Which type of video camera battery are photographers using for their work these days? Film recording, live broadcasting, wedding video shooting, these on-the-go activities require huge amounts of electricity and the power supply we choose becomes important. This blog will introduce in four parts below and hope that you can find the answer.

  • Quick overview of video camera battery types
  • Are external batteries necessary for your video recording?
  • Moman v-mounts: Video camera battery for sale
  • Four steps to choose an ideal video camera battery
Moman v-mount battery can be a perfect choice of your video camera power source option. It's compact yet strong enough for supporting your recording for hours or more.

    Quick overview of video camera battery types

    What batteries do DSLR, Bmpcc, mirrorless, and other kinds of video cameras use? Today we are divided into two categories, original built-in ones, and external power sources, briefly explain.

    Original internal batteries

    Today many modern types have abandoned the old, unsustainable, and environmentally unfriendly disposable AA or AAA lithium kinds in favor of lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged multiple times. The latter has good stability and can be safely and consistently charged and recharged multiple times. Internal ones for outdoor video camera battery operated are not all created equal. Because they are constructed using identical ideas, many of them have the same shape. They can be swapped out for those sold by different brands. Just confirm that they are compatible once more.

    Backup external batteries

    In recent years, external power sources such as v-lock video batteries and gold-mount have gradually changed from a Plan B option to an indispensable necessity. Many photographers will complain that their camera cells are dying so fast. What’s worse, the third-party batteries on the market today vary in quality, it is difficult to buy the right and durable one. So v mount battery such as compact and portable type with compatible charging ports has become the first choice among all options the digital video camera battery. They usually have hundreds or even thousands of recharge cycles, simply made for all kinds of high-drain items.

    Moman Power 99 can mount on the mirrorless cameras firmly and safely. It's lightweight and only costs little burden for your arms or shoulders.

    Are external batteries necessary for your video recording?

    Do we need to buy a v-mount camera battery many photographers are using? This is not related to the starter or not, it only depends on your specific needs, which means whether your actual shooting will encounter a lack of power situation frequently. We certainly recommend that you always have a piece, after all, its price is affordable and it allows for a more reliable and smooth recording. And the compatible accessories like video camera battery charger and cable will not take you too much. Here are two main reasons why you might need it.

    1. It helps you extend your shooting hours

    The original inbuilt battery can provide you with several hours of shooting if you have an small v lock battery with extra high-capacity, high-voltage, high-energy density, then your photography work will be extended for several more hours or even a whole day. It's annoying to be interrupted by a lack of power in your camera, but if you're indoors, you can still look for wall power slots to replenish, which is frustrating, but at least you'll be able to resume your work after a while. If you are shooting outdoors, such as product photography, wedding video recording, online news broadcasting, and so on these situations, you can not quickly find a place to charge, and re-fold back indoors is not practical. After all, many of these shots are not possible to call off at any time. And an external battery like a d-tap video camera battery with v mount is a good option.

    2. It not only charges your camera but also your photography setup

    When you buy a v mount battery, you are not just buying mobile power for your cameras, but also your whole shooting rigs, including studio LED lights, panel lights, monitors, transmission systems, and more. The camera and camcorder are the main protagonists of the shooting team, they stop, shooting will not go on. But don't forget that other helpers are also important, they largely determine the quality of your final photos and videos. Not only that, but it can also be used to charge your cell phone, tablet, computer, or even podcast microphone for iPhone suchlike tiny items as well, as long as there is a corresponding charging interface.

    Moman v-mounts: Video camera battery for sale

    Moman Power 99, 99S, 140 comparison

    Power 99 – Compact and budget

    This one is the featured battery product at Momanx. Bringing this powerful compact power supply home costs you only US$139. It comes with a small size, 14.4V voltage, and 99Wh capacity. As a basic model type, Moman Power 99 has a d-tap and BP port for camera charging, which is sufficient for most people.

    Power 99S – Diverse new interfaces

    Moman Power 99S is an innovation based on 99, they have the same capacity and video camera battery life of 3000 cycles, but the maximum power output of 99S is 190W and its max. the current output is 13A. If you have doubts about these specifications, you can refer to other articles about v-mount batteries at Moman. The biggest innovation is that the 99S has one less USB-A, but one more USB-C slot, which can be used for more devices. After all, there are now many items that utilize Type-C charging. In addition, it also supports USB-C charging input.

    Power 140 – High capacity and long life

    It is the newest Moman battery and has the largest capacity of 140Wh and the most output interfaces. Moman Power 140 is yet small, but it is larger and heavier than the previous two models. it measures 105.0mm*79.6mm*55.5mm and weighs 0.713kg. If you are strict or sensitive about size and weight, it is recommended that you choose a lighter one like the 99 or 99S.

    Four steps to choose an ideal video camera battery

    Moman v mount video batteries for cameras all for sale at an affordable budget price with high quality. They are perfect for charging photography gears and rigs.
    • List out every device of your setup that has fast power consumption and requires replenishment during an on-the-go.
    • As shown regularly, make a table of the power, voltage, and ampere draws. Sort it whatever you like, from high to low.
    • Write down the type of power connectors each device uses, such as a DC jack, an XLR or d-tap input, a USB, or a BP port.
    • Find out how many devices the battery systems you are considering can support by looking at them.
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