Motorcycle helmet communication systems refer to Bluetooth devices like intercoms and headsets that support wireless speaking among riders and passengers. Also, they support hands-free music streaming, phone calls, FM radio, GPS navigation, etc., so you can enjoy a happier, safer, and more convenient riding trip. This blog is the ultimate guide to learning about communication systems.
  • What is the best motorcycle helmet communication system?
  • Four benefits to have Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle helmets
  • Five considerations when buying the best motorbike intercom system
  • How do wireless Bluetooth communication systems work?
Moman H2 best motorcycle helmet communication systems support two-rider speaking. It offers high-quality audio for phone calls, music, and so on.

    What is the best motorcycle helmet communication system?

    Based on real applications, we recommend two best rider-to-rider communication systems with budget prices and versatile features under US$100: Moman H2 and Moman H3. One is ideal for two-person riding, and the other is suitable for small group rides of 6 riders.

    Parameter table of motorcycle intercoms Moman H2 and Moman H3


    Moman H2

    Moman H3


    Single Pack: $48.99

    2-Rider Kit: $89.00 Regular$99.00

    2-Rider Kit: $69.99 Regular $89.99

    Transmission Range

    Up to 1000m

    Up to 2000m

    Bluetooth Version



    Communication Channels



    Phone Connection

    20-meter Connecting Distance

    2 Mobiles at One Time

    20-meter Connecting Distance

    2 Mobiles at One Time


    900mA / 20 Hours

    1000mA / 30 Hours

    Charging Time

    Type-C / 2 Hours

    Type-C / 2 Hours

    Frequency Range



    Smart Noise Reduction

    CVC & DSP

    CVC & DSP




    Compatible Helmet Types

    Full-face Helmet, Motocross Helmet,

    Uncover Helmet, Retro Helmet

    Full-face Helmet, Motocross Helmet,

    Uncover Helmet, Retro Helmet


    Here we can see from the form that Moman H2 and H3 are diverse in some parts of the parameters and features. But both of them are reliable communication systems on the road. Click for more intros of motorcycle communicator at Moman.

    Moman H2 Best budget motorbike Bluetooth kit for two-way communicating

    Moman Best two-way motorcycle helmet intercoms is compact and easy to use. It features the knob-design for switching music, FM radios, and changing volume.

    Moman H2 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communication is for sale in single-pack and two-pack kits. It ensures stable and clear audio for real-time communication between two people, and music streaming thanks to the CVC (Clear Voice Capture) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) noise cancellation chip. Instead of the normal button design, Moman H2 features a unique knob control for convenient operations. Even with thick gloves for riding or skiing, you can still pick up calls or switch songs through the jog dial design.

    Moman H3 Best motorcycle helmet intercom systems for group rides

    Moman H3 2000-meter Bluetooth helmet communication for small group rides. It can pair six pieces of intercoms for real-time connection.

    Moman H3 can pair six pieces at one time for group communication within a stunning sharing distance of up to 2,000 meters. It has a larger inbuilt battery of 1000mA and a longer working time of 30 hours compared to Moman H2. Additionally, Moman H3 best wireless intercom communication system also features a smart noise suppression of CVC and DSP for blocking unwanted wind noise and engine sound at high-speed rides.

    Four benefits to have Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle helmets

    The best Bluetooth helmet devices can improve your ride's enjoyment while also making it safer. There’s no need to stop at a red light to make a phone call or send a message. Also, you may get real-time information on traffic conditions and directions through the GPS. Here briefly lists four main benefits that the best intercom can bring you joy in riding.

    • Real-time communication: Talk with other riders or your pillion passenger, to Inform each other of traffic, potential hazards, or emergencies during riding and racing.
    • Music streaming for relaxing: It is allowed to listen to songs on the road and it bring more joy when you riding alone.
    • Helpful navigational guidance: It guides you the right way or the road with lighter traffic. 
    • Safer riding to pick up calls: You are able to deal will necessary phone calls or messages by hands-free operation.

    Moman H2, H3, and other best motorcycle helmet communication systems for sale at Moman PhotoGears Stores are equipped with the function mentioned above. They help in identifying the location for the greatest motorbike communication due to their ease and pleasurable ratios. These programs are really useful and quite simple to make your rides more interesting and safer.

    Moman H3 wireless helmet intercom systems can be used in motorbike riding, biking, skiing, climbing, and other activities.

    Five considerations when buying the best motorbike intercom system

    How to choose the best motorcycle helmet headset system and intercom device for your riding? Here we will talk about six factors to think about before purchasing, including compatibility with your helmet type, audio quality, available communication channel, ease of use, and battery life

    1. Helmet compatibility: Can the wireless Bluetooth system work with your helmet?

    If you own a helmet already, you'll need to either choose a Bluetooth system that smoothly integrates or determine if you're fine with one that connects to your helmet. Also, you should check where to mount your intercom. Some work with modular, full-face, motocross helmets, and do not match the half helmet. So some bikers should look for motorcycle communication systems for half helmets.

    2. Communication channel: How many people do you want to speak with?

    There is not an unlimited number of wireless connections between devices. Bluetooth and Mesh communicators are able to support around two to sixteen devices for connection at one time. For many people, a two-way speaking motorcycle helmet to helmet communication like Moman H2 is perfect. The Moman H3 allows for six pieces of intercoms to be paired and talked to, making it ideal for communication between small groups.

    Moman rider-to-rider communication systems transmitt stable and clear sound within long distance up to hundreds of meters. They are budget, versatile, and reliable.

    3. Audio quality: Can the motorbike helmet communication system provide great audio?

    For both calls and music, you want the highest-quality audio you can find. There are often wind and road noises, especially while traveling at high speeds. Therefore, you need a pair of headsets that can block such sounds while yet providing excellent sound quality. All Moman motorcycle helmet communicators are designed to have noise-reduction capabilities for sound with clarity.

    4. Ease of use: Is the Bluetooth intercom system for motorcycle helmets convenient to operate?

    The construction of the helmet communicator also affects how simple it is to use. Motorcyclists, bikers, skiers, and climbers should look for a straightforward and basic helmet intercom that they can use while wearing hand gloves. Moman H1 is designed to have simple buttons for use, and Moman H2 features a special knob control for easier operation. By simply turning the knob, you can switch songs or FM radio, or adjust volume.

    5. Battery life: How long can you go for a ride with the wireless motorcycle helmet communication systems?

    It's also crucial to consider battery life, recharge times, and charger alternatives. Consider how long you often spend riding, and if the gadget supports quick and simple charge. Different intercoms have different streaming and calling battery lifetimes, so you need to distinguish between standby mode and use mode of battery life. High-quality motorbike communication such as the Moman H2 and H3 can support a day of cycling.

    Moman H3 motorcycle helmet communicator device is charged by the quick charging port of USB Type-C. It has a powerful inbuilt battery of 1000mA.

    How do wireless Bluetooth communication systems work?

    Motorcycle intercoms for communication may connect with one another wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology. They may link to each other and support wireless communication as long as it is within the appropriate range. Because it uses radio frequency for a certain range.

    Motorcycle helmet communication systems like helmet intercoms and headsets are different from the common Bluetooth earphones for smartphones. Professional intercom systems can support a longer distance for sound transmission. They promote audio clarity and stability against the actual riding circumstances full of wind and engine noise.


    Motorcycle helmet communication systems are made for various uses. The option to call anybody while riding, including group members or fellow passengers, is preferred by many riders. Hope you can find the best Bluetooth communicators that can help you enjoy your time with your friends on the roads through this guide.

    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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