Wireless microphone for teachers is an important tool for having a highly efficient class. You may use it to deliver courses more accurately and get the students more engaged. This blog is going to talk about useful equipment from two aspects, which are ways to choose and use.

  • Three steps to choose the best wireless microphone for teachers
  • Two ways to use the external Lavalier microphone for teaching
SYNCO U1L iPhone shotgun microphone for teachers can be used to  online courses or recorded classes. It is 90° rotable for capturing voice.

    Three steps to choose the best wireless microphone for teachers

    When you are going to buy an external mic for promoting your classes, you have three things to think about. They are the actual teaching scenes, the quality of the microphones, and the compatibility with your devices.

    First, select according to the type of course you are teaching

    Three teaching applications you may face with classroom teaching, online lessons, and hybrid classes.

    • Classroom teaching

    In a traditional face-to-face classroom, there is usually equipped with its handheld mic or a gooseneck microphone placed on the podium. Their function is to amplify the sound and make the content and message clearer for the teacher, preventing miscommunication due to mishearing. You may need a wireless microphone for classroom teaching that is designed to packed with a speaker.

    • Online courses

    It has become commonplace to teach online through live communication platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Team, etc. You need a Wireless microphone for Zoom classes that is better to be USB or Lapel type, which can access the audio input port on your devices.

    • Hybrid classes

    A hybrid classroom is having students online and offline at the same time. The wireless microphone for hybrid teaching should ensure students who sit in the classroom and participate remotely must always be able to hear their teacher, free from distractions and unwanted noise. 

    SYNCO G2 Pro wireless lapel microphone for teachers is compact and functional. It has a charging case for long-time using.

    Second, consider the features and performance of the wireless microphone system for teachers

    What is the best teacher microphone? Here are three features that it’d better be equipped with.

    • Wireless Lavalier Type: Compared to the USB and shotgun type, the wireless collar mic for teachers allows free movements and a wider range for the teachers. When you clip it on the collar or tie, you can make a hands-free demonstration and keep the transmitted voice clear and crisp.
    • Great sound quality: A microphone that guarantees clear delivery of sound or recording is its primary purpose in purchasing. Few parameters in the product table show whether it can transfer sound with clarity, such as the sensitivity, frequency range, polar pattern, and so on.
    • Dual or multi-channel: If a wireless teacher microphone has two transmitters for two-speaker, it can well support the convenient interaction between teachers and students
    You can connect the small lapel mic with the transmitter of wireless classroom microphone, and start speaking and recording.

      Third, confirm its audio output has a compatible connection with your device

      Connectivity is crucial since you should connect the microphone you purchase to other devices you could use. Always pick your microphone based on the connectivity of your device. However, the majority of teaching microphones come with different kinds of modern USB ports.

      If you don't want to think about it too much, you can go for the SYNCO G2 Pro wireless microphone for online teaching such as mics with multiple interfaces for choosing. SYNCO G2 Pro is designed to have a 3.5mm TRS mic output, a 3.5mm TRS headphone output, and a Type-C output. It can perfectly work with your smartphones, cameras, and laptops.

      SYNCO G2 Pro wireless camera mic features a TFT clear screen for real-time monitor. It shows the gain level, audio mode, and battery status.

      Two ways to use the external Lavalier microphone for teaching

      When speaking of using the wireless mic for teachers, we can divide it into two aspects, including the steps of technically using it and the tips to apply to real classes.

      Four steps to connect and use a wireless lapel microphone for teachers

      Take SYNCO G2 Pro as an example, it is easy to connect and start speaking.

      • Step 1: Turn on and pair the TX and RX

      Long press the power button till the TFT screen lights up, and the transmitter and receiver will automatically pair. You can manually pair them as well. For those who don’t have a display, they usually have lights to indicate the status.

      • Step 2: Connect the microphone to your devices

      Use the adapter cable (3.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, Type-C to Type-C) to connect the receiver of SYNCO G2 Pro to your device, which is the classroom computer, your laptop for online classes, a mobile phone or a camera for pre-recorded lessons. Some microphones will

      • Step 3: Set the mode and gain level

      The voice mode, gain level, and the battery status are all shown on the screen. You can adjust till it arrives the ideal recording effects. Make sure your sound can be delivered clear, stable, and with low background noise.

      • Step 4: Clip the transmitter on your collar or tie

      Attach the classroom microphone for teachers wireless to your collar, shirt, tie, or even necklace through the pocket clip on the back of SYNCO G2 Pro. Make sure it maintains a proper distance from your mouth and won’t cause the mic to fail to capture your voice or plosives.

      You can clip the Moman CP2 small classroom microphone for teachers wireless on your shirt, collar, tie for clear and stable audio.

      Three ideas to have a positive classroom by the wireless classroom mic

      What can teachers do with the wireless microphones? Here we offer three ideas for real applications of using it in class.

      • Self-introduction and team discussion

      Put wireless Lavalier microphone for teachers into the hands of your students and turn them into a tool for them to express themselves. Teachers can encourage students to make bold discoveries, introduce themselves, or speak their minds during team discussions.

      • Singing songs and playing games together

      Singing and playing games are interesting ideas to liven up the classroom. You can buy an omnidirectional microphone for group singing together, and record it as the best memory. Or you can pass the transmitter in your hand to one of the students and let him/her play the charm of singing.

      • Raising questions and getting replies

      Question and answer is a common mode of interaction. In this process, not only are the students named by the teacher able to give their insights, but other students are also able to reflect on the responses of others. You can utilize the wireless microphone for teachers to make the entire interactive process efficient and smooth.

      (Some images are from SYNCO)

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