Zoom teleprompter now which can be used for recording, meetings, and teaching on online platforms was made for actors to replace cue cards. The result was more effective speech delivery and more eye contact between speakers and the audience. In this blog, we will talk about the pros & cons of each type and why you need it, making full reviews of the three best products here for you.
  • Can you use a teleprompter with zoom? 
  • Teleprompter for zoom recording recommended at Moman 
  • How can it help you in zoom meetings, presentations, and calls?
Moman MT2 portable zoom teleprompter can be used in recording, conferences, live streaming. You can use the remote or foot pedal to control the rolling speed.

    Can you use a teleprompter with zoom? 

    Yes, when you use zoom for lesson recording, conference calls, and live streaming, you can use the zoom teleprompters to make your speech more fluent and natural. The devices that can be used include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. So what teleprompter works with zoom? You have several options and they all have their pros and cons. You can make choices based on your needs and applications.

    Virtual type

    You can install the relevant software or APP on your computer, they are convenient and some are even free. You can perform the most basic text editing operations. But they have limited functionality compared to the actual product of teleprompter for zoom meetings, no way to provide a very user-friendly service, sometimes make your eye movement look very obvious, and are awkward in this way when you need screen recording.

    Small Webcam type

    These are usually small setups of computer teleprompter that can be installed on built-in laptop cameras, most of them have usage limitations and are not cheap. All in all, not the type we would recommend today. In contrast, the following category is more suitable for computer recording and meetings.

    Camera-mounted type

    Compared with the president type and standing type, this kind of actual product of teleprompter for zoom is more suitable for personal daily use, including work-from-home conferences and calls, also YouTube video recording. With the corresponding text-edit app, control remote, or pedal, you will get more comfortable speaking the natural flow of the presentations. But you might need some extra accessories for you to install it since it’s ideal for phones, tablets, cameras, and camcorders instead of laptops and computers. 

    With a Moman zoom teleprompter for laptop and your phone or tablet as the prompter, you can speak more naturally in front of the lens.

    Teleprompter for zoom recording recommended at Moman 

    We got three premium products here to recommend to you. Let’s take a quick look at their parameters in the table below first, then learn their features in detail.

    Specification table of Moman MT1, MT12, MTR for comparison





    Price (USD)


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    Plastic & Glass

    Metal & Glass

    Plastic & Glass









    Lens Adapter


    Drawstring design


    Text edit on App

    Remote Control

    MT1: Mini teleprompter on your hand

    Moman MT1 is a mini handheld teleprompter for zoom that can make your conference more effective, and enables you to perform well, leaving a good impression to your customers.

    The Moman MT1 greatly expands the range of what you can use a zoom teleprompter - from indoors to outdoors. It is certainly a device that combines mini-size and portability to perfection. Weighing 800g and using sturdy plastic and glass, you can hold it in your hand through the handheld grip as a free gift packed in the package. It surely can build up your confidence and enable you to get a good flow even having a speech outdoors.

    MT12: Large size for surprising readability and clarity

    Moman MT12 with a 12-inch display glass provides stunning clarity and wide-range readability in full-light circumstances. Also, it supports distances up to 10 feet thanks to top-notch optics and the shroud design, which can block out unwanted light from the side that might affect your reading experience. 

    MTR: Combo with ring light for a good-looking portrait

    The biggest highlight of Moman MTR is that it comes with a ring light that features a color temperature of 3000-6000K, which can provide a perfect image effect when you are recording, live streaming, or we can assume, representing your company to make a presentation of your products to your customers. MTR teleprompter for zoom presentations is equipped with HD glass that is impact-resistant and transmits visible light at a 70/30 ratio. Text can be read in even the most difficult lighting circumstances when combined with our movable light-blocking cowl.

    How can it help you in zoom meetings, presentations, and calls?

    Moman MT12 has a large reflecting mirror of 12-inch for users to see clearly and read simply.

    It ensures the accuracy of speaking topics in meetings

    Since you can read from your script without shifting positions, you can maintain greater accuracy than if you tried to recall what to say off the top of your head or read from notes. This benefit might be essential in circumstances when the accuracy of your assertions is essential. For instance, legal and budget presentations typically need accuracy.

    It guarantees a natural performance and good flow in calls 

    Since you're able to concentrate on the camera or crowd in front of you instead of looking down at your notes while using a teleprompter for laptop zoom, you can speak more smoothly than you can when using actual notes. Maintaining eye contact during virtual meetings can help them feel more personal. When you read from the screen, your head will gradually shift from left to right, enabling you to speak equally to everyone in the Zoom conference. A modern teleprompter also addresses another common problem. You must regularly glance up when reading from notes in order to interact with the Zoom audience and come off as more sincere.

    It frees your hands for pointing out the highlights in presentations

    In online conferences, nonverbal cues from a teleprompter for zoom call are frequently equally as important as verbal cues. When you are confident in your speech and don't have to worry about forgetting what you are going to say, you can concentrate more of your attention on using the appropriate non-verbal cues to maximize the effect of your speech. Your hands are free to emphasize important points in your Zoom presentation as you are not taking notes.


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