As in any vlog production, the audio plays a significant role in how well the video turns out. Many videographers and vloggers are fully aware of the value of it and purchase good external microphones to achieve high-quality sound. This blog will introduce four different kinds of microphone for vlogging, and tell you tips for having better audio as below.

  • SYNCO P1L: Clip-on microphone is good for vlogging outdoors or for sporting uses
  • Moman CP2: 2.4GHz dual channel lavalier microphone for vlogging is available for multiple speakers
  • Moman EM1: Cardioid USB microphone is perfect for youtube vocal and ASMR vlogs
  • SYNCO D30: Shotgun mic for vlogging can be used with cameras like DSLR, Bmppc
  • How do YouTubers have good audio?

SYNCO P1L: Clip-on microphone is good for vlogging outdoors or for sporting uses

SYNCO P1L clip-on microphone is lightweight and budget-friendly, being useful for sports or outdoor vlogging

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Transmission Frequency


Working Distance

492ft/150m(LOS area); 164ft/50m(NLOS area).

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz

Sensitivity of Transmitter


Pros: Inbuilt DSP smart chip, lightweight and mini construction, and friendly budget make P1L a perfect option.

The SYNCO P1L is a vlogger wireless microphone for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and others. It can remove low-frequency background noise and authentically and accurately reproduce high-quality voices. With the clever DSP chip and Syncoder 3.0 tech, it can collect steady and clear audio up to 150 meters away. Additionally, it is an omnidirectional and lightweight mini lavalier mic that clips to your garment. Entertainers, dancers, yoga teachers, and fitness instructors utilize them for video recording and live-streaming. They come in both high and affordable price levels.

Cons: With only one transmission, it might not be able to support a multi-person vlog.

SYNCO P1L only works with devices that have a lightning port as a type of microphone for vlogging with iPhone. But many cameras currently available on the market, such as the DSLR and Bmpcc series, don't have this kind of interface on the body. So while it's possible to use the adapter for conversion, it's still inconvenient. In addition, it is equipped with only one transmitter, which is enough for recording a one-person vlog, but there will be some trouble in the case of multi-people vlogging and taking at the same time, so it is suggested that you can still choose to buy a dual channel wireless microphone.

Moman CP2: 2.4GHz dual channel lavalier microphone for vlogging is available for multiple speakers

Multiple speakers can use the Moman CP2 2.4GHz wireless lav microphone for YouTube vlogging

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Transmission Frequency


Transmission Distance


Frequency Response:

20 Hz to 20 kHz



Pros: 2.4GHz wireless system, dual-channel record supporting, plug & play design, etc., all these features help to quickly start a happy vlogging.

In addition to being excellent at communicating with other microphones and self-coordinating, Moman CP2 with 2.4GHz frequency can sniff out where occupied frequencies are and are not due to the predictable locations of WiFi channels. Furthermore, it supports a dual-channel record with the two TX transmitters, being perfect for 2 speakers recording at the same time. If you are a vlogger whose YouTube channels are couples vlogs or street interviews-themed videos, Moman CP2 is surely what you need. This style of wireless lapel mic for vlogging is less sensitive to the crosstalk errors that affect multi-channel UHF FM systems since 2.4 GHz chips do not utilize FM modulation.

Moman CP2 has plugs of lightning, Type-C and USB, supporting kinds of devices like mobile phones, PCs, cameras, etc.

Cons: Thanks to its wide applications and premium performance, CP2 has a few drawbacks.

If you were to ask what's the disadvantages of the CP2 , I wouldn't be able to say anything. Whether it can provide stable and secure transmission and high-quality sound performance, its reassuring fast charging mode through the matched power-supplying case, its two-channel wireless system that meets most people’s budget, or its reasonable and affordable price, CP2 such like microphone for recording video on phone is undoubtedly the best choice for vloggers.

Moman EM1: Cardioid USB microphone is perfect for youtube vocal and ASMR vlogs

Moman EM1 desktop USB microphone with cardioid pattern is ideal for youtube video recording of vocals or ASMR

Sale price: US$22.99

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Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern:


Frequency Response:

20 Hz to 20 kHz


-45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal

Pros: Cardioid polar pattern enables it to pick up sound with higher quality, making it extremely suitable for vocal or ASMR recording.

Cardioid or supercardioid polar pattern microphones are less sensitive to sounds outside the microphone's ideal pick-up area. Background noise can be decreased by using this quality. While the null of the Moman EM1 best budget wireless microphone for vlogging, is 180 degrees off-axis, the null angle shifts as microphones become more directional and focus on the voice from the speaker while eliminating the surrounding noise. Therefore, it is great for video recording like ASMR, which requires ultimate auditory experience.
The majority of YouTubers and vloggers utilize USB mics because they are ideal for any type of video that has to be recorded close to a computer, such as walkthroughs for online games, interviews, music, commentary, and tutorials. Regarding audio quality, this microphone is among the finest.

Cons: The wired design limits its range of allowing speaker’s movements and makes it unsuitable for outdoor vlogs.

Even though the EM1 can be placed on a table using a hot shoe mount, or fixed on a shelf, it is still far less convenient than a wireless lavalier mic when it comes to recording vlogs on the go. Its application scenario is mostly in the home studio video production or live streaming and gaming at the computer desk.

SYNCO D1: Shotgun mic for vlogging can be used with cameras like DSLR, Bmppc

SYNCO D1 shotgun microphone for youtube vlogging is a new arrival with XLR connector and brass construction at Moman store.

Sale price:


Regular price: $199.00



Back Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern:

Hyper Cardioid

Frequency Response:

40Hz – 20,000Hz


-34dB/-32dB±2dB (1dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)

Pros: Featuring a wide frequency response range, inbuilt low-cut filter, and high sensitivity, it can enhance the audio details and produce greater sound.

SYNCO shotgun mics D1 provide for clearer speech pickup whereas it can pick up a lot of wind and ambient noise. Its restricted pickup pattern is one of its main benefits. What’s more, it has a large reach, which is an additional benefit.
The D1 microphone for vlog camera comes with built-in low-cut filters. Most ambient noise has more energy at low frequencies and less at higher ones. A significantly more aggressive high-pass can be utilized for situations where speech intelligibility is more critical than preserving a genuine, full-sounding voice output.

Cons: It can provide professional recording effects comparable to movie level, so for many beginners, it is correspondingly a bit unaffordable.

While the price will be a bit high for many YouTubers who are just learning to record vlogs, the SYNCO camera microphone for vlogging is definitely worth your investment. Another drawback of shotgun microphones is that you need a partner to help you mount them on a boom so that you can physically get closer to the subject. If you're shooting alone and want to record audio coming from other directions, you might want to consider using a Bluetooth mic for vlogging instead.
Shotgun types' restricted pickup patterns, which only pick up audio from directly in front, are amazing at removing a lot of background noise, but they do not function as telephoto zoom lenses do. In other words, a shotgun mic could not start picking up enough audio if your subject is distant from the camera.

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How do YouTubers have good audio?

Except for choosing an external and portable microphone for vlogging, there are also some ways that we need to notice for better audio quality.

SYNCO small shotgun mic for cameras can be used for broadcasting, vlogging, interviewing, and more

A quiet recording environment is necessarily required when taking vlogs

It is preferable to get rid of acoustical noise sources before recording whenever it is feasible. For instance, shutting off a neighboring air conditioner is far simpler than attempting to eliminate the sound during post-production. Minimizing wind noise is crucial while using a vlogging mic for iPhone or Android phones outdoors. Wind noise can cause distortions in microphone preamplifiers that may be difficult to eliminate. Use good wind muffs on your microphones, especially if you're outside.

Keep the right distance between the vocal position and the microphone for vlogging

Reducing the subject's distance from the microphone is the single most effective strategy to increase the speech-to-noise ratio. Imagine a vocalist performing live with their instrument held right at or in their mouth. That extraordinary proximity can drown out strong stage noises.
The lavalier kind of microphone for vlogging is frequently used to record production conversations in noisy locations for the same reason. They are frequently worn closer to the lips than boom-mounted ones because of their collar-clip design, which increases the speech-to-noise ratio.

Youtube sport professionals or dancers can purchase a mini clip-on vlogging microphone for recording, online chatting, live streaming

Editing voice in post-production is considered to be a helpful way for better sound effect

Investing in a good microphone for YouTube vlogging will significantly enhance the sound quality of your YouTube videos compared to using the built-in default microphone. However, it's only the beginning; you should probably still make a few more adjustments when you record your audio. Using editing software, you may increase the loudness or crispness of your audio to get the effects you want. Although you can use Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition is best for changing the sound quality. The maximum dB that your audio can attain in the latter should be capped. You may utilize programs like Final Cut Pro if you don't have a membership to Adobe.


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