A d-tap battery adapter is a crucial accessory that changes the characteristics of one electrical system or device with d-tap ports into those of another that is otherwise incompatible. Here we will talk about what is it used for, and the proper ways to make use of it.
  • What is a d tap battery adapter used for?
  • How to use a battery adapter with d-tap properly?
Gimpro Tap D-tap battery adapter charger can be used to charge camera batteries like NP-F, LP-E6, and external v mount d dap battery.

    What is a d tap battery adapter used for?

    Battery adapter with d-tap plugs usually be seen in photography and videography areas, and it is utilized with v mount d tap battery suchlike external power source. Because a great part of camera devices are designed to have d-taps as the charging ports or input/output ports.

    To charge camera gears by external battery with d-tap

    The d tap adapter aims to make it possible to utilize power tools like v mount d-tap battery from one manufacturer with tools from another. As more people choose to mix and match their equipment and batteries rather than purchasing all of their tools from a single brand, they are growing in popularity. This could also be a result of the price or accessibility of particular instruments.

    For example, there is the Moman DF550 d-tap to NP-F battery adapter for utilizing an external power supply to charge NP-F series batteries. Also, there is a d tap battery adapter for wall outlet power. It is used to replenish the v-mount camera battery like the Moman Power 99 with d-tap input ports.

    Moman Power 99 has two d-tap slots, a USB-A, and a BP output ports. It can utilize the d-tap battery adapter for charging.

    To extend the usage of old d-tap batteries to work with new devices

    Some simply adapt the physical design of one connection to another, while others change the power or signal properties. Nowadays, some makers provide d-tap battery adapters to allow older cells, such as nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH), to operate with more recent devices that can only use lithium-ion batteries. This is a practical method for extending the life of an outdated power source.

    How to use a battery adapter with d-tap properly?

    Here are four tips to take good care of your D-tap battery adapter and make full use of it.

    Use it with the compatible equipment systems

    Some won't work in these situations since each v mount d tap battery manufacturer has distinct charging requirements, and they are not electronically compatible with the charging systems of other makers. Remember do not insist in mixing with systems that is not suitable.

    Keep the connector of the d-tap battery adapter dry and free from objects.

    If the interface has unfortunately come into contact with a water source, test it after wiping it dry to see if there is already a short-circuit problem. Keep it in a suitable place and don't let the interface stuffed with tiny debris, otherwise, it will not only be difficult to clean but may cause damage when accessed.

    Moman Power 70 v mount battery with d-tap can charge camera monitor, LED lights, wireless transmission through the d-tap battery adapter cable.

    Use the d-tap converter cable in the appropriate length range

    Like all other cables, please do not pull it too hard for charging purposes, otherwise, it may cause damage to the surface insulation or inside. It is already necessary for you to pay attention to its available length and plan for it at the time of purchase.

    Monitor the charging time and avoid overcharging

    Battery adapters with d-tap plugs are devoid of a mechanism to prevent the battery from being utilized after it has reached the point of recharging. In light of this, you should always follow best practices and keep a constant eye on the battery levels to ensure that you stop using it as soon as performance begins to decline. The lifespan will be increased and deep discharge will be prevented.

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