Microphones for teaching with good sound quality and easy operation are always important tools. It is all too common for students to not understand the teacher's words because the audio is not clear, and mishearing can lead to the wrong message being delivered. In this blog, we'll list the three types of classes, online instruction, face-to-face, and hybrid, so you can sound proficient while retaining your students' interest.
  • For online class: Wireless Lavalier mic, USB mic, and shotgun mic 
  • For teaching in the classroom: Handheld type, Goose neck mic, and voice amplifier
  • How about choosing one for hybrid teaching?
Lavalier microphone  is the most perfect type for online classes like yoga, excise, dance, and other sports classes. They are small, compact, easy-to-operate, while being functional and budget. Come and know for Moman microphones for teaching in this blog!

    Which type of microphone for teaching online class is the best?

    Nowadays, with the development of platforms such as Zoom, skype, etc., online teaching is becoming more and more convenient and popular. Here we introduce three types of mics that are ideal for online classes: Wireless lavalier type, USB mic for computer, and the shotgun microphone. They can be used in online lessons on school subjects, cooperative school exchange classes, language training tutoring, remote exercise classes, and so on.

    Microphone for Online Teaching




    Wireless Lavalier mic


    Wireless transmission for free movement

    USB mic

    Moman EMR

    Ideal for desktop or laptop computer using

    Shotgun mic


    Small, lightweight, plug and play

    1. Wireless Lavalier type of microphone for teaching yoga, excise, dance

    This type consists of two parts, a receiver that plugs into the input port of the device, and a transmitter that clips onto the speaker's collar. They are usually small, easy to use, being a suitable wireless microphone for yoga class. They connect via wireless tech of 2.4GHz or UHF. They are popular with yoga teachers and gym teachers because they are not tied to wires. Of course, there are also a few people who use wired clip-on microphones, which are cheaper. When the cable is long enough, it does not affect the range of motion much.

    SYNCO P2L lavalier microphone for teaching has a wireless charging box. It can continuously work for 5 hours, and be full charged in 1.5 hours.
    • SYNCO P2L for sale at US$59.00: The wireless microphone for teaching SYNCO P2L is dual-channel and suitable for iPhones, iPad, and devices that have lightning ports. It has a high-fidelity transmission and strong signal thanks to the DSP chip, and therefore it can deliver a clear sound.
    • Pros: P2L features clear and pure audio for two-person, and it enables teachers to have wireless movement freely. It has strong signal and nine magical voice modes for interesting classes.
    • Cons: It only works for iPhones, iPads, and devices that have the lightning interface. You may need an adapter when you use it on a computer.

    2. USB mic for laptop, computer, and pads in Zoom meetings

    If you don't need to get up and move around, then this type is good for your type of teaching. USB ones are inexpensive and have high quality the same time as microphones for teaching online. They are usually placed on a table and connected to a computer via a wire. Unlike earphones or headsets, this kind of sitting is an hour or two courses, with USB type, will not be a burden on you, you can pay more attention to the teaching content.

    Moman EMR is a cheap yet versatile USB microphone for classes. It can plug into smartphones, laptops, and your computer, and help you with classes on Zoom meeting, Skype, etc.
    • Moman EMR for sale at US$49.99: This is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a high-end condenser microphone for online instruction that will provide you with professional audio quality. With a cardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, this Moman EMR USB microphone for teaching can record vocals as well as clear, clear audio from instruments of all kinds.
    • Pros: It reproduces retro sound with the 16mm large-diaphragm condenser mic. And it offers zero-latency audio monitoring. Moman EMR is designed to have the noise suppression tech and OTG tech for Zoom teaching.
    • Cons: You may need to buy yourself a headset or headphone for real-time checking.

    3. Shotgun mic mounted on camera or phone for pre-recorded class

    This type can not only be used for filmmaking, some portable microphones for teachers of shotgun types can be connected to the phone through the corresponding interface.

    SYNCO U1L is a mini shotgun microphone for teachers. It is of high-quality audio, featuring flat frequency response from 40Hz to 20KHz.
    • SYNCO U1L: Now there are not only film recording professional-grade boom mics like SYNCO U1L such mini yet versatile mics also have a lot. They can accurately include the sound in front of the audio device. You just need to speak normally in front of the lens of the device. They can be used for online courses, but are also very suitable for teaching video recording.
    • Pros: It uses the plug-in connection for quick and convenient audio playing with premium sound. U1L can be rotated to 90° to match the direction that the teachers are speaking, which is flexible and stable.
    • Cons: It does not support monitoring while speaking.
    Moman CP2 can connect to your phone for teaching online, live streaming, video recording, interviewing, and so on.

      What microphone for teaching in the classroom do you need?

      Face-to-face teaching differs from online distance learning in that one transmits through a speaker with the device in the classroom, and the other transmits through cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., to the other side. But their principles are basically the same.

      4. Handheld condenser type for convenient interaction between teacher and students

      It is commonly used in live performances, evening hosts, karaoke, and classrooms. The wired ones will limit the teacher's range of motion and will not allow the mics to be handed to the students for question-and-answer interaction.

      The wireless handheld condenser mic is not as good as the Lavalier microphone for teaching that can be clipped to the collar, which not only facilitates various operations but also frees your hands, allowing teachers to write on the board, as well as demonstrations, live experiments, etc. The wireless lapel microphone for online yoga classes can also be used with classroom teaching, you just need to connect the receiver to the classroom computer through the corresponding adapter, such as Type-C to USB or Lightning to USB, and you can record and play it out at the same time.

          5. Gooseneck or USB mic for teachers sitting at the lectern for a long time

          A gooseneck mic is an element positioned on a flexible gooseneck support. It is much like a USB microphone. They both feature flexible shafts that can be changed, making it easy to place the microphones for teaching where the sound will be as clear as possible. 

          6. Wireless voice amplifier for classroom without a radio speaker

          Despite apparent similarities, a voice amplifier and a microphone are not the same thing. A voice amplifier takes that electrical signal and amplifies it to make it louder and clearer. A mic is a device that transforms sound waves into an electrical signal.

          With a camera-mounted boom microphone, which is also called a shotgun mic for teaching, you can get your online courses efficient.

          How about choosing one for hybrid teaching?

          It is a lesson mode in that some students participate digitally from home while others physically attend a lecture or seminar as usual. Therefore, lecturers instruct both online and in-person students at the same time while utilizing Teams or Zoom in addition to the entire spectrum of digital resources.

          What microphone can be used with this mode?

          Whether you're creating video lessons for your online course or teaching in a face-to-face classroom, an excellent microphone is essential for clear and successful communication. As listed above for those microphones for classes, there are some types, such as voice amplifiers, that are only suitable for face-to-face offline teaching. Lavalier type, USB, or gooseneck type is ideal for both.


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