A wireless microphone for sports is an essential item you should have if you are an exercise teacher or parkour vlogger. To ensure that your students or audiences are satisfied, you need something that is simple to reliable to provide great audio. You will find helpful advice and tips in this buying guide.

  • What type is the best wireless microphone for sports?
  • What to consider before choosing a suitable sports mic?
SYNCO P1L wireless microphone for sports is of lavalier type. It is ideal for video recording, yoga class, live streaming, etc.

    What type is the best wireless microphone for sports?

    When we talk about sports, it's a huge range. Are you buying an audio device because you are using it as a teacher for online sports classes? Or are you using it for vlogging outdoor extreme sports, or live recording of sporting events? We will introduce you to three microphones according to their usage.

    Spec. form: Three types of sports mics at Moman PhotoGears Store


    Moman C2


    SYNCO D30




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    Lav mic for camera

    Lac mic for iPhone

    Shotgun mic for Camera


    3.5mm TRS/TRRS


    Type-C to 3.5mm

    Polar Pattern



           Super Cardioid

    Wireless Transmission

    Digital 2.4GHz

    Digital 2.4GHz


    Working Distance

    230ft/70m (LOS)

    131ft/40m (NLOS)








    Battery Life



    Powered by camera

    Wireless Charging Case

    Moman C2: Lavalier microphone wireless for sports like yoga or dance class

    Lavalier mics are one of the most common types of recording equipment used in recording. You can see a lot of bloggers on Youtube or Tiktok using this small, but greatly improved tool for video recording or live streaming in vlogs, short films, street interviews, etc. Whether you're just starting out teaching yoga online via Zoom or you're ready to upgrade to an expert setup for your own website or YouTube channel, you will need an external microphone.

    Wireless microphone for yoga is small and not too obtrusive in front of the camera, and there are many types that can be used for cell phones or cameras. They are characterized by being not too eye-catching in front of the lens. In addition, they make it easy to move around freely and make very large movements while recording, making them ideal for yoga, dance, and sports class instructors to wear while demonstrating movements and leading exercises. With a totally hidden mic and no cables visible, you are able to create a natural, effortless look.

    Moman C2 clip on microphone for dance class has a screen for showing current battery status, recording mode, volume, and others.
    • Moman C2 lapel type of wireless microphone for exercise class

    Fitness instructors will love the Moman C2 simple clip-on features since we can simply attach them to shirts to record the voice. The Receiver is equally small, and its dual-purpose attachment attaches to your camera strap or a piece of clothing or fits snugly into your camera's shoe mount. The included 3.5mm TRS output cable connects to the audio input of your camera or laptop, or, with the appropriate adaptors, to your recorder, GoPro, iPhone, or Android.

    SYNCO P1L: Wireless microphone for sport cams applied to intense activities

    Some video bloggers or extreme sports enthusiasts use sports cameras to record, such as parkour, rock climbing, skydiving, etc. It doesn't matter if it's a lav mic or shotgun type, as long as it's small enough and able to maintain stable and good sound output during strenuous bouncing and shaking. Generally speaking, however, the recommended style is the lav mic type because it has a longer transmission distance.

    SYNCO P1L iPhone sport microphone has a lightning port for iOS devices. It is lightweight and compact, packed with a charging case.
    • SYNCO P1L mini Lavalier mic for iPhone recording under $50

    The Moman C2 comes with a screen that displays real-time battery level, voice mode, and power level, among other things. Its transmitter can be used as a transmitter to connect to a small wired lapel microphone, while the SYNCO P1L action sports wireless mic itself is designed to be a miniature device, with the battery level display turned into indicators. it can be clipped more securely to the body of the exerciser.

    SYNCO D30: Shotgun microphone for recording or broadcasting live sports

    You need to choose a long-distance mic to help you record in live games, and the shotgun type is usually the most common one. Although some people would mistakenly believe that a live athletic event is just composed of the incessant chatter and commotion of a boisterous crowd, the truth is that they are composed of a variety of unique scenarios with various degrees of ambiance and mood, making the work of recording the audio difficult and diverse.

    SYNCO D30 is a shotgun microphone for camera. Its super cardioid polar pattern ensures clear and crisp sound in a video.
    • SYNCO D30 iPhone shotgun microphone for sports

    If you are looking for a compact microphone with a built-in omnidirectional condenser that offers quality sound, go for SYNCO D30. If you need to record a big game in a soccer stadium, then maybe it doesn't have as wide of a range, but its super-cardioid pick-up pattern enables it to focus on the front of the microphone, removing noise from other directions.

    What to consider before choosing a suitable sports mic?

    In addition to choosing the right type of wireless recording microphone for the usage scenario, we also have to consider some other performance factors.

    Shotgun microphones can be used in Youtube live streaming, and dance video recording, interviewing, and so on.

    Audio quality: It should provide a stable and clear audio effect

    For sports instructors who wish to teach online, audio must come before the camera. You're going to be moving, perspiring, and screaming with a wireless microphone for fitness instructors that can transfer sound with great clarity. The last thing you need is a faulty or overworked mic preventing your clients from hearing you.

    Comfort in use: It should be small, lightweight, and firmly mounted

    As you can hear, the Airpods Pro's audio quality is adequate and significantly superior to your camera's internal mic when you are teaching yoga at a distance of 10 feet. The quality is still rather poor, though. The purpose of them is mostly listening rather than speaking. Additionally, they have a tendency to fall out of your ears during certain motions, which can lead to their disconnecting from Zoom or any other recording or live streaming tool you're using, which increases the likelihood that your students won't be able to hear you any longer but you won't be aware of it.

    Transmitting distance: It should support a certain transmission distance

    If you frequently participate in Zoom meetings using the inbuilt mic on your computer or phone, you may have observed that the audio quality declines as you get farther from the device. This necessitates that you definitely must get some sort of wireless microphones for athletes because you often need to be at least 8 feet away from the computer.

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