Using your iPhone to create your first YouTube video is a great place to start, and before that, make sure you have the lapel microphones for iPhone in your kit, which can improve your audio significantly and effectively. Let's learn more about it today.
  • Can you use a lapel mic with an iPhone?
  • How to choose the right lav mic for phone recording?
  • How to set up iPhone with lapel microphone?
SYNCO P1L is a high-quality lapel microphone for iPhone recording. It's made of sturdy and lightweight ABS materials, and packed with a quick charging case.

    Can you use a lapel mic with an iPhone?

    Yes, connect your microphone to your iPhone through the appropriate interface--whether it is the headphone port of the past, the specific lightning interface of the present, or the Type-C that may be put into use in the future--and you are able to start video chatting with friends, filming blogs for sharing life, and also professional use as video production, live streaming, podcasting, doing interviews, online meeting and classes, etc. 

    lapel mics, Lav mics, and clip mics are all terms for lavalier microphones. This kind of phone microphones is used to record crystal-clear audio from you or your subject. It's often worn on or under clothes, which puts them near to your lips and makes your voice considerably louder than any ambient noise.  Thus it's often employed in theater, television, and video projects.

    Table list of iPhone external lapel microphone’s pros & cons 




    Providing clear and rich sound audio for recording vlogs, making shorts, and podcasting, drastically improve the quality of your videos, which is much better than the internal phone mic.

    Performance drawbacks that cannot be solved by existing technologies still exist, such as interference during transmission, latency, etc.


    Small and compact for carrying and free movement during speaking, greatly free your hands for situations like pointing out when doing presentations.

    The lightning output port that can be used with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, is not compatible with Android phones and cameras with Type-C or 3.5mm jack ports.


    Cheap and budget as an external recording device when you want to pack up your Youtuber starter kits.

    If your sound requirements are up to the stringent level of movie recording, then such kind won’t be cheap.

    How to choose the right lav mic for phone recording?

    It’s hard for you to know what a decent cheap lavalier microphone is if you've never filmed videos before. Through pro reviews by professional Youtubers, Tiktokers, and vloggers, here we recommend you three good and affordable lav mics and tell you how to choose one.

    Get the best wireless lapel microphone for iPhone at Moman

    For a variety of cameras, cellphones, and digital audio recorders, all three are fantastic options.

    Price: On Sale US$59.00 Regular price$69.00

    Features: Thanks to the customized quick charging case, you can replenish P1L conveniently. Though, it features an operation time of 5 hours for a long time using. Its working distance would be up to 492ft/150m in the LOS area, transmitting natural sound with great clarity.

    SYNCO P1L portable wireless microphone for iPhone has a lightning port for output and connection. It can be used for vlogging, video calls, etc.

    Price: On Sale US$69.00 Regular price$99.00

    Features: Dual channel microphone system for two-person vlogging and interviewing. With a sensitivity of -26dB and SNR over 75dB, this dual lapel microphone for iPhone is ideal for kinds of applications like professional filmmaking, business conferences, instrumental recording, and more. It has the same charging box and nine creative voice effects as the P1L. You can check for more product details in the review video below.

    • Full review of SYNCO P2L 2-channel iPhone microphone: Recording indoors and outdoors

    Price: On Sale US$39.99 Regular price$49.99

    Features: Cheap yet functional, using 2.4GHz transmission frequency and having a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. Though it’s a small and budget microphone for basic use, it’s powerful enough to transfer a flawless sound for ASMR video recording.

    Moman CP1(A) is a budget and portable lavalier microphone for iPhone lightning port, costing no more than 50 dollars, but offer a clear and natural audio.

    Four aspects to consider when choosing a suitable one

    • Sound quality: This crucial factor includes consideration of the polar pattern, frequency response, self-noise, mic output level, and other specs of the lavalier lapel microphone for iPhone. These are indicated on the specification table of the product, and you can check before buying.
    • Size and weight: One of the characteristics of this type, which is at the same time its advantage, is its portability. This can also be reflected in its concealment on the video screen. It is important to buy a compact and miniature microphone.
    • Battery life: The regular run time of your podcast microphone for iPhone determines how smoothly you will be able to record and live stream. Having a situation like a lack of power that causes the recording to be aborted is a terrible thing.
    • Price and Budget: Nowadays, with the advancement and popularity of technology, high-quality lavalier iPhone microphones are not very expensive. If one is more than $200, you have to carefully consider whether its features are worth it.

    How to set up iPhone with lapel microphone?

    With the SYNCO wireless lapel microphones for iPhone or Android phone, interviews are able to talk with ease and a free movement.

    Use the 3.5mm headphone jack port for iPhone older models

    Why do certain lav microphones function with your smartphone while others do not? There are 3.5mm jacks on digital wireless lavalier microphone system, like SYNCO G2(A2) and P2L. Nevertheless, only a few of them are compatible with the headphone jack on the iPhone SE. An iPhone cannot be used with a microphone that has a TRS jack. But, a lav mic with a TRRS jack will function. Thankfully, there are adapters available that will allow you to use your iPhone with a TRS connector. To ensure that the wireless lapel microphone for iPhone will function with your phone, just check the product information.

    Connect the mic through the lightning socket for iPhone 7 or later

    You won't have an earbuds jack if you have an iPhone 7 and the after ones. Instead, what you get would be a special lightning connector. Cheap lavalier mics with lightning connections rather than 3.5mm small jack jacks have just been available. They include an internal cable with a lightning connection and are compatible with all models of iPhone up to and including the latest iPhone 14 now, which has a lightning connector. 

    Buy the necessary adapter cables for converting the interface

    But if your mic only features a TRRS port like SYNCO G2(A2) wireless microphone for video camera, you should be able to use the lightning-to-headphone adapter that came with your phone to record using a lav mic. Connect your 3.5mm TRRS microphone jack after inserting the adapter into your iPhone's lightning port. You'll also need a TRS to TRRS adaptor if your microphone has a TRS mic connector. 


    One of the simplest methods to create videos is to use your iPhone as a camera. A cheap lav mic is one of the few affordable accessories you simply need to start. Try to make things as straightforward as you can before investing in pricey equipment like video lights, elaborate backdrops, and a gimbal. All you need to start producing quality YouTube or marketing videos is your smartphone and lapel microphones for iPhone that are reasonably priced.

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