Currently, v-mount camera battery has become more and more popular and has been known by the majority for its mighty performance and wide applications. Although it is only palm-sized, it can charge an entire photographic setup including different devices concurrently. In this article, Moman PhotoGears tries to answer 6 frequently asked questions about this mini v-mount battery with focuses on Type, Lifespan and Charging. 

  1. Which type do they belong to, lithium or lithium-ion?
  2. What does a large v mount camera battery generally have?
  3. How long do v mount batteries last?
  4. What devices do they power?
  5. How to charge v-mount batteries on location?
  6. How long do they need to be fully charged?
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Type: Get to know the v-mount camera battery from the inside out

Which type do they belong to, lithium or lithium-ion?

Most of the v-mounts on the market use lithium-ion internal cell packs, which is a combination of several 18650 or 21700 cells and other sizes. Firstly, let's make it clear that lithium and lithium-ion are not the same, the former can only provide single-use, while the latter is rechargeable. So if you searched for a camera lithium battery and bought a product in the search results, don't be too afraid. There is a very small chance that you will buy a v-types that can only be charged once. It is a type of external battery, which is unexpectedly powerful yet compact. Any modern device you care to name, including cellphones, diverse cameras, and studio lighting equipment, may be powered by it.

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What does a large v mount camera battery generally have?

  • Durable shell: In appearance, it is a rectangular small box with the iconic v-lock on the back, as big as or smaller than the palm of your hand. It’s usually made of lightweight materials like plastic or alloy, well-sealed and sturdy, but users should remember to avoid heavy hits anyway.
  • Diverse interfaces: The common configuration of a mobile power bank have three output ports, including a lightning port for IOS phones or tablets, a traditional android type for android phones, and Type-C for devices with the compatible slot. Given that v mount batteries are often used for photography setups including cameras and lights, the output and input ports they often have will vary while there are more of them. The Moman Power 140 bmpcc 4k v-mount battery, for example, has two D-tap slots, one BP, one USB-A, and one USB-C connection, which can meet the needs of many professional photographers.
  • Power display: Some use indicator lights to show the power level. 4-segment LED meters or five-level lights are flashing to show the remaining power. Some use OLED screen displays. And some have both, such as Fxlion Nano One.

Lifespan: A figure affected by the v-mounts themselves and their powered devices

Moman Power 140 v battery can be easily installed on the cameras or camcorders with the compatible plate

How long do v mount batteries last?

Many professionals power Canon camera with v mount batteries and that requires a long-lasting helper. Recharge cycles are so difficult to predict for a battery out in the wild, that most manufacturers err on the conservative side when stating how long they will last, with small v mount batteries generally falling into the range of between 300 and 500 cycles of charge and discharge. But don't be surprised when you hear about the 1000 recharge cycle of the Moman Power 99. With the strong internal core of Panasonic 3200 and grade A cell without memory, this is the quality and height that can be achieved.

What devices do they power?

First, we should have an idea about "amps" in v mount camera batteries. This is the key of its output. It means "amperes" and refers to the amount of electricity that "flows" per second. Current flowing through the gadget per second increases as the number of amps increases.

Electrical equipment typically operates on a set voltage, but the number of amps it consumes might change depending on, for instance, where your trolling engine is located. Between the v-mount and d-tap on the side, power-hungry equipment may draw up to 12 amps.

Then, some people will ask what cameras use v-mount batteries. some will say the type with the appropriate plug, some will say the type with a v mount. But the answer to this question is "Almost all cameras are suitable". This is where the wide application of v shape batteries lies. Their sizes, which also means its output, or capacity, not only determines how much they can do, but also how much they can br carried in yout journey. For tiny video gadgets, charging phones, and on-set mobile devices, a USB output is included. 

We must know that some airlines have requirements for flying with v-mount battery, and we must strictly follow them to avoid accidents.

Charging: Common doubts about charging the v-locks

Moman Power 99 offers a stable and secure output for studio LED lights kit

How to charge v-mount batteries on location?

Get a v mount battery kit that is suitable for your photography rig and shooting habbit is essential, since there are various types of chargers on the market for you to choose from. Whether a one-hole electric pole or multi-hole cinema camera v mount battery holder all depends on how many batteries you have and use at one photographic shooting mission. The latter may support several batteries being charged simultaneously and has a handle for easy carrying. But this is not suitable for the situation of a single-battery owner.

How long do they need to be fully charged?

To charge the exhausted v mount lithium-ion battery, connect the charger to both the mains power and the battery's D-Tap connection. When it is charging, when it has finished charging, or if there is a problem during charging, an LED status indicator will let you know. So how long do v lock batteries take to charge? At its standard charging rate, this portable charger will fully charge a 100Wh battery in around 3 hours.

Conclusion: It’s smart for any photographer to have a better understanding of the v battery

Moman v lock batteries can used for charging mobile phones, tablets, DSLRs, bmpcc 4k cameras, and more

Learning about the v-mount camera battery is a clever thing to do for any photographer and videographer. This means that when choosing and buying one of them, you will be able to find the product that best suits your shooting habits and the equipment you use. Knowing before you select will save you a lot of time and potentially save you a lot of trouble and budget.

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