Teleprompter for Zoom is a versatile and advanced cueing device that helps you convey a lot of information without having to learn it word for word. With the aid of it, you can create smooth, polished videos, have effective online meetings, and deliver natural live speeches. In this guide, we will talk about how to set it up, how to read from it, and the benefits of using it.

  • Is there a teleprompter for Zoom?
  • Four steps to set up a prompting device for Zoom
  • Five tips to read from the teleprompter for Zoom meetings
  • Benefits of using Zoom prompter in three applications
Moman MT12 large screen teleprompter for Zoom supports cellphones or tablets of up to 12.9 inches for prompting scripts.

    Is there a teleprompter for Zoom?

    Yes, and you can choose between the actual device and virtual software.

    • Actual teleprompter for Zoom: The device is placed in front of the PC inbuilt camera or external webcam. The text reflects and is visible to the speaker because of the beam splitter glass used and the installation angle. (Click for more about how a teleprompter for Zoom works)
    • Teleprompter software for Zoom: After downloading the virtual app on your PC, it can show the computer-generated text on the monitor while you open the Zoom and set the windows aside.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, choosing the actual device is more versatile but also more costly. Choosing the software will be less functional and thus less effective, but eliminates the need for installation and is more convenient.

    You can upload your script on the Moman Prompter App for free. And the customized software supports text editing.

      Five steps to set up a prompting device for Zoom

      How to use a teleprompter with Zoom? First, you have to get this device installed before you can start using it. Here are five simple installation steps in text form.

      Step 1: Install the teleprompter on a tripod or place it on the table

      The first step is to determine the stability of the device placement, which is usually done by mounting it on a tripod or monopod through the connector on the bottom of it. Sometimes you can also place it directly on your desktop and adjust its height.

      Step 2: Place it behind the lens of your computer camera or webcam

      The Zoom teleprompter should be placed in front of the camera lens, please let the lens be in the middle of the scrolling text on the glass, this can ensure that you are reading, the eyeball left and right movement is less, reading the manuscript is not too obvious.

      Step 3: Download the teleprompter app, upload and edit text on it

      Almost every teleprompter manufacturer has an app specifically designed for their product for inserting scripts and editing text. For instance, Moman PhotoGears has the Moman Prompter App which you can download freely on your phones and tablets (iOS & Androids). You need to install and change the font size, color, background color, drop speed, etc.

      Step 4: Mount the prompter device on the Zoom teleprompter

      The monitor with the script is mounted on the clamp in front of the teleprompter for Zoom so that the text can be reflected on the glass. Different devices support different sizes of monitors, for example, the Moman MT12 is capable of mounting large phones and pads of up to 12.9 inches.

      Step 5: Adjust the shroud and the reflecting glass to the right angle

      Once the general placement of the equipment is all arranged, this is the time to make the final fine adjustments so that the text reacts accurately in the center of the glass so that you can read it comfortably and naturally. And of course, don't forget to download Zoom on your computer before the recording or presentation begins.

      It's easy to install the Moman MT12 Zoom teleprompter because it is built of all-in-one construction. It includes the cloth shroud, beam splitter glass, and the mobile clamp.

      Five tips to read from the teleprompter for Zoom meetings

      When you watch the video after reading from a Zoom teleprompter for the first time, you may notice that you sound a little robotic. But you'll feel more comfortable if you figure out how to read from a screen naturally. Here are five tips for more natural script reading.

      Make your script by speaking instead of writing

      We recommend writing your teleprompter script for Zoom in spoken language. Whether for a speech, a presentation, or preparing for a conference on Zoom, it will make your speech more natural and without the stiffness of writing. So when preparing your script at the beginning, you might consider just going through it by dictating and listening back to it for revisions. The written word is a flexible, if occasionally erratic, artistic medium. Get a cheap voice recorder or narrate your script using the voice memo app on your phone. By eliminating terms and phrases you wouldn't often utter out loud, this strategy pushes you to be more fluid and spontaneous.

      Use brief and simple words in the text

      Using easy-to-understand language that is straightforward and succinct is another essential to writing a script that sounds genuine. For instance, “important” is simpler than “significant”, and “excellent” is simpler than ”magnificent”, which allows the listener to quickly follow your rhythm and understand the meaning. When selecting your words, try to be as specific as you can. Use words and phrases that flow freely to you when dictating your screenplay, and resist the need to use excessive floweriness.

      Smile confidently when looking at the Zoom teleprompter

      When you read, a small grin at the corners of your mouth will make your voice seem friendlier and more genuine. You may also ease your anxieties during the rehearsal and shooting process by smiling slightly. Picture yourself inviting your audience to a friendly conversation! Breathe deeply a few times, release the tension in your face, and use a soft smile to convey your message.

      Go over the script regularly and practice more

      Keep those words familiar to yourself the entire time, even if you're reading a script of teleprompter for Zoom recording. Even while you might not need to memorize the entire script, it's still a good idea to know what will happen next. If you wait for it to give you every word, your reading may come out as robotic. Read your script aloud in front of people whenever you can, and go through it from beginning to end at least once a day. As soon as possible, try using the Zoom teleprompter and get used to the sentence structure.

      Stand up before the teleprompter for laptop Zoom when speaking

      Most speakers read the scripts while seated in front of the lens of a computer camera or webcam, such as news anchors, students who make presentations on Zoom online classes, and so on. However, you can try reading your script while standing up straight. This can help you support your breath better and avoid nervousness. As you become comfortable speaking on Zoom and familiarizing yourself with the content, that added dosage of movement helps to ease your nervousness. When it's time to give speech or record videos, keep your speech flowing and feeling buoyant while standing motionless.

      Moman MT1 small teleprompter for smartphone can benefit you in Zoom calls, online classes, conferences, and speeches.

      Benefits of using Zoom prompter in three applications

      Teleprompters for Zoom have become essential instruments for a variety of people and businesses. When can you benefit from the prompter?

      • Zoom meetings for the work-at-home
      • Pre-recorded or live online courses
      • Customer-oriented product introduction
      • Internet interviews
      • Livestream speeches

      The actual prompting tool and virtual teleprompter for Zoom both facilitate simplifying communication, increasing self-assurance, and enhancing performance in a variety of settings. Professionals may improve their performance, engage their audience, and make a lasting impression by utilizing teleprompters. Below, we've highlighted four helpful instances to demonstrate its advantages.

      Moman iPad teleprompter for Zoom MT1 is a compact device for presentations, meetings, lectures, and so on.

      Teleprompter for Zoom presentations enables natural eye contact with the audience

      Keeping eye contact is essential to quickly building rapport between speakers and listeners. Looking the audience in the eye will thus be crucial to facilitating Zoom speeches that genuinely connect with them. You must simultaneously ensure that your messaging is expected. The Zoom teleprompter device provides you with an easy technique to make sure you convey what you want to say without detracting from the conversation's flow. In the end, you'll appear more charismatic and natural while presiding over a meeting.

      The best teleprompter for Zoom improves the efficiency of Zoom classes

      On one hand, it enables teachers to stay on course without worrying about memorizing complex data or details, which assists in cutting down on the time they need to prepare for crucial classes, but also ensures accuracy. The Zoom prompter increases focus on eye contact and nonverbal cues. On the other hand, the prompter keeps students interested and incorporates chances for interaction and connection into the lectures. All of this works together to maximize the value that teaching quality derives from the virtual Zoom classes. The more effective lectures are, the more likely it is that students will connect with the content.

      It promotes the pleasure and sense of participation in Zoom online conferences

      Although corporations find virtual meetings on Zoom to be incredibly convenient, the majority of employees find them to be unpleasant. We may counteract this inclination by using a teleprompter for Zoom calls, which facilitate better communication between superior and subordinate during sessions. For instance, employers might schedule some time to ask employees for feedback, the staff will feel more invested when you provide chances for involvement, which increases the likelihood that the meetings will achieve goals and finish more efficiently.


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