Every time you might be amazed about the hosts can lead the programs fluently and perfectly or the influencers can face the camera speaking naturally and firmly. To be honest, you could also do that if you have a teleprompter behind the camera! But what is a teleprompter?



Teleprompter definition

The teleprompter, also known as autocue, is a device which is constructed with a screen usually made of industrial standard glass. It is actually a reading tool that allows speaker to read scripts like he utters confidently and avoid forgetting the words, while keeping eye contact with audience.  

Generally, some teleprompters are operated with a foot pedal, which is controlled by the speaker or a crew member within a certain range. Nowadays, some are upgrade into being controlled by a remote which can adjust the reading speed, scripts display and enhance flexibility.



After have a brief understanding of "what is a teleprompter", let's move on. Teleprompters are simply classified in to three types: Presidential, Camera-mounted, and Floor or Stand.

Camera-mounted Teleprompter

    Camera-mounted Teleprompter

    As its name suggests, this kind of prompting device is working with a camera which is installed behind the glass screen. The one side of glass screen allows the camera to shoot through it while the other side is reflective for displaying whatever is on the monitor underneath. In this way, the speaker reads the text while looking into the camera. In view of the different application scenarios, there are mainly two kinds of camera teleprompters.


    For Studio It is mounted on the same tripod or studio air lift with camcorders, which can shoot and prompt at the same time, and also save more space of the studio. These professional teleprompters are widely used in studio recordings: TV programs, contests, news, weather forecast, advertising, etc.


    For Smartphone, iPad Virtually, these teleprompters for iPhone work based on the similar principle of the conventional ones. One of the biggest difference is they are designed into a compact form body, more suitable for outdoor video shootings. Besides, for most of vloggers and video workers, they are more economical-friendly, saving you at least four-fifth budget. Thanks to its practicality and excellent performance, more and more youtubers and video hobbyists are interested in using this kind of portable teleprompter in recording introductions, tutorial videos, vlogging, announcements and more, which makes their videos more appeal and natural.

    Presidential Teleprompter

      As you might know, it is often seen in occasions where speakers give lectures or speeches with facing live audiences. Similarly, the device has a glass to display scripts that are reflected by computer traditionally, which has the same height as the sight line of lecturer and can be read from lecturer’s view but the glass is transparent from audience’s view.


      Floor or stand Teleprompter

        It’s often attached with an independent tripod, standing on the floor at an angle, which is used in multiple situations e.g multimedia teaching, video recording and shooting. This teleprompter is widely applicable to indoor environments with relatively low requirements.


        Pros and cons


        Teleprompter plays an increasingly role in smooth video productions or speech occasions, which is obviously due to these benefits.

        • Help speaker make less mistakes and improve working efficiency
        • Make speaker keep contact with their audience
        • Make speaker look more professional and charming



        On the other side, using teleprompter during shooting may have these shortcomings.

        • Speaker may not deal with emergencies well such as machine malfunction, if he relies on it too much rather than get them familiar beforehand.
        • Frequent eye movements breaks eye contact and influences speaking or video effect.



        What is a teleprompter? I believe you have got something about it. If you are a videographer or a vlogger, try to get a suitable teleprompter and make your videos informative, natural and appeal.