There's always a place for new, inventive video content, even in a society overrun with millionaire vloggers on YouTube and such online platforms. Some equipment is essential if you have the intention of running your story seriously. This article will show you how to build your kit from the vlogging mic for iPhone.
  • Do I need a mic to vlog with iPhone?
  • Three things to do when choosing the best vlogging mic for iPhone
  • What accessories must you have to build a mobile vlogging setup?
SYNCO P1L vlogging microphone for iPhone is ideal for two person stereo recording.

(Image Source: SYNCO)

Do I need a mic to vlog with iPhone?

Yes, a vlog needs clear and rich audio in addition to amazing videos and fascinating topics. And the external vlogging mic, which provides high-quality sound and convenient operation, could help you attract a sizable audience.

Three pros to buying a vlogging mic for smartphone

  • It offers better sound quality and suppresses the background noise

The difference in audio quality is audibly audible using an external mic. Although the iPhone's built-in one is acceptable, you should have an external microphone if you frequently record your podcast on it. Without it, background noise, wind, and other ambient sounds are likely to blow out or severely affect your audio.

  • It’s of convenient operation for quick start recording

External mic for iPhone vlogging is incredibly portable and simple to operate. As we previously stated, recording on iOS requires no fuss or effort. When using a wireless lapel type like SYNCO P1L, all you need to do is to press the power button, and in less than three seconds they will automatically connect. You then plug the receiver into the cellphone through the corresponding lightning port, then clip the transmitter on your collar, and start recording. Like SYNCO U1L such a shotgun mic for iPhone is even more simple, directly connect it and here you go.

  • It has different styles, low prices, and reliable tech for stable vlogging

Nowadays, the production, manufacturing, and updating of the external mic for mobile devices is a big trend. With the development of short video platforms, people are looking for more and more audio, so the competition in this area will only increase and not decrease. In the market, there are a variety of styles and multiple functions for you to choose from. You can easily get a high-quality and reliable recording tool at a low price.

Three things to do when choosing the best vlogging mic for iPhone

Moman CP2 vlogger microphone for iOS devices has two TXs, one RX, and a wireless quick charging case.

1. Control your budget since a mic doesn't need to cost much

Determine the amount you are willing to spend on your wireless lapel mic for mobile phone. It all depends on what you hope to achieve with your vlog channel and iPhone. An external phone mic is undoubtedly a far less expensive investment than a full-fledged videography setup, making it the ideal choice for those of us who are unsure.

2. Find the right one that is suitable for your vlog type and content

The sort of mic you need will probably depend on how your vlogging system is set up. If you sing or play instruments like guitar or piano, then you need the best mic for musician iPhone vlog that has good frequency range and sensitivity. If you going to be traveling and doing on-site recordings, you need one with the cardioid pick-up pattern to precisely catch your voice and fill the unwanted wind noise or background sound. Or just choose an omnidirectional lav mic with its own noise-canceling function like the Moman CP2, which can also effectively prevent disturbing sound while ensuring clear reception of the speaker's voice. If you are shooting couple vlogs or one-on-one interview vlogs, then you need a dual-channel lightning microphone for iPhone like the SYNCO P2L.

3. Make sure the condenser mic for iPhone is easy to use

A user-friendly external mic is what you desire. Many of the interesting things in life have a certain amount of serendipity and suddenness. If you are not mindful, you may miss the opportunity to record. So it is important to have a microphone that is easy to operate and does not require you to make too many adjustments and settings. The closer you can get to "plug and play," the better.

What accessories must you have to build a mobile vlogging setup?

Use the same tools that are employed in high-quality professional video productions to produce your vlog. Suppose you have a mobile device that can record video. what else do you need when the iPhone is covered?

Using the best mic for iPhone filmmaking Moman CP2 can effectively reduce background noise and wind noise when recording in fields.

1. Microphone for premium audio

Because audio is so crucial, you should attach a external audio input to your mobile device. A lavalier or clip-on lapel type of iPhone mic for vlogging on gimbal will work perfectly if you're filming a talking head vlog. To connect it to the headphone 3.5mm jack port on your device, however, make sure you utilize a TRRS (4-pin) cable. Or, you can attach the vlogging mic for iPhone that is desgined to be have a lightning plug for iOS.

2. Light for better image

Illumination might be more difficult when you first start shooting videos and doing vlogs, especially if you're indoors. Using a phone-mounted light source in an iPhone vlog setup with mic like Moman ML8A-DC, which is compact, budget, and features bi-color effects and large power capacity, would be really helpful. Because it will enhance the image quality and make you look better in the video. After all, most people want to see bright and clear images, not gray, blurry, all-backlit videos.

3. Tripod or for stable shooting

A tripod is a stabilization mount with three legs that makes sure the shot is motionless and steady. A gimbal or stabilizer does the same. When the legs are together, you can hold it in your hand for steady filming, even though there is a vlogging microphone for iPhone wireless and panel light on it. A fluid tripod is required to provide incredibly smooth motions. But hold on! You undoubtedly realized that a tripod and a smartphone cannot be connected. You'll also want a tripod adaptor or this universal tripod adaptor, which is compatible with both smartphones and cameras.

You can use a tripod or gimal to mount your iPhone and the wireless lapel microphone, panel light on it, and start stable recording.

(Image Source: SYNCO)


As we've seen, the major manufacturers are now providing iPhone vlogging kit with microphone, which is inexpensive, clever, and small, and there are many options available for us. We're certain that using a mobile phone for recording will soon become standard practice for all vloggers. You won't regret it to invest in one good mic and build your kit, because the low cost will return the audio quality and the quickly increasing audience.

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