External power source enjoys broad applications like outdoor photo shooting, professional filmmaking, and on-the-go broadcasting. Here’s a guide for users of small v mount battery, listing four mistakes people are likely to make around how to use it properly.

  • Buy compact v mount power supply that can't satisfy your devices
  • Underestimate the importance of battery accessories
  • Store and charge your small v mount battery in a wrong way
  • Keep using a dangerous dying v-lock battery
Moman v mount small battery Power 99, 99S, 140 all have diverse output port for offering fast and stable charges for high-end items at the same time.

    1. Buy compact v mount power supply that can't satisfy your devices

    Inappropriate interfaces on the mini v-mount battery are wasted

    When you don't get ready in advance with what ports your devices have, what charging ports you need for the compact v mount battery you want to buy, how many they are, and what is the maximum voltage and current, you might get the wrong helper for yourself.

    For example, the Moman Power 99S is designed to have one more d-tap slot, one less USB-A, and one more USB-C than the Power 99, then you can charge one more camera with the d-tap interface and one more USB-C device, such as the LED studio lighting setup for video, or the wireless microphone for phone recording.

    If you don't have a device that uses USB-A, then the two such slots on the Power 99 would be set aside. This is not to say that you are not utilizing the small v lock battery as much as you should, but if there is a better option, it is recommended that you buy one that is more closely aligned with your device's input quantity and type needs.

    Low capacity hardly supports the high output you want

    It is an annoying thing to buy one that does not meet your needs, there are some types its capacity can not be said to be low, but can call “inadequate”. When you go out for a long shooting activity, it can not fully support the whole recording activity, in a rather awkward situation. It's not that you can't use it, but it's a bit redundant to take it out specifically. In a word, it is necessary to grasp the right capacity range.

    It is good to have one like Moman Power 140 best mini v-mount battery for camera with 140Wh capacity. It can give a few hours of shooting activities to provide power, in addition to just being stuck in some airline regulations of battery carrying within the boundaries of 150Wh. It is designed specifically for high-drain photography devices like bmpcc cameras, studio lights, monitors, and other small yet necessary items.

    Photographers can mount the v-lock battery on their cameras with a compatible mini v mount plate like Moman VBP.

    2. Underestimate the importance of accessories

    Some people have a strange point of view, spare themselves to buy an expensive, premium, and pocket v mount battery for led lights suchlike high-end products, but can't be bothered with good battery accessories, thinking that everything will be fine once they buy a good power source and have no worries about the rear. And this is not the right idea. These two should be a complementary and inseparable relationships. Just like a warrior has to have the right armor and sword, he can go forward and kill the enemy.

    So what are the integral accessories? V-lock plate, charging cable and charger, or more. In fact, there’s not much and will not cost you a lot. If you have the budget, you can also buy a better quality or more functional one. For example, the Moman VBP mini v mount battery plate is not only a holder for mounting but also can be used for charging with the output port on it.

    3. Store and charge your small v mount battery in a wrong way

    Moman 140 lightweight battery with v mount has a compact size yet features strong capacity of 140Wh. It supplys power for your cameras, monitors, studio lights.

    Avoid storing v mount lithium batteries in improper temperatures

    Most distributors of 14.8v type power supplies like Power 99 keep their stock of lightweight v mount battery at or near 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Electrolytes inside it will activate if the temperature falls much below 60 degrees, which may cause your battery to charge more slowly and die more quickly. On the other hand, excessive heat during storage speeds up the degeneration of the battery's cells, reducing its lifespan and charge capacity.

    Always keep it charged to the proper level before long time storage

    Battery charge is crucial when it comes to storing lithium-ion type. Yours is only safe to store fully charged if you are doing so on a daily basis or for a short period of time. They need to be charged 40% at all other times. The protection circuit of the small v mount batteries for bmpcc, like Moman Power 99, 99 Pro, and 99S, will remain functional and stable if you maintain them charged to 40%.

    Avoid charging mini v-mount batteries excessively or insufficiently

    A lithium-ion battery that has been overcharged may start to lose stability more quickly. They should last two to three years or roughly 300-500 charges, but if batteries are overcharged, the lifespan of compact size v mount batteries for bmpcc 4k will be significantly shortened. A 14.8v lithium-ion battery can potentially be problematic if it is totally discharged because it will put stress on it. They don't contain memories, in contrast to other professional ones. This means that if it is charged gradually and often, it will last considerably longer and continue to operate at its maximum capacity.

    4. Keep using a dangerous dying battery

    Small v-mount batteries for bmpcc 4k, 6k, 8k are hot sale product in Moman. Power 99 and 140 are professional and function for charging your gears and items.

    There're signs of broken small v-lock power sources

    Inspect your compact v mount battery and you can tell whether it is good or not. The majority of the time, an overcharged power source will have a bulge in the casing even though it is still functional. Mishandling frequently results in other symptoms including actual case openings. The one with holes splits, or cracks should be marked as dangerous to use for safety reasons even if they won't make it cease operating.

    What would happen if we use an unhealthy v battery?

    Camera internal batteries such as LP-E6 or npf once there’s a leak or breakage occurs, spilled liquid or swollen up housing may contaminate or damage the inside of the cameras. Small external battery pack with v-mount though less likely to this way, but if it is left sitting around for a long time while being severely depleted, drained, or uncharged, its interior could become unhealthy and extremely dangerous. Terminals that are dangerously broken or loose might result in a short circuit. There would be some sign of melting or burning if a short did happen. A short circuit results in an instantaneous discharge of all power. This generates a lot of heat and can occasionally even cause the battery to blow up.


    Fully grasping the understanding of the small v mount battery takes time, before this first know the mistakes you are likely to make and avoid unneeded expenditure and prevent unnecessary damage to the battery in the process of use. Hope you can do a better job of conducting easy, happy, and safe charging activities after reading this blog

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