For kinds of activities, which kind of helmet communications is best for you? More than you may imagine, helmet communications devices are capable of. In reality, it opens you up to an almost infinite range of options when linked with an internet-connected cellphone. For motorcycling, biking, and skiing, what are the differences in our emphasis on equipment requirements?
  • 1. Motorcycles Bluetooth device: Moman H1 and H3 with great audio of noise-suppression

  • 2. Bike helmet communication: Moman H4 headset being mountable for half helmet
  • 3. Ski helmet communication: Moman H2 of water-resistant and easy operation
  • Detailed specifications of Moman H-series helmet communications for rides and sports
  • What factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth intercom?
    Moman H2 has a long-run battery life of 20H working time and 300-hour standby time. It enables you to have a relax and reliable riding.

    1. Motorcycles Bluetooth device: Moman H1 and H3 with great audio of noise-suppression

    People buy helmet communications for motorcycles because they want to communicate with their riding buddies clearly and easily. We should only use intercoms that provide true audio quality. They should be able to prevent noise from your bike's engine, the wind, and nearby traffic so that you can hear everything well. Make sure the intercom provides crystal-clear audio even at the fastest rates. Additionally, you must ensure that the device has HD audio speakers with strong bass. These not only improve audio clarity but also make listening to music much more engaging.

    Moman H1 helmet commnucations is of waterproof IP65. It is designed to have a convenient button control for safe riding.

    Moman H1 2-way helmet communication with DSP smart chip for noise-reduction

    Riders may use the Moman H1 to make and receive calls, listen to music, and use GPS all with HD-quality audio. Wind noise isn't a hindrance to incoming or outgoing audio from your phone or other sources thanks to Advanced Noise Control. You may talk on the communication in your motorbike helmet while listening to music, FM radio, or GPS thanks to multitasking technology. The ingenious button control makes changing modes simple.

    Moman H3 provides a stable wireless communication among six riders. It has the DSP noise reduction features, and it uses the advanced Bluetooth version 5.0.

    Moman H3 wireless motorcycle intercom for 6 pieces to be paired

    For motorcyclists who don't want big devices protruding from their helmets, there is the Moman H3, a compact yet fully functional helmet communications kit. You may communicate with up to 5 other cyclists over communication from up to 2000 meters away. Riders may make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, obtain GPS directions, and have full-duplex intercom chats with other riders in crystal-clear sound quality with this low-profile Bluetooth motorcycle communication device.

    2. Bike helmet communication: Moman H4 headset being mountable for half helmet

    Bikes don't have a decibel-heavy engine roar like motorcycles do, and also since the riding speed isn't as high, the wind rushing through the headset isn't as loud accordingly, but it's still a requirement for the audio quality and noise-canceling features of the intercom. But this application requires you to focus on the comfort of the helmet. Is it small enough that it won't put a lot of weight on your ride? Bicycle riding is usually done with a half-face helmet, and some units don't fit on top of such helmets, such as the Moman H1, H2, and H3.

    Moman H4 Bluetooth half helmet headset can connect to your phone and be used in biking, climbing, jumping, and other intense sports.

    Moman H4 Bluetooth headset for half helmet for calls, music, and GPS

    The Moman H4 is not a biker-to-biker intercom, it doesn't support inter-device communication, however it does use Bluetooth technology that allows it to connect to your cell phone or other mobile device so you can use your phone's call answering and GPS functions. Compared to other in-ear headphones, it has the advantage of being able to be securely fastened on top of your bike helmet to provide you with sound quality with noise-canceling features. At the same time, it has many convenient buttons on the extended speaker to ensure your safe riding.

    3. Ski helmet communication: Moman H2 of water-resistant and easy operation

    You can use snowboard helmet communications like Moman H1, H2, and H3 for GPS features. It also can connect to your mobiles for phone calls and music.

    A skiing communication device should be compatible with the helmet as well. Speakers for snowboard helmets should fit without requiring any modifications to the fit. This enables hands-free use of your phone or GPS while you are skiing. In an emergency, you may contact for assistance, communicate with other skiers, and consult a map for directions. Without having to worry about not having access to your phone, you can relax and enjoy the vacation. Without taking your eyes off the path, you may instantly radio for assistance if something goes wrong. If you are in an accident, a helmet simply could save your life. Stay in touch with your loved ones and the police by using Bluetooth ski helmet intercoms. You never know when you might need to request assistance.

    Moman H2 is a bike to bike helmet intercom. It can be used with motorcross, full-face, and kinds of helmet for cycling, skiing, climbing.

    Moman H2 communicator for two-riders talking within 800m

    Moman H2 rider to rider helmet communication is ideal for single riders who wish to connect with their smartphone or have the option of talking to another passenger at a low cost. H2 sports a thin line and elegant knob design for easy operation and an IP65 waterproof feature. It is small and versatile, producing stable and clear sound. The built-in FM radio with RDS for automated selection of the greatest signal enables you to connect to the radio if you'd choose, as well as to be able to stream GPS instructions, music, and phone calls from your phone.

    Detailed specifications of Moman H-series helmet communications for rides and sports

    Currently, Moman has four H-series Bluetooth helmet devices, H1, H2, and H3 are helmet communications for wireless talking, and Moman H4 is a headset with Bluetooth connectivity for cell phones, but does not belong to the type of motorcycle helmet communications headset. Here we will introduce the first three products, which are on Flash Sale and their price is the lowest in July. Now you can buy one get one 50% off.

    Moman H-series motorcycle helmet intercoms include H1, H2, H3. And the H4 is a Bluetooth helmet headset for connecting to your mobile phone.

    Comparison parameter table of Moman H1, H2, and H3

    From the table below we can see that they have different transmission distances, Bluetooth connection distances, battery life, the version of BT technology used, etc. Next, we can see their specific performance.







    Regular price$59.99




    Regular price$89.99

    Bluetooth Version




    Transmission Range

    1500 Meters

    800 Meters

    2000 Meters

    Connection Distance with Mobile

    50 Meters

    20 Meters

    20 Meters





    Working Time

    30 Hours

    20 Hours

    30 Hours

    Standby Time

    500 Hours

    300 Hours

    500 Hours

    Charging Time

    2.5 Hours

    2 Hours

    2 Hours

    Frequency Range





    Being unable to communicate with your partners is one of the main annoyances of motorcycling, biking, skiing, climbing, and other intense sports. How often have you turned around only to discover nobody else was there? In this case, you're left wondering where they went and hoping nobody else needs assistance. This problem causes a cyclist to either double back and risk colliding head-on with another cyclist or merely sit back and wait to see if they catch up. The stress might be greatly reduced with effective communication.

    What functions do Moman H-series wireless helmet communications have?

    • Long-range wireless communication between riders or group members.
    • Utilize your smartphone to listen to music and deal with hands-free phone calls.
    • Receive information from the real-time radio.
    • Configure a GPS on a standalone device or a smartphone to obtain directions in aural form.
    • Use voice control on your mobile device assistants, like Siri, to operate any of the capabilities that are available on your device.
    Moman H1 motorbike helmet communications are a type of Bluetooth wireless devices. The two-rider kit support a two-way speaking within a range of 800 meters.

      What factors to consider when buying a Bluetooth intercom?

      What do you need to look for when choosing an off road helmet communication? Budget, features, battery, ease of operation, wireless range? All of these have been mentioned in previous articles. Today we will do two common comparisons to help you pick the right one communication.

      Single pack or multi-rider kit, which is more suitable for your need?

      How many people make up your riding, skiing, and climbing group? This is a crucial question to ask yourself when you choose the sort of intercom to purchase. As you can see from our assessments of the bike Bluetooth helmet intercom above, most bike communications systems only accommodate 2 or 3 riders at a time. The sophisticated intercoms can support 6 to 8 motorcycles and allow up to five or six riders to converse simultaneously.

      Therefore, we advise that you only choose intercoms that can accommodate the necessary number of links. You should think about how you want to use your race helmet communication before making your selection. A straightforward system that links you to your phone will probably be sufficient if you're a lone wolf that never travels in a pack. If you frequently ride with a group of people, it's usually best to keep things as similar as possible to ensure optimal compatibility.

      Moman compact intercom system for communication during high-speed motorbike races. They provide stable and clean audio for real-time speaking.

      Bluetooth vs mesh, which kind of tech is better?

      Bluetooth is less capable and flexible than Mesh. It offers greater signal power, a longer range, and a longer battery life. The former, however, cost more than the latter. With support for remote control handle EUC, Bluetooth 5.1, and automated call answering, the motocross helmet communication is a cost-effective alternative. Although Bluetooth is less potent than Mesh, it nevertheless provides sufficient capability for cyclists on a budget.

      In conclusion, the decision between the two communication systems is influenced by the user's preferences, available funds, and intended uses. Riders who want to keep connected while driving have two great options: the Mesh and the Bluetooth helmet communications.

      Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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