The most effective technique to raise the caliber of the sound your phone records is to use an external mic. Therefore, you must spend money on the microphone for phone recording if you're serious about making your movies and voice recordings top-notch audio. Today’s blog will tell you why you need a smartphone mic, how to choose one, and how to make full use of it.

  • What are smartphone external microphones and what are their advantages?
  • What do you need to consider before picking up a smartphone microphone?
  • How to record great audio with your phone microphone for youtube videos?

Moman G2(A2) microphone for phone recording enables two-person audio for chatting, shooting vloggings with a premium audio

What are smartphone external microphones and what are their advantages?


Everyone knows that today's smartphones have recording capabilities, but the quality is mediocre. To meet the needs of vloggers, tiktokers, and YouTubers who use a mobile phone to record video, the external microphone that can be used for cell phone recording is born. They greatly improve the quality of mobile audio and ensure the look and feel of videos on social media.


1. Compare to the internal mic: Clear and stable audio quality
A few little changes might greatly increase your phone's ability to record high-quality sound. If you have a mobile device in your pocket, you'll always have a reliable video and audio recorder at your disposal. All you need to do is tweak a few settings, download a few carefully chosen add-ons, and invest in your wireless microphone for phone recording. By making audio recordings on your phone, you may store an entire semester's worth of lectures, save an interview, create a podcast for your channel, and greatly improve your home movies.

2.Compare to the USB computer mic: Portable for outdoor shooting

In terms of sound quality alone, generally, the USB desktop mic will be better than the phone type. But the biggest advantage of the latter is its portability. When you need to go out vlogging, or use your phone for outdoor interviews, a microphone for iPhone recording like SYNCO P1L with premium audio is your best choice, which is a small and portable option at an affordable price. That's way better than traveling with a full sound studio. If you are using a PC mic, you will be limited to a small area, which seriously affects the variety of your video content.

What do you need to consider before picking up a smartphone microphone?

Moman wireless lavalier microphone for phone recording enjoys wide applications for party video filming and so on

Portable size and lightweight construction for easy holding and carrying

Our guide features a microphone for cell phone recording of different shapes and sizes; some are better suited for home use, while others can be thrown into a bag, or even kept in your pocket for recording on the go.

Features like microphone sensitivity determine the audio quality

It can be made up of many aspects, including latency, the sensitivity of high or low, polar pattern of directional, omnidirectional, or cardioid, the frequency response of a wide range or a narrow one, and so on. These features are the key to determining whether the microphone is good or not and whether it meets your needs

The type of mic is closely related to the type of video you have

For certain situations, a different microphone for phone recording is most appropriate. A lavalier type, for example, is extremely compact and used by those who want to capture audio while filming videos. Because of this, is a fantastic option for vloggers. A condenser one, on the other hand, is better for recording voices, making it a better choice for musicians. The shotgun type is excellent for interviews since it is extremely directed.

Interface decides whether it is compatible with your phone

The most convenient way to attach a microphone to your device is through its USB-C or Lightning connector because the majority of smartphone manufacturers have abandoned the use of 3.5mm audio connections. You may accomplish this in one of two ways: either by using mic with a USB-C or Lightning output or by using an interface or adaptor to attach through 3.5mm jack port. Starting with the former, It is relatively easy to use one that has a USB-C or Lightning output.

For example, when you use Moman CP2, which supports both of the two interfaces, being an iPhone mic as well as an external microphone for Android phone, all you have to do is plug its receiver into your smartphone. Bypassing the inbuilt one and providing you with significantly superior audio quality right away, it will be quickly recognized as the default audio device. And now you're ready to speak or record through its dual channel transmitter right away.

How to record great audio with your phone microphone for youtube videos?

Moman G2(A2) phone microphone with dual channel system for youtube vloggings, tiktok video filming

1. Set and test the audio recording microphone for smartphones before you start

When you want to check the results of the end of the day's recording, but found that the sound was not recorded at all, or found that the results are not as good as they should be. It is very small or very large, or every sentence you said occurred a popping sound because of the wrong position of the adjustment. This is a very scary thing. So always remember to set up and test wireless mobile phone microphone in advance, to find out where the problem is at the beginning, and make adjustments to avoid the next mistakes. Of course, you can also choose to buy a headset for real-time monitoring, but this may be a little inconvenient for some of your youtube video recordings, interviews, live streaming, etc.

2. Once the record begins, set aside time before and after speaking

Try to say three, two, and one silently in your mind before you speak after pressing the record button. Also, wait a few seconds before ending the recording. This is because both the microphone and your phone have a certain delay, which can cause some syllables to not be recorded in time. Of course, latency is one of the factors that determine the quality of a microphone for smartphone, the less the better. But if an item is labeled “zero latency”, it doesn't mean you can press the record button and speak at the same time, after all, it takes time for sound to transmit, right? So do not rush, before and after leaving a gap is also convenient for your post-editing.

3. Record continuously rather than in small pieces for a more convenient later editing

When using microphone for iPhone podcasting, some people will say the wrong words or get stuck of nervous. But whenever the slightest mistake occurs, they will turn off and start over in chagrin, which is not a good habit. After recording, your phone will be full of little cuts, and you'll still need to click through them one by one to find the one you need. Even if you delete it while recording, it's still very time-consuming. So why not try to keep talking with the microphone for phone recording, if you make a mistake, just count down three seconds and start again, so that it's easier for you when you put a long and complete track on the editor.

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