Do you usually need to use your tablet's audio function? Whether you're taking a class online, video chatting with friends, doing live streaming, or recording your life with it, do you struggle with the poor sound quality of the internal mic? You need an iPad wireless microphone to solve those problems. This article will tell you how to choose and use one.

  • Can you use a wireless microphone with an iPad?
  • What to consider when buying an external mic for iOS devices?
  • How to connect a wireless microphone to iPad?
Moman CP2 wireless microphone for iPad has a portable charging case, which can kept two transmitters and one reciver.

    Can you use a wireless microphone with an iPad?

    Yes, you can connect an external wireless recording device to your iPad through the compatible interface, and that would usually be the lightning interface or TRRS headphone port. We watched iPad develop fast. However, there were a few areas it never excelled at and still doesn't, such as the in-built sound that can be played or produced. I agree that with the construction getting smaller and thinner, there isn't much place for nice speakers. But the microphone has never lived up to expectations.

    What to consider when buying an external mic for iOS devices?

    1. Types: lavalier, shotgun, or USB

    Types of microphones have diverse application directions. Even if the two products are identical in parameters, once they are different in style, they will bring new effects and user experience.

    • Wireless lapel microphone for iPad: It has a mini compact size and a lightweight that is easily clipped on the tie, collar, or even necklace, collecting audio focused on the speaker where it is put on. It features a strong signal for long-distance transformation and enables you to stand away from the pad for presentation or demonstration during yoga, or exercise suchlike sports online classes.
    • Tablet-mounted shotgun mic: There are large professional shotgun mics for film and TV production, but also small ones for cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. They are mini and convenient, have no need for charging, and can accurately capture your voice.
    • Desktop USB mic: This type is mostly used for PC use and is suitable for situations such as zoom meetings, game streaming, etc. It is a very affordable option when you use your iPad as a computer for internet classes.

      2. Audio quality: frequency range, directionality, distortion

      When you buy an external mic for iPad use, a big reason is that the recording effect of the internal mic is far from expected, so you want to have a wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone and iPad, to improve the clarity of the sound. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to the specification of the audio quality of the microphone.

      • Frequency range and sensitivity: It decides whether the captured sound Large-diaphragm microphones are sometimes used to capture lower frequencies, such as those produced by a bass drum or even a bass guitar. The feminine voice, the brightness of an acoustic guitar, or shimmering cymbals are examples of higher frequencies that the small diaphragm or small capsule microphone is made to take up. These may be the overhead microphones you've seen over a symphony or a drum set.
      • Polar pattern: If you are asking for recommended wireless microphones for iPad, then we will suggest the ones with the directional pattern. Sometimes it is referred to as the polar pattern of a microphone, that best meets your requirements. A more concentrated directional microphone is probably preferable for voiceovers. You should be searching for a cardioid or hyper-cardioid polar pattern. As it is made to take up sounds that are close to the microphone's front, this kind of polar pattern will reduce room tone and background noise.
      • Distortion and SPL: The most common type of distortion mentioned in the specifications of wireless microphone for iPad video recording is called "clipping" distortion because it results from sound energy overflowing the internal circuitry, which causes the recorded signal to be clipped at the peaks and, as a result, distorted. When recording the main audio, check to see if it takes up a lot of background noise. For recordings to sound crystal clear, this specification is necessary.

        3. Compatibility: Lightning, TRRS, and Type-C

        • Lightning: It is a proprietary computer bus and power connector created and designed by Apple Inc. This is a generic interface specific to iOS devices. For now, iPhone series smartphones, iPad 4th to 9th generation, iPad mini 1 to 4, iPad Air 1,2,3, and iPad Pro 1&2, etc., are all designed to feature a lighting port as an output interface for charging, file transformation, and microphone connection.
        • Type-C: This type of connection is becoming a big trend, both Android phones and Apple products are gradually shifting to USB-C ports. It's a huge change from that back in 2021 and before. It's believed that shortly, the iPad series will adopt this port, so it's appropriate to buy one with Type-C, like the SYNCO P2L dual wireless lavalier microphone system for iPad, to keep up with the pace.
        • TRRS: It is short for tip-ring-ring-sleeve, particularly common with 3.5mm, contains four conductors, and generally resembles a rounded-tip bullet. The majority of gadgets, including cellphones, pads, and computers, have this sort of universal audio jack, which fits into practically any compatible audio connector.

        4. Other factors: budget and usability

        • Budget: We have to consider our budget, which largely determines the general range and type you can buy. The most costly microphone on the market won't always be the one that suits your voice the best. Many of these requirements might be viewed as "nice to haves," rather than "necessities," because from one point of view, the best iPad wireless microphone is the one that is reasonably priced and effective. Having said that, the microphone and preamp are the technological components that stand between you and your computer, so choose one that not only enhances your voice but also falls within your price range.
        • Applications: The best microphone is the one with the fewest technical issues that you can use. The phrase "plug and play" refers to choosing the simplest configuration that will allow you to start recording as soon as possible when all other factors are equal.

          How to connect a wireless microphone to iPad?

          • Joint directly through the charging port or TRRS: When you use a microphone with a compatible interface, like the SYNCO P1L, P2L wireless lapel mics for iPad and iPhone, you can simply plug the receiver into your iPad, and commonly it’s plug-and-play, which means you can start recording right away.
          • Use an adaptor to convert the connector for attachment: If your devices have the TRS or XLR instead of the lightning port, USB-C, or TRRS, you may need to buy an adaptor cable to help your plug in.
          • Set up the Bluetooth connection: If you're using Bluetooth kinds, then just make sure your device is turned on near your iPad and pairing with it.

          How to use it for an interview with a dual-channel type?

          Interview mode supports iPad wireless microphone that is connected through a 3.5mm headphone/microphone connection. These mics often need to be linked with a Lightning-to-3.5mm converter for iPhone or a USB-C-to-3.5mm adaptor because the majority of iPhone and iPad models lack a headphone port for iPad Pro. The interview settings page will then provide a option.


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