Every time you might be amazed about the hosts can lead the programs fluently and perfectly or the influencers can face the camera speaking naturally and firmly. To be honest, you could also do that if you have a teleprompter behind the camera! But what is a teleprompter? This article will solve your questions in four parts following.

  • What is a teleprompter mean: definition then pros & cons
  • What is a teleprompter used for: two categories based on application
  • How many parts does a teleprompter consist of?
  • What else do I need for prompting?

Moman MT1 professional teleprompter is ideal for youtube video recording, studio live streaming and so on

What is a teleprompter mean: definition then pros & cons

The teleprompter, also known as an autocue, is a device that is constructed with a screen usually made of industrial standard glass. It is a reading tool that allows the speaker to read scripts like he utters confidently and avoid forgetting the words while keeping eye contact with the audience. Generally, some types of teleprompters are operated with a foot pedal, which is controlled by the speaker or a crew member within a certain range. Nowadays, some are upgraded to being controlled by a remote which can adjust the reading speed, and scripts display and enhance flexibility.

Table: Quick list of teleprompter’s pros and cons





Help speaker make less mistakes and improve working efficiency

Speaker may not deal with emergencies well such as machine malfunction


Enable speaker to keep eye contact and body interaction with their audience

Frequent eye movements breaks eye contact and influences speaking or video effect.


Make speaker look more professional and charming


What is a teleprompter used for: divided into two categories based on application

After having a brief understanding of it, let's move on. Teleprompters are commonly used in presidential speaking, speeches at large conferences or parties, state television news broadcasts, program recordings, concerts, and so on. However, with the development of we-media video platforms, Many video producers, like YouTubers and TikTokers, have also started to use tiny portable ones which can directly mount on the camera. Since in the article How does a teleprompter work has been classified into three kinds: presidential, camera-mounted, and floor or stand. Here we are introduced in two parts according to the applications.

Moman teleprompter for youtube is built with durable materials and designed to have a 70/30 clear glass for reflection

1. For studio live streaming, making personal videos, or online education, camera mounted teleprompter could be your preference

As its name suggests, this kind of prompting device is working with a camera that is installed behind the glass, whose side allows the camera to shoot through it while the other side is reflective for displaying whatever is on the monitor underneath. In this way, the speaker reads the text while looking into the camera. In view of the different application scenarios, there are mainly two kinds of camera teleprompters.

  • For live streaming in the official studio, it is mounted on the same tripod or studio airlift with camcorders, which can shoot and prompt at the same time, and also save more space in the studio. These professional types are widely used in studio recordings: TV programs, contests, news, weather forecast, advertising, etc.
  • For creating videos on YouTube or TikTok, the best buy teleprompter is based on a similar principle to the conventional ones for iPhone work. One of the biggest differences is they are designed into a compact form body, more suitable for both indoor and outdoor video shootings. Besides, for most vloggers and video workers, they are more economical-friendly, saving you at least four-fifths budget. Thanks to its practicality and excellent performance, more and more YouTubers and video hobbyists are interested in using this kind of portable one in recording introductions, tutorial videos, vlogging, announcements, and more, which makes their videos more appealing and natural.
  • For having online courses or meetings, you can load your textbook or presentation scripts into the teleprompter for zoom beforehand to avoid forgetting important details or complex data. This will help you control your lecture time, stay on topic, and effectively keep track of the course or meeting.
Moman camera-mounted teleprompter enables you to look charming and confident in front of the lens when recording or live streaming

    2. When speaking in front of a large live audience, floor/stand type or presidential teleprompter

    • Floor teleprompter is often attached with an independent tripod, standing on the floor at an angle, which is used in multiple situations e.g multimedia teaching, video recording, and shooting. This is widely applicable to indoor environments with relatively low requirements.
    • Presidential teleprompter, as you might know, is often seen on occasions when speakers give lectures or speeches with facing live audiences. Similarly, the device has a glass to display scripts that are reflected by the computer traditionally, which has the same height as the sight line of the lecturer and can be read from the lecturer’s view but the glass is transparent from the audience’s view.

    How many parts does a teleprompter consist of?

    The teleprompter setup consists mainly of a monitor, a mirror, and a shroud. In brief, a reflecting piece of glass called the mirror is placed in front of the camera lens. A scrolling script is shown on the monitor that is positioned underneath the mirror. A shroud covers it for preventing external light from interfering with the projection.

    What is a teleprompter? It mainly includes 3 parts: monitor, mirror glass and shroud

    • Monitor: Some come with their own teleprompter screen for script rolling and pictures’ real-time checking, but most types have a bracket or clamp in the bottom of the glass to place the prompting equipment with text imported, which commonly refers to a mobile or pad.
    • Mirror: It is also called a beamsplitter mirror. Cameras may record directly through the glass, and at the same time, the text is perfectly reflected. An anti-reflective coating on the glass's reverse reduces ghosting, which means the double reflection, that is common in a normal glass. Like Moman MT1 utilizes a premium teleprompter beam splitter glass of 70/30 visible, allowing unaltered recording quality and offering clear, readable reflections of text and images.
    • Shroud: It surrounds the rear end of the glass and the lens, blocking inappropriate light from reaching the lens. This section allows the speech to be clearly reflected on the glass without being affected by other lights, ensuring that you can read it properly.

    What else do I need for teleprompting?

    1. A written script for speaking: If the teleprompter is a pot, then the script is the ingredient. As the saying goes, if you have no hand you can't make a fist. A good text is half a speech. When you use the teleprompter equipment, remember to write your script beforehand and practice it.
    2. Prompting devices like phones or tablets: As the above said of the monitor shown, many times we need an additional prompting device. For example, Moman MT12 allows a 12.9-inch tablet for HD display. And the feature of a wide angle makes it greater adaptable and supports easier reading.
    3. Control app on phones: Through the corresponding mobile application, we can upload the manuscript or picture to the monitor, and set the speed, font size, background color, and so on. Some even pack you a customized remote for controlling the script’s pace as you like, letting you be your own teleprompter operator.
    4. Shooting devices: This is mainly for camera mounted teleprompter. Recording devices like DSLRs or camcorders usually pass through the shroud and are fixed to the back of the beam splitter or clear glass. Thereby they are integrated together.


    What is a teleprompter? I believe you have got something about it. If you are a videographer or a vlogger, try to get a suitable one and make your videos informative, natural, and appealing.


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