Nowadays, more and more experienced photographers and filmmakers choose v battery as their power solution among different types on the markets. So what are its advantages? This blog clears it out in this blog from 4 main parts below.
  • What are v mount batteries and what are they used for?
  • V mount battery vs gold mount
  • V mount vs np-f battery
  • What features does the v battery have?

What are v-mount batteries and what are they used for?

Large capacity batteries are known as v type named after the way they install by v mount or v lock. But they have common features of the large capacity and other parameters and are used for high-end equipment including camera lights, microphones, field monitors, camcorder, and other compatible devices. The mounting method that batteries utilize to connect to them is known as a "v mount."

Should I get a v mount or gold mount?

V-mount and gold-mount are various in the installation methods. V mount camera battery is more compatible to diverse photography devices, while the gold-mounts seem to be more sturdy.

What are the pros and cons of the gold mounts?

Gold mount, which is called the Anton Bauer Mount as well, is frequently employed in American movies. Because of it has sturdy construction and reliable performance as the v mount video battery does. It is unquestionably a sort of practical power bank for many photographic missions.

Due to its lower worldwide prevalence, it is regrettably less flexible than the v mounts. This particular mount type would be more favored in the United States. As a result, the decision would be influenced by where you were. In addition, since most manufacturers install a v-mount in its place, the gold mount might not be immediately compatible with your other accessories, such as monitors and LED lights.

What are the advantages of the v lock cells pack?

V mount battery vs gold mount, it seems like quite a question, both two types have characteristics ideal for extended use and long investment, making them the finest choices for professional work. But the v-mounts may also produce significant power outputs, and they can be dispersed to various devices and adjusted accordingly. For example, Moman Power 99 14.4v lithium ion battery pack may provide the energy needed for the camera, studio lights, and even charging tiny gadgets like mobile phones or wireless microphones, as opposed to powering various equipment from diverse power sources.

What’s the best solution when choosing between these two?

Depending on your budget, buying adapters to switch from gold to v mount battery could be a fine choice. The similarities and differences between these two kinds rely on you and how you want to use your battery and devices.

Large capacity v mount battery can be smoothly and firmly install on the photography rig with the compatible v lock plate

V mount vs npf battery, what's the difference?

The NPF battery belongs to the type of built-in battery to plug in the camera's slot, and v-mount battery is an external power source. The former is more mini and portable, while the latter is much more strong for longer shooting works.

Get to know what is NPF battery series first

Note that when you are selecting a NP-F, you’ve better check for the milliamp hour rating on the battery shell to see whether it is your choice. They are reguraly ranked from 330 to 990, including ten styles. The bigger number, the bigger size and higher capacity, which is unlike the v mount battery. The 550, 750, and 770 are the most usual types that can work with the DSLR camera, monitors, and pretty much anything else. However, they have a wide range of solutions for a variety of purposes.

The NP-F batteries have their merits for being versatile and budget

The NP-F have their adaptability and is on a great budget. When deciding which one to buy, you should primarily pay attention to the size and capacity, which are indicated by the number at the end. As they are available in sizes in a wide range, some are excellent all-ground ones being compact and lightweight, like the 550 and 770, and the 970 is the most widely used size but heavier.

If you have enough budget, I'd advise purchasing a few of each at once so you can be ready for a variety of shooting scenarios. But after all, it’s inconvenient compared to buying one piece of high-capacity v-lock batteries, right? For instance, you'll want to pack batteries with the largest possible capacity if you're shooting in a remote area without access to electricity so you won’y run out of power before the ammunition goes exhausted. The one with less capacity, on the other hand, will have a smaller profile and enable you to travel light, so they are a better choice if you want to make your setup as compact as possible.

So which is better, np-f or v-mount?

While there’s up to 140Wh capacity like the Moman Power 140 as a 16.8 v battery of strong output, even the biggest NPF-1000 now available on the market couldn’t surpass most v mount batteries. NP-F series is much strong than the NP-FW series, which the former is 2-4 times larger than the latter. But when comparing to v mount, there is simply no comparison.

Moman v battery Power 99 grey supports power supply for kinds of shooting devices like cameras, wireless transmissions, etc.

What features does the v battery have?

They are simple to use, featuring strong power and safe protection system.

An easy and smooth setting is a good beginning to a shooting activity.

Simply slide the v-mount male connection on the back of the battery into the plate's slot to attach the v-mount battery to the camera. Because of the straightforward sliding mechanism, connection and disengagement are considerably simpler than with the gold mount.

High capacity and density make it worth your investment and trust

V-mount camera battery packed with inbuilt rechargeable is ultra-mighty for high-drain devices like studio light with strong lumen output. And it can support several pieces of equipment at the same time, playing a strong backup role in a photography rig. Some people may wonder why the v mount battery is so expensive, and that’s the reason.

An inbuilt protection system provides a great sense of security

Utilizing powerful power sources carries several hazards, including over-voltage, overheating problems, and over-current, which can harm the electronics and the battery, and bring you into great danger. Built-in protective circuitry is present in these professional batteries to guard against such failures. Like the Moman Power 99S 14.8 volt battery can provide high-performance stability due to the protection system design.

V lock external battery pack is of compact construction, being your travel-friendly helper on the jouney of filming


This article is only based on some people's preferences, offering specific application scenarios analysis and comparison. The type of battery you want to buy depends on your personal needs. Afterall, you can just but v mount battery adapter or other plates to suit your needs. Whatever you decide, be sure to take into account every other aspect as well. These aspects range from the capacity of the battery you require, the accessories needed, and travel rules on battery carriage.

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