How does a teleprompter work? Words are projected onto a glass or screen, using reflecting displays and monitors, directing the speed at which the lines scroll by. Through this principle, we can come up with three ways to make a computer teleprompter, including buying an actual device, using PC software, or utilizing PowerPoint for prompting scripts.
  • Use a computer teleprompter actual device
  • Utilize a teleprompter program for PC
  • Turn your computer into a teleprompter with PowerPoint
Moman MT12 computer teleprompter enjoys a wide reading range and supports large tablets as the prompter device.

Use a computer teleprompter actual device

There is no denying that purchasing a professional teleprompter device is the simple, efficient, and most effective way to go. The features it can offer are unmatched by any other means. While you are making a speech or presentation in a Zoom meeting, a teleprompter reads your lines for you. Here are four steps to use the equipment.

1. Select and purchase a teleprompter for desktop computer

Which kind of teleprompter is best for desktops? You need a small one that can mounted on the top of your computer, or the one that can work with your external webcam. It should have a clear beam splitter glass for projecting the scripts and allowing you to maintain eye contact with your audience while you are reading your speech.

2. Edit the size, color, case and add cues in your scripts

You may easily change the overlay transparency, font size, speed, and display colors on the prompting App. For instance, the free Moman Prompter App is customized for Moman computer teleprompters. You can select the suitable font, color, and size for your text in the field, which is better to be big and white with a black backdrop. Also, you can add some cues in it for better understanding when watching your presenting text, such as “START”, ”PAUSE”, and” END”.

You can download Moman Prompter App for free. It is a teleprompter customized software for Android and iOS.

3. Install the teleprompter on computer

Unlike virtual PC software that directly utilizes a computer screen as the teleprompter, the real device is required to be mounted on the computer camera to ensure that you can read the subtitles as if you are looking at your viewers, co-workers, teachers, classmates, and interviewers. You can utilize a bracket to attach it to the inbuilt camera of your laptop in case you ensure that the type matches and the weight is appropriate. Or you can use an external webcam and install it behind the teleprompter mirror.

4. Read and control the pace with a remote

Simply input your script of choice on the monitor for projecting on the teleprompter glass, and it will scroll the lines. You will receive scrolling text rather than a static script. Some teleprompters for laptop like the Moman MT2 teleprompter has a compact remote in the package for controlling the speed. So just keep your pace to read it naturally.

Moman smartphone teleprompter is mini and versatile. They can work with phones, cameras, laptops, and the external webcam of computer.

Utilize a teleprompter program for PC

You may apply several motion effects to every presentation slide by downloading free or paid software or using a browser-based teleprompter. Here we will talk about how to use the virtual PC teleprompter.

First, download a program or use a web page prompter

You can feel free to find good use of software as the prompting solution and download it. But you need to consider these points:

  • Is it free or paid, and is it a one-time payment?
  • Does it work on your computer system (Windows/Mac)
  • Does it work not only on computers but also on smartphones and tablets?
  • Does it support automated scrolling or voice-activated scrolling?
  • Does it feature text mirroring for teleprompter device use?
  • Is the computer teleprompter software compatible with all meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, BlueJeans, Webinars, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, Webex, etc.?

Second, paste and edit the script in the text field of the teleprompter software for computer

Simply paste or type your speaking text into the text area to utilize the program. Then adjust the colors, font size, and scroll speed. Or you may use voice-activated scrolling if you'd rather have the text follow your speech. Press the play button when you are prepared to speak.

Third, mirror the text if you want to use it with a teleprompter device

Alternatively, if you're using a prompter product, you may mirror the text on your pad or cell phone so that it appears as intended on the actual teleprompter.

You can use the foot pedal or remote to control the text scrolling speed.

Turn your computer into a teleprompter with PowerPoint

With the use of PowerPoint or any comparable presenting application like Google Docs, any computer may serve as a teleprompter. The scrolling-up effect, which allows the selected text to glide upward from the bottom, is one of the features helpful for turning your computer into a teleprompter. Use Microsoft PowerPoint by doing the following:

Step 1: Choose a computer with a compatible monitor

Use a computer that you regularly use or an older model that may be hanging around unused, and then pick a monitor to go with it. You may connect a widescreen LCD monitor with a high-resolution display to your computer.

Step 2: Use "Animations" in PowerPoint to scroll your script

After launching a new, empty document,. Click the "Credits" icon under the Animations tab. The "Timing" section on the "Animations" panel allows you to change the scrolling pace and make a simple computer teleprompter. The "Duration" section should be filled in with the complete length of time the presentation should last in seconds.

Step 3: Set up the right speed and start speaking

You may change the script scrolling speed by selecting "Effect Options" under the "Animations" tab. Select the "Timing" tab, then enter a duration in seconds in the "Speed" field. You should enter a figure equal to the whole period you want the text to scroll across the screen. Then you can start your speaking.

You can use the computer teleprompter for online meeting, interview, presentations, live streaming, and so on.

Conclusion: Which is the best way to make a computer prompter?

Nowadays it is not only used on stage but also advanced to the point that anybody with a mobile device like your computer or smartphone. With the computer teleprompter, you will come across as more natural and less like you are reading from a script during online meetings, presentations, interviews, or classes. Which is the best way among the three ideas mentioned above? You need to consider your specific needs.

  • If you need a professional setup that will make your eyeballs look more natural, then you need actual prompter equipment.
  • If you want a teleprompter for a computer monitor, which is designed to have the basic features for use, then you can just download a program for monitoring your audience while speaking.
  • If you are looking for the easiest way to prompt without purchasing equipment or downloading any software, then you can just use PowerPoint for prompting.

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