As an autocue prompter with a scrolling script, an iPhone teleprompter is a helpful tool to make your recording and live streaming more fluent. Nowadays, some people download free Apps, and others buy an actual device. Today’s blog will list the features of each of them for helping you to make the right choice.

  • What can an teleprompter App do and what are its pros and cons?
  • What does an iPhone teleprompter look like and why choose an actual device?
  • In conclusion, device vs App of autocue, which is better?
Moman MT12 large teleprompter can use iPhone and iPad as the prompter device. It provide a wide reading range for comfortable speaking while video recording.

    What can an teleprompter App do and what are its pros and cons?

    An iPhone teleprompter App is a kind of software displaying scrolling scripts that helps speakers deliver presentations. What can these Apps usually do? Let’s take Moman Prompter APP as an example, which you can download for free for having text display and projecting for Moman professional teleprompters. It features versatile text management, including editing size, color, and adjusting scrolling speed, etc. It also supports inserting picture format, text files, and countdown play. Originally it was used to turn your mobile device into a monitor for content to the glass on your teleprompter device, But you can also download it to use your iPhone as a teleprompter

    Advantages: It is more budget, convenient, and travel-friendly to use

    • Budget or even free: A professional device will cost you a bit. Thankfully, your smartphone can be used as a teleprompter. Simply download one of the Apps on your smartphone, and in a matter of minutes, you'll have a teleprompter that is almost on par with those used by professionals.
    • Convenient and travel-friendly: To use the real device, you need to mount it on a tripod or suitable stand, then mount the camera behind it and adjust the angle of the shroud and mirror. Then you need to put the debugged monitor on the clamp. And using a phone App as a teleprompter for iPad and iPhone can skip a lot of steps. When you need to go out to shoot, you will be able to save a lot of trouble packing and carrying.
    Moman Prompter App is a cutomized teleprompter App. It supports iPhone and Android mobile phones using.

      Disadvantages: It seems less natural, and is limited in functions and usage scenarios

      • Unnatural eye contact: Utilizing an app could come to seem as unprofessional. Your reliability and audience connection may suffer if it seems like you are reading your speech rather than expressing it from the inside out.
      • Limited Applications: Not all talks or events are appropriate for a promting iPhone App. Using it might reduce spontaneity. Simply accepting questions or giving a complete speech impromptu is a valuable skill in and of itself. Also, it cannot be used for live speeches like a presidential teleprompter or floor type.

        What does an iPhone teleprompter look like and why choose an actual device?

        A teleprompter for iPhone filming of real products is made of a shroud for blocking light from the side, a beam splitter glass for reflecting, and a monitor for projecting text on the mirror for speakers to read. When using iPhone as the shooting device or the monitor, it is called an iPhone teleprompter. It is compact yet versatile.

        Moman small teleprompter for iPhone MT1 is compatible for kinds of cameras, thanks to the lens adapters included in the package. They are versatile and portable for podcasting, online meeting, etc.

        It is more professional, complete, and versatile than a single App

        Another advantage of using an iPhone video teleprompter is the professionalism your audience perceives due to your delivery's correctness and smoothness. You come out as assured, and you make a point of everything. Additionally, if they are aware that you are utilizing an assistant tool, at least it shows them that you are serious about your presentation and are prepared to give it successfully.

        It is more compatible with diverse recording devices and applications

        Like stated above, there are so few scenarios that a mobile app can apply to. It can't support live public speaking on stage, in front of the public. But with a real device, like Moman MT2 portable teleprompter for iPhone, you can be used with cameras, phones, camcorders, or even a tablet for recording, live streaming, broadcasting, online class, and so on. The number of devices it can adapt to and the number of scenarios it can be used in are greatly increased.

        You can build up an iPhone teleprompter kit for great video effects

        Unlike a simple cell phone, some teleprompters come with brackets and screws for mounting camera equipment such as panel LED light, microphones, wireless transmission, v mount batteries, and other equipment. This whole set together The combination of all these makes a complete and iPhone teleprompter system that can promote the quality of your videos.

        Moman MT2 is video conference teleprompter that uses iPhone suchlike smartphone as prompter devices. It is packed with a handheld grip for on-the-go recording.

        In conclusion, device vs App of autocue, which is better?

        Both prompting equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the one that suits you according to your needs. Here we'll break it down into two categories and talk about the more appropriate choices for each of them.

        For vocational Youtubers, podcasters, and presenters, buy an iPhone teleprompter

        Using a teleprompter when filming films or making speeches and presentations makes it simple to read the script. They are adapted to better photographic equipment and recording equipment. Because of the frequency of use, there is a greater need for more fully featured professional tools. Using an actual product fills in the gaps that are created by cell phone prompting better than a simple app.

        For infrequent recording and live streaming, get a free App

        If you occasionally need to record a small video on YouTube or Tiktok need to make a presentation in an online class, or need to make a simple product introduction in a Zoom meeting, host a meeting, etc., you can download a free App to deal with this kind of unofficial and occasional situation. They usually don't require too much of the overall state presented by the speaker and are good enough for your needs.


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