphone for cell phone video recording.
    • Type-C charging cable*1: It is used to prepare for the quick charging case, which takes only three hours to fully charge.
    • Type-C to USB Adapter(For CP2C&CP2AC)*1: It’s a gift for those who choose the USB-C plug or two plugs.
    • Instruction Manual*1: It will show you the operation steps and data parameters of the Moman CP2. This microphone for iPhone YouTube video recording can used to make creative videos as a ASMR microphone, or to vlog daily life as a normal recording phone mic. If you accidentally lose the manual, you can also find the electronic version of the user guide in the "Downloads" section of the product page. 

    Using tutorials of CP2 microphone for recording video on phone

    Moman CP2 has a receiver of lightning for iPhone recording and a Type-C interface for plugging into the Android phones or other devices with USB-C.

    How to connect mic to phone for video recording?

    The connection between Moman CP2 and the phone is not a Bluetooth bond, but a physical direct plug-in. So there is no tedious step of waiting for pairing, and the physical plug-in would be the real connection. When you record with iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices, you can use the receiver with a lightning interface to plug in. When it comes to Android phones or others with USB-C ports, you shall take the Type-C receiver.

    How to record video on phone with microphone with Moman CP2?

    • Power on: Press the Power/Mute button on the TX once, and the light will show and keep green.
    • Power off: Long press the Power/Mute button till the green light flashes twice and off.
    • Pairing: When two transmitters are on, the receiver that is connected to the phone will pair automatically. And the indicated green light will flash fast and then keeps ON finally.

    As we said above, it features plug-and-play, thus you can start your recording right away after plugging the RX into the recording device and pairing the TXs and RX. Moman CP2 suchlike microphone for recording video on phone will save you lots of time for complicated settings.

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