Portables like cell phones are steadily gaining in popularity in comparison to expensive and delicate recording equipment like cameras and camcorders. Therefore, as an important part of the video, audio has also become more and more matter. This blog is talking about why do we need a wireless microphone for phone video recording, and how to choose one.
  • Why do you need a video recording wireless microphone?
  • How to choose a mic that meets your requirements?
  • Which type is the best wireless microphone for recording youtube videos?
Moman CP2 wireless microphone with dual channel recording is a great option for vlogging, live streaming and chatting with friends.

    Why do you need a video recording wireless microphone?

    If you consider yourself a mobile creator but don't have a wireless microphone for vlogging with phone, you can be limiting your potential. Although your audience is probably doing the judging, we don't.

    1. Mobile shooting as a convenient way is becoming a big trend

    Compared to cameras and camcorders, which are expensive and fragile filming tools, portables like cell phones are gradually becoming more popular. Smart phone lens pixels are improving, as well as shooting technology is constantly innovating, and can already produce and camera shooting about the same quality the video, and this is where the waves of using the microphone for phone recording started too.

    2. The rapid development of short video platforms has made video a more common method of recording

    Youtube's influence is needless to say, as cell phone technology has changed from 4G to 5G in recent years, the trend of short video platforms such as Tiktok has also swept up. The speed of the network brings the convenience of watching videos without lagging and also contributes to the current situation of being willing to shoot videos to record their lives. In addition to shooting vlogs and sharing their daily lives with family and friends, or internet users, there are also a few people who take vloggers or video production as their profession. When it becomes a kind of existence that needs attention and volume, audio becomes very important. Thus a wireless microphone for mobile phone recording of a more professional external type becomes necessary.

    3. The phone's built-in recording effect drags down your video quality

    Audio is an important ingredient in the video. Many cell phones focus on changes and improvements in internet speed, responsiveness, battery power, and lens pixels, while there are advances in recording, they are not the main focus. Excellent noise canceling tech, zero latency, creative voice effects, etc. are all embedded in the tiny body of the microphone to make your video recording quality more excellent and outstanding. Not to mention that if you are a web singer, or a vlogger recording an instrument, you need it to assist you.

    How to choose a mic that meets your requirements?

    Momanx's wireless microphone for phone video recording is small and portable for on-the-go recording outdoors. Also, most of them have a fast charging case.

    Lavalier vs shotgun, which is better?

    The size advantage of a video recording wireless microphone with a collar clip design is clear. They are ideal for speaking to the camera because of their tiny profiles, which allow them to move around while keeping consistent audio quality. Having one of these in your purse is worthwhile if you're an aspiring YouTube or TikTok maker. Shotguns have the advantage of being highly directional, which makes them ideal for podcasts, recording instruments, foley noises, and a ton of other things. Another advantage is that they are typically lightweight and portable, making them ideal for sliding into a backpack or even a laptop bag for us mobile recordists. There are some excellent mobile-specific alternatives, which are even better.
    Fortunately, the market for the wireless microphone for smartphone video recording made to be small and portable has become extremely competitive, offering solid, practical solutions that are inexpensive but have excellent quality. But keep in mind that even while these inexpensive options are excellent values, it is worth spending a little bit more money if you want something that should last longer, be more adaptable, or simply sound better. Usually, it only costs you no more than 200 dollars and you can a professional one.

    With the compatible interface, Moman CP2 wireless lavalier phone microphone can easily matches iPhones with lightning ports or Android phones with Type-C.

    How many channels do you need in a wireless system?

    Choosing a mini phone microphone depends on many factors, such as its sensitivity, frequency response, and so on. These specifications written on the product table determine whether the quality of the sound it transmits is clear, rich, and crisp enough, and the transportation system of wireless microphone for phone video recording also takes into account the propagation distance, noise suppression ability, latency, and so on. But at the same time, choosing how many channels of a microphone is also important, beyond your needs, your investment will be in vain because the more channels you do not use, the more transmitter is also wasted. With fewer channels, you can hardly add one more, you can only say to purchase another one. Such investment is not as cost-effective as buying a multi-channel mic from the beginning. It is better to go around in circles than to decide at the beginning.
    However, their primary drawback is that they are limited to recording the subject to whom they are linked. For multi-person recordings, you'll need a mic for each guest and a mechanism to record them simultaneously because if two people are speaking and only one is wearing the mic, you'll only obtain good audio for one-half of the conversation. As a result, prices can quickly rise.

    Which type is the best wireless microphone for recording youtube videos?

    So which microphone is right for you? According to different needs, this blog will introduce three types of Momanx microphones with recording channels as a distinction.

    SYNCO P1L: One-person vlog shooting with iPhone

    P1L is an iPhone wireless microphone for video, coming with a special customized charging case with contact pairing and a quick power supply. It gives 5 hours of recording time on a single full charge, and the charging case may supply two more charges to support prolonged outside filming. There is also a Type-C port on the P1L receiver. You may charge your recording smartphone and monitor the ongoing recording simultaneously with the Type-C to 3.5mm converter that is included.

    Moman CP2: 1 RX and 2 TXs for two-speaker filming

    Moman external microphone with 2 channels of wireless design can be used in filmming, daily vloggingm professional interviewing.

    When you need a dual channel mic like the Moman CP2 video recording wireless microphone, the obvious answer is when there is not only yourself but also another speaker. Many wireless lavalier types on the market today have two receivers that can be pinned to the collars of two people, allowing the voices of both speakers to be captured during conversations, interviews, chatting, and recording. CP2 has a lightning port for iPhone and a Type-C port for android phones or both for two kinds of smartphones. It adopts the 2.4GHz technology, which enables you to have crystal clear audio. It's not only suitable for phone recording, but also being an ipad wireless microphone that can greatly improve your tablet audio quality.

    SYNCO G3: 2-way communication and 3-channel recording

    SYNCO G3 for sale at Momanx Online Store supports a 3-channel recording and 2-way communicating within 250 meters. It's perfect for video production outdoors.

    SYNCO G3 is not cheap, but when you know how professional it is, you will feel that the 200 you spend for it is worth it. Thanks to its diverse interface and various converters, it can work with both mobile phones and cameras, being compatible with more choices of recording devices. In addition, its main feature lies in its 2-way communication and 3-channel recording. This wireless microphone for phone video recording is equipped with two collar-clip transmitters for two speakers, and its receiver can also be plugged into a headphone for talking and monitoring. This mode is perfect for filmmaking with two actors and one director.


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