The best motorcycle communicator enables riders and passengers to converse while driving. With the intercom or headset mounted on your helmet, you can enjoy your adventure more safely and conveniently. In this blog, we will introduce four top picks for sale at Moman PhotoGears, and show you how to get the ideal one for your better riding experience.

  • Best motorcycle communicators: Moman H1 and H3 intercoms
  • Best budget motorcycle communication headsets: Moman H4 and H4 Plus
  • Three steps to get the top helmet communicator for your rides
  • Four frequently asked questions about rider communication devices for motorcycling

    Moman H2 is a Bluetooth communicator that supports two-way real-time speaking. It is ideal for riding, skiing, climbing, skydiving, and other activities.

    Best motorcycle communicators: Moman H1 and H3 intercoms

    Before upgrading to a more expensive, high-end communicator, you must become accustomed to a more inexpensive and conventional intercom. We recommend you two best budget intercoms that you can buy at the Moman PhotoGears Store, which are the Moman H1 and H3.

    Moman H1 2 way motorcycle communication

    Best motorcycle intercom with great audio quality!

    Moman H1 best motorcycle helmet intercom features robust and waterproof materials. It has a work time of 32 hours and transmission range of 500 meters.

    Moman H1 is a versatile two-way helmet intercom offers a clear audio output thanks to the CVC noise reduction. The speaker will seem to be right next to you when using a professional noise reduction chip, and audio clarity can match that of a Hi-Fi stereo. And it is ideal for motorcycle trips, skiing, climbing, skydiving, and other supports that need hands-free conversation. It has a transmission range of up to 500m. 


    • A tested three-button style that is suitable for gloves
    • Constant work time of 32 hours and type-C quick charging
    • IP67 waterproof for extreme weather during riding and biking
    • Handsfree control of AI voice assistant access in your phone


    • The communication distance between devices is only 500 meters, which is not friendly to riding partners with too much gap between

    Buying options: Single pack at US$35.99 or 2-rider kit at US$64.99

    Given that the Moman H1 supports two-way communication, it comes in single-pack and two-pack options. If you buy one alone, then you can enjoy music while riding alone. If you buy a pair, then you can share the joy with your rider partner or backseat friend. Notice that buying a pair is more affordable.

    Moman H3 best intercom system for group rides

    Best wireless motorcycle communicator for up to 6 riders!

    Moman H3 Bluetooth helmet communication for group rides can pair 6 pieces of intercoms at one time. It has a simple knob control for gloves using.

    Moman H3 is a long range motorcycle intercom, supporting real-time contact within 2000 meters. You can pair six pieces of H3 devices for riding and racing in groups. It features a continuous working time of 30 hours, and it can be charged by the quick charging Type-C. You can use Moman H3 for hands-free calling, music streaming, listening to FM radio stations, etc.


    • The long sharing distance of 2000 meters
    • 6 pieces of intercoms could be paired for speaking in groups
    • A special knob control design that is sleek and glove-friendly
    • One-press connection and excellent sound quality


    • Transmission over too long a distance may affect the stability and clarity of sound communication

    Buying options: Single pack at a budget price of US$69.99 (Regular US$89.99)

    Right now the Moman H3 only has the single pack option for you to choose from, but with a whopping 22% discount. Also, it comes in three color choices gold, blue, and red.

    Best budget motorcycle communciation headsets: Moman H4 and H4 Plus

    Not only is the intercom a type of communicator, but a wireless helmet headset is also a popular choice. Most of them don't support wireless connection and conversation between devices, but they can attach to your smartphone, allowing you to use the features on your mobile comfortably and securely.

    Moman H4 best motorcycle headset for half helmet

    Best budget Bluetooth earphones compatible with various types of helmets!

    Moman H4 wireless earphones is made for helmets of cyclists. It is compact and lightweight, featuing buttons for easy operation during riding.

    Moman H4 is the best motorcycle communication for half helmets. It also works with other kinds of helmets with removable velcro clips, like modular, full-face, motocross helmets, and so on. It has a special feature that is to wirelessly connect with Moman H1 intercom, and have communication directly. The wireless headset with Bluetooth 5.0 can connect to both iOS and Android systems for calls, GPS, and music.


    • Universal compatibility with half helmets and other types
    • 5 hours of continual use after 2h full charge
    • Convenient, secure, and comfortable mounting on a helmet
    • Work with iPhones and Android phones, and pair two phones at one time


    • Five hours of use may not be enough for some riders, and two hours of charging time is too long
    • May be bothered by wind noise

    Buying options: One set at US$25.99 with charging cable, clips, and velcros

    The Moman H4 motorcycle headset is for sale in one set, including the product itself, and the charging cable and installation clips packed in the package.

    Moman H4 Plus Bluetooth communication system for motorcycles

    Best intercom headset for handsfree using during riding!

    Moman H4 Plus best motorcycle helmet headset can connect with two smartphones for music streaming, phone calls, GPS service.

    Moman H4 Plus is a helmet headset with a voice assistant. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.3 and is of the BT protocol of A2DP and AVRCP. It is able to offer a pure and comfortable sound experience for both music and calls. You can use Moman H4 Plus for hands-free auto-responses to messages from your phones, enhancing the safety of your riding.


    • Two-smartphone Bluetooth stable connection in 20m
    • 40mm Graphene Vibrating Unit for superb sound quality
    • One-click wake-up digital voice assistant ("Hey Siri"/"Hey Google")
    • IPX6 waterproof and dustfree for withstanding rain, snow, and storms


    • Sensitive to wind noise, may inadvertently activate voice control function
    • Not available for half-helmet for bikers

    Buying options: One-pack at a budget price of US$23.99

    Like the H4, the Moman H4 Plus is also for sale in one pack and has no discount price.

    Moman H3 motorcycle communicators can be used with modular, full-face, motocross helmets. It has a 2000-meter sharing distance for communication.

    Three steps to get the top helmet communicator for your rides

    Selecting an ideal communication tool is not an easy thing for a motorcycle rider. We can simplify the choosing process into three steps.

    Step 1: Find out which type of communication system you prefer.There are diverse kinds of comms for you to choose from, including intercoms, headsets, earphones, smart helmets with built-in communicators, and so on.

    Step 2: Decide what functions and designs you want from the motorcycle communicator devices. Five points are listed as follows for reference.

    • Battery life: This determines how long you can talk on the road.
    • Audio quality: Whether the communicator for motorcycle helmets has an effective noise reduction function to resist wind and engine sound, and to ensure the clear transmission of information.
    • Transmission range: How far it supports wireless communication.
    • Helmet compatibility: Whether it can be mounted on your helmet type.
    • Ease of use: Whether it supports voice control, or whether it operates while wearing gloves.

      Step 3: Determine your budget and compare products from the right price range. More expensive models include more benefits that could make your riding more convenient and enjoyable, but most of those features are frequently not as necessary.

      Moman H2 Bluetooth two-way intercoms ensure a clear and stable sound quality. It is designed to have a knob control for simple operation.

      Four frequently asked questions about rider communication deivces for motorcycling

      We've summarized four topics that may be of interest to motorcycle riders.

      1. How does the helmet to helmet communicator work?

      You could already have used Bluetooth on your smartphone for wirelessly connecting your earphones or using an airdrop for sending posts. To send a picture or file to someone else, as an illustration. Rider-to-passenger motorcycle communication with Bluetooth functions similarly. It is as simple as connecting your Bluetooth device with another device or person's Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the most widely used wireless communication method among motorcycle riders.

      2. Is it legal for motorcycle riders to listen to music on the road?

      Yes, it is allowed for riders to listen to music while they are on their bikes and motorcycles. There are several methods to accomplish this that are safer, more dependable, and legal, such as utilizing a motorbike communicator system or a Bluetooth helmet. The use of headphones while driving is not recommended due to potential legal repercussions and safety risks.

      3. Bluetooth vs mesh, What’s the difference between these two motorcycle helmet comms?

      • Bluetooth intercoms: The most popular sort of motorcycle communication system is the Bluetooth intercom. They link to other riders or a phone using BT technology. Depending on the type, they can have a variety of ranges.
      • Mesh intercoms: They link riders over a mesh network. This kind of intercom enables interaction among many riders, even when one is out of range. They frequently cost more than Bluetooth or cable alternatives.

      4. Is motorcycle comms systems from different brand compatible with each other?

      No. Not all helmet intercom systems can communicate with one another, as you can see in this review. Additionally, not all intercoms can be used with every motorcycle helmet, so be sure to thoroughly review the specifications before making a purchase.

      Moman H3 wireless motorcycle communicator is best for bikers and motorcycle riders. It is compact and simple for control with gloves.


      Which helmet-compatible motorcycle communicator is the best? It's one you can buy and use to your satisfaction. It must have the functions you need. Regardless of your riding style, there is always an intercom system here that can satisfy your demands. There are different brands of motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms available.

      Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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