How do motorcyclists communicate with each other? When you're riding on the road, you shouldn't pull out your cell phone at any time for safety reasons, and it's hard to hear what the other person is saying because of the loud wind and engine noise. This article will cover four basic FAQs centered around motorcycle helmet communication.
  • What is a motorcycle helmet communication system?
  • How do motorcycle helmet communications work?
  • How to choose a suitable motorcycle helmet communication?
  • How to install an intercom on your motorbike helmet?

What is a motorcycle helmet communication system?

It usually means the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom like the Moman H-series that enables riders to talk to each other. Communicating can happen in two ways or multiple riders. It should have a microphone with excellent sound isolation for you to hear your voice and your teammates' voice instead of the wind noise and engine sound. And this usually is a boom mic type that is appropriate with your intercom and helmet. Also, it contains strong speakers with no distortion, compact internal battery units, and ear cups that come with it.

How do motorcycle helmet communications work?

Motorcycle helmet two way communication operates via Bluetooth and, in certain versions, a proprietary mesh technology. Similar to pairing any Bluetooth device, pairing your communicator with your phone will enable you to make and receive calls, listen to music, and receive turn-by-turn instructions. In terms of helmet-helmet communication, the pairing process may need a few more steps, but the result is that under ideal circumstances, you can communicate with other riders at a distance that is close to a half-mile. Pairing amongst communicators of the same brand is often significantly simpler, clearer, and across a greater distance thanks to the new mesh technology.

How to choose a suitable motorcycle helmet communication?

Wired vs wireless motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communication, which is better? Because they don't get in the way and are far more comfortable to use while riding, the wireless ones are much more popular than cable ones. While riding, wired intercoms that link the driver and passenger can also be easily torn out or broken, and the distraction could be dangerous.

Although wired intercoms are impervious to wireless interference, technical advancements in wireless connectivity have greatly reduced the importance of this advantage, and the majority of wireless intercom systems utilize technology that almost eliminates interference.

How to install an intercom on your motorbike helmet?

Here we list a few steps of mounting an off road motorcycle helmet communication.

  • Remove the cheek pads, headliner, and inside comfort lining.
  • Sticky pads will be provided with the speakers so you can attach them in the slots on the side of the helmet. If your helmet is very tight, the speakers may eventually press against your ears, which can be unpleasant. If there are no speaker slots, then position the speakers where your ears would be in the helmet. Usually, the liner will eliminate any discomfort.
  • The chin bar's front or side will need to have adhesive pads attached to secure the microphone in place.
  • Carefully begin to reinstall the liner, tucking the cables inside and out of the way. Make sure to allow enough room for the Bluetooth unit's connection to be plugged in on the side you want it to be on.
  • The wireless motorcycle communicators may be mounted in a number of various ways, including using adhesive pads once more or a bracket that slides up between the outer and inner shells. Once in position, this bracket will act as the unit's mounting point.
Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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