An external microphone for Android phone can do a lot of things that an internal mic can't do. They are cheap, portable, and convenient, yet so versatile that can greatly improve the audio level on your mobile devices. This guide will tell you its compatible applications, connection methods, practical use tips, and more. Let’s have a look! 

  • Can you use a lapel mic with your phones?
  • Three best external microphones for Android phone
  • How can an external microphone for Android mobile phone help you? 
  • How to use an external mic on Android phone? 
Connect an external mic to Android cell phones is very easy. Moman CP2(C) is mini, versatile, budget, and has a USB-C port for pairing.

Can you use a lapel mic with your phones? 

Yes, you can get an external audio device for your mobile devices, which is a great way to improve your audio quality. You can connect the wireless lapel microphone for Android phone via the the common headphone jack port or the phone's input port, which usually is the charging port now. Compared to the USB desktop type and shotgun type, the lapel mic is a convenient and budget-friendly option that gives users the freedom to move around and free up their hands while speaking. There are many mics like this one for a wide range of photographic devices, and you can find the one that suits your needs.

Three best external microphones for Android phone

Here we introduce three types of best lapel mics for various applications and needs, including SYNCO P1T, SYNCO G3, and SYNCO G2(A2).

SYNCO P1T external microphone for Android with USB C at US$49.00

SYNCO P1T wireless lapel microphone with Type-C plug is ideal for Android phones. It is compact and versatile.

SYNCO P1T transfers clear and stable audio of wireless digital 2.4GHz. You can use it to film your daily blog, and some video producers use it for taking shorts on YouTube and TikTok, doing gaming live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, broadcasting on Skype, etc.

Furthermore, the SYNCO P1T external microphone for Android phone music recording features nine creative voice effects, including original, Baby FX, EDM, Female-to-male exchange, etc. It is ideal for video making, vlogging, and other scenarios.

SYNCO G3 external microphone for Android tablet and phone at US$99

  • Click the pic and shop for SYNCO G3 at a budget price!

SYNCO G3 is an external microphone wireless 2.4GHz for Android Type-C cell phone, iPhone, and camera. It can use for Youtube videos, vlogging, etc.
Recently, the SYNCO G3 wireless collar clip microphone has a big discount of $100 off and down to US$99, being one of the best budget choices you can make. It supports three-channel recording and two-way communication. And it features a broad compatibility for more than just Androids.

When using the SYNCO G3, you can connect it to your Android cell phone via Type-C to Type-C cable for audio recording. At the same time, you can use the TRRS to TRRS cable or the Type-C to Lightning adapter to turn the G3 into an iPhone lav mic.

SYNCO G2(A2) dual lavalier mic for Android mobiles at US$118.00

SYNCO G2(A2) dual channel wireless lapel microphone for Android phone. It is compact and designed to have a TFT display screen.

SYNCO G2(A2) best external wireless microphone for Android phone is compact and simple to use. It is designed to be plug-and-play and indicates pairing and charging status through the dynamic LED on the surface of the transmitter and receiver. SYNCO G2(A2) offers Mono and Stereo audio modes to choose from, being perfect for all kinds of recording applications, like one-on-one interviews, YouTube video filming, and so on.

You can use it to film your daily blog, and some video producers use them for taking shorts on YouTube and TikTok, doing gaming live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, broadcasting on Skype, etc.

How can an external microphone for Android mobile phone help you? 

Why would you need an external recording device when the recording effect on your phone is so poor that it can't meet your needs? A mini mic can not only improve the audio quality of your phone in various situations.

  • Make your video, podcasting, and live streaming sound better 
  • Improve the efficiency of your work-from-home meetings
  • Ensure the accuracy of online classes to deliver information
SYNCO P1T is an external wireless lapel microphone for Type-C smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, and others. You can use it for songs recording, blogs filming, etc.

    Some of the extra recording devices, like the SYNCO P1T external microphone for Android smartphone, can deliver crisp audio, providing special sound effects and real-time monitoring features that the internal mic couldn't accomplish. Also, it is packed with a charging case, where the receiver and transmitter can be powered up while you place them inside and take the mini box in your pocket, waiting to record at any time.

    The built-in mic on your device will invariably be placed more away from your lips than is optimal when you use it to join a conference call, record a video, or record a podcast. But It will be further away if you start using your smartphone as a camera device because you'll need to move it to frame yourself properly.

    When you use an external mic for a tablet or smartphone, the transmitter is attached right next to your mouth, improving the quality of your voice. With one of that, you can better share your recorded good life with your friends, and be able to make clear video calls anytime, anywhere as well.

    How to use external mic on Android phone? 

    There are many understandings of how to use the wireless microphone for phone video recording. We will address the following three aspects.

    How to connect it to your device?

    • Bluetooth pairing: This kind does not require a physical interface connecting, just place it close to your device and turn on BlueTooth pairing permission in the settings, and wait for them to pair with each other.
    • Type-C interface: You can simply connect external microphone to Android phone through the Type-C port. Heard that the iPhone upgrade now intends to change the lighting input to USB-C, and the adaptability of this kind will be broader in the future. If the one you choose doesn't have a compatible plug, you may need an adaptor.
    • 3.5mm headphone port: An Android phone's headphone jack is compatible with device with a 3.5mm TRRS. As the jack port and the headphone jack both use TRRS connections, an adapter is not necessary. You should be fine to go if you simply insert the lapel mic jack into the phone's headphone jack. 

    How to use it properly for better audio effects? 

    • Clip the mic on your collar or tie and maintain a proper distance for sound capturing
    • Test before you start recording and see if the settings are right and the battery has enough power to go
    • Using extra tools like wind cover to suppress the background noise
    • Make you are recording in a comparable quiet environment

    Choosing a good mic is the beginning of all these happen. Like SYNCO G2(A2) can apply to the using scenes above perfectly with the dual channel system and a 492ft stable transmission range. If you find the external microphone for Android mobile phone is not working, the issue might be caused by hardware or software.

    Turning the phone off and on again is a solution that frequently succeeds. Any apps that could be the problem will be closed as a result. Before resuming, leave the phone off for up to 30 seconds. Examine your app's permissions and remove each one that you think could be the issue one at a time.

    Dual channel phone microphone for Android like SYNCO G2(A2) and Moman CP2, is ideal for two-person interviews. They provides clear sound audio and enables real-time monitoring

    What accessories you may need along with the mic? 

    • Adapter for conversion: A 3.5mm TRS to TRRS adapter is required to connect a lapel mic with a 3.5mm TRS connection to an Android smartphone's headphone port. The adapter must be inserted into the phone's headphone jack. Then, insert the TRS jack into the adaptor.
    • Charger and charging cable: These two things generally do not need to buy extra, because most of them are charged in the same way as your Android phone, and are using Type-C quick charging. The charger and cord that can charge your phone, can also be used for your mic. 
    • Wind muff or sound shield: Both are tools to improve the purity of sound and reduce the appearance of background noise in the recording. Some of the external microphone for Android Samsung phone, and Huawei phones, have intelligent one-button noise reduction, so they rely on their directional polar pattern and high sensitivity to ensure the effect. While some come with wind muff in the package. As to sound shield, it is often used in studio instrumental recording and other high-demanding occasions.


    As most phone microphones are very portable, there shouldn't be much cause for concern. But will you be in a stable position to hold your phone the entire time, or will you need to move around a lot while recording? Considering mobility, the budget, and the promotion for sound quality, an external microphone for Android phone.

     Note: Some of the images in this article are from SYNCO.


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