What is the teleprompter system? It is a recording or live streaming kit that helps you speak natural, act interesting and professional. Here we introduce the four essentials in this kit, including the promting device, camera light, shotgun microphone, and a tripod. This is what you need for better performance in front of the lens.
  • Budget teleprompter system of Moman MT12 with discount
  • Teleprompter: The fundamental to high-efficient live streaming
  • Camera light: The key for clean image and fine portrait
  • Shotgun mic: The basic to clear audio when reading from teleprompter
  • Tripod: The root for right reading range to place the teleprompter system
  • What do you need to look for when building an autocue system?
Moman studio teleprompter system can be compatible with your camera lens.

        Budget teleprompter system of Moman MT12 with discount

        In order to keep viewers' attention, the speaker in vlogs, videos, presentations, podcasting, and live streaming, must be conversational, effortless, and natural. It takes more time and effort for some people to go on recording smoothly. 

        What equipment do you need for a professional mature live streaming kit? Except for the shooting devices, here we discuss the four fundamental tools and give our top options in this buying guide. 

        Based on the sales volume at Moman PhotoGears Store and considering the needs of actual live streamers, we have come up with the perfect and discounted teleprompter system for various recording activities. This kit is based on the Moman MT12 iPad teleprompter, and goes with the Moman ML8A-RC RGB light, SYNCO M2S shotgun mic, and Moman CA70 tripod. You can enjoy 15% to 20% discount when buying them together! 

        Teleprompter: The fundamental to high-efficient live streaming

        Teleprompter is equipment that can be placed between the speaker and the camera lens, displaying scrolling scripts for users to speak fluently and keep eye contact at the same time.Teleprompter system types are generally of three kinds and can be categorized as camera-mounted, floor, and president ones. The ones used for activities such as video recording, vlog producing, live streaming, and podcasting are usually the compact camera type. How can a teleprompter improve your performance?

        • Promote efficiency and save time: It saves your time to recite the script. It can effectively solve NG caused by nervousness and forgetting to prepare content. In addition, it can remind you to strictly follow the pre-prepared process of live broadcasting, which will not cause problems such as digressing from the point and delay.
        • Ensure better performance and prevent mistakes: For example, if you are doing a product introduction type of live broadcast, then you must be very clear about the product details, performance, and parameters. Autocue equipment allows you to face the camera accurately and fluently and say dozens of product information.
        Moman MT12 is a iPad teleprompter system with large screen and HD beam splitter glass. It can apply to podcasting, live broadcasting.

        Moman MT12 iPad teleprompter with a wide reading range under $150

        Moman MT12 is a large pro prompting device for sale with a budget price in July Flash Sale. It can adopt 12.9-inch pads and large smartphones as prompters, and show 12-inch HD display. it is designed to have a metal one-piece construction and a flexible clothing shroud. It is built with a knob for an adjustable reflecting angle, meeting various sight lines for a better reading experience.

        Camera light: The key for clean image and fine portrait

        Why should you install a camera fill light in your studio teleprompter system? We can conclude three advanatges as following.

        • Provide bright and clear image: Even shooting with a good camera, light is a crucial component in producing a high-quality stream. The clearer the overall image is, the more light the camera can shine on the subject.
        • Support inventive lighting effects: A portion of the camera light like the Moman ML8A-RC will have adjustable color temperatures, as well as different lighting modes. They can create different atmospheres to suit the various themes in your living room.
        • Contribute to better use of green screens: Many streamers improve their stream quality by using green screens. Without light, it will be incredibly challenging to chroma key a green screen, which will result in splotching, artifacts, and more.

        Moman ML8A-RC is a RGB camera panel light. It is budget and portable for outdoor shooting. It has 180 LED beads and adjustable color temperature range.Moman ML8A-RC RGB LED camera panel light of 2500K-9000K adjustable color temp

        ML8A-RC for sale under $60 is a bright solution of 180 LED beads, making it ideal if you require illumination for a bigger area or counteract strong ambient backlighting. With a CRI of 98+ and the ability to match color temperatures between 2700K and 9000K, you can be sure that you're receiving the most accurate color reproduction possible. In modern teleprompter systems, it is simple to mount with a standard thread mount to place it where you need it. It is an excellent alternative if space is at a premium or you just need a more compact light.

        Shotgun mic: The basic to clear audio when reading from teleprompter

        An external microphone can ensure high and clean sound during the live streaming and recording, which helps you attract audiences and create better videos. It is often considerably better and you can reduce the ambient noise.

        A shotgun microphone would be a considerable option in your teleprompter system. The directionality is excellent, but the surrounding sound level is rather high, so most shotgun mics will still take up far more room noise than you anticipate. It would be much better to have a regular cardioid or hypercardioid mic.

        SYNCO M2S is a small shotgun microphone of Cardioid pick up pattern. It can provide a clean video audio and reduce noise.

        SYNCO M2S small camera shotgun microphone of Cardioid polar pattern

          As a compact and lightweight mic, the SYNCO M2S only costs you $29 and returns in broad compatibility with a camcorder, camera, and audio recorder, as well as phones and tablets. It has a frequency response of 100Hz-20KHz/±3dB, and a sensitivity of -35dB re 1 Volt/pasal, providing a high-clarity sound with little self-noise.

          Tripod: The root for right reading range to place the teleprompter system

          Whether you're placing your studio teleprompter system on a table or the floor, you'll need a stand to support it in case it collapses due to instability during recording. Smaller devices like the Moman MT1 and MT2 can be supported by handheld grips, gimbals, and stabilizers. But for a device that weighs 1800g like the Moman MT12, you'll need to think about a tripod with a higher weight capacity. With the addition of a shooting device, LED lights, and an on-camera shotgun microphone, the weight of the whole teleprompter kit will increase, and you'll need a stabilizer to support it.

          Moman CA70 is a tripod made of Carbon Fiber. A whole teleprompter system can be mounted on this tripod, keeping stable for fluent recording.Moman CA70 Carbon Fiber tripod of stable structure

          Moman CA70 is commonly used as a travel tripod for mounting the camera for landscape photography. It can be utilized in setting up an indoor live-streaming teleprompter system. The greatest weight that the tripod can support is 33 lbs. (15 kg). The center pillar may be quickly disconnected from one of the legs and connected to a monopod. Photography and cinematography, it is adaptable.

          What do you need to look for when building an autocue system?

          The following are the factors you need to take into account when choosing the right equipment and building up your teleprompter system.

          1. The camera teleprompter systems should have great portability for different circumstances

          Consider your teleprompter's compatibility especially if you want to live broadcast from several locations. It must be sturdy and portable, with sufficient mobility to let you live anywhere you desire.

          2. The recording device should be suitable for your streaming forms

          A pro video camera should be your top priority. What kind of camera are you going to use to stream live? Is it a DSLR or just the lens on your smartphone? You'll want a teleprompter that is ideal for installing your device, depending on its size.

          Moman camera teleprompter systems are ideal for various using scenes, such as news reporting, vlogging, product introduction, and so on.

          3. The screen size should match the space of the recording scene for easy reading

          Choosing the proper screen size is crucial. The iPad teleprompter system uses a tablet as a monitor and different size leads to different reading range. It effectively affects how you feel when reading the script. Keep in mind that the font size will depend on the screen size, making it easier for you to use the teleprompter. Smaller monitors are fine for tiny spaces where you'd want to be near the teleprompter, but if you have a studio and want to maintain the screen at a fair distance from you, you're going to require a huge one.

          4. The reading range should be wide enough and consider the user's eyesight

          Setting up a proper reading range is a key factor in the question of how to set up a phone prompt system for comfortable live streaming. Select a teleprompter that is simple to read based on the available area. The majority of gadgets have a designated readability range. Ensure that the one you pick has a readability range that is appropriate for your space. The live streamer's eyesight is another element that affects the range. Depending on the kind of source you have at your disposal, you may choose one of the top teleprompters for live streaming.


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