As technology continues to advance, online courses are becoming a form of teaching that can rival offline courses. In addition, due to the emergence of COVID-19 in recent years, the number of online classes and conferences conducted by zoom has increased. For a better teaching experience, improving the audio quality may be an important first step. What are the benefits of purchasing a microphone for classes and how to choose it? This article will bring you the answer.

  • How a microphone for teachers improves your courses?
  • Factors you need to consider when buying a classroom microphone
  • Table: Three different class microphones recommended for diverse types of courses

SYNCO P1L wireless lapel microphone for classes has a lightning port output for connecting to iPhones or iPads

How a microphone for teachers improves your courses?

You need to have excellent audio quality whether you are conducting online courses, making an educational video, or recording a voice-over for your presentations so that your students can catch and comprehend your information.

1. Wireless design sets you hands-free and thus enhances the classroom efficiency

Do you realize how negatively impacted your learning audience's reaction time might be by poor sound quality? It is crucial for you to offer crystal-clear audio to keep viewers engaged in your online course. The classroom microphone for teachers is a crucial component of communicating your message, regardless of whether you're a course maker who develops courses for an online audience. The appropriate one may make all the difference when it comes to online classes. After all, they won't be able to interact with the content as productively if they can't hear you well.

2. Clear sound audio effectively avoids mistakes in the delivery of teaching content

Class is a process of teaching knowledge. In other words, it is a process of information transmission and interaction between teachers and students. Online education is often subject to a variety of disturbances, such as signal interruptions and poor Internet speeds. It may become even worse by the use of computers with built-in mic that have poor sound quality. The classroom content often contains some proper nouns and data. If there is a slight mistake, it may become another meaning with similar pronunciation but a very different meaning when transmitted to the ears of students. It seriously affects the quality of teaching. Therefore, the microphone for online classes which can connect to your computer or phone for using in zoom meetings, which also called the wireless microphone for computer must ensure that the voice collected and conveyed is clear and accurate.

3. Classroom microphone’s recording function allows a convenient after-class review

Lecture recording will play a significant role in the entire mixed classroom activities. Whether they attended the initial lesson in location or virtually, students like having the opportunity to see it again. There is no need for any additional hardware because the presenter mic may be utilized to capture audio directly. When students return to the lesson later, the audio will be clear and uninterrupted. A good microphone can perfectly save the whole course, which is convenient for students to review and summarize after class. At the same time, teachers can also review their classes to see what are some shortcomings and to continuously improve their classroom quality.

Factors you need to consider when buying a classroom microphone


majority of teachers utilize microphones, and many of them also conduct in-person lessons. The sort you select will depend on whether you are teaching your lessons online, in person, or a combination of the two. A decent mic may enhance the consumer experience.

Sound quality

When selecting a microphone for teaching, whether it is online or face-to-face, take into account its sensitivity, polar pattern, and frequency response. It’s good to have one with high sensitivity and low latency, and a frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz to accurately record the details of your speech. Additionally, the noise-canceling function is also an important consideration so you may shoot movies and audio with confidence that no unneeded background noise will distract your pupils during class.


The best microphones for zoom classes may be found in a variety of sizes, but smaller does not always imply weaker. We advise online instructors to have a compact, transportable microphone that they may carry with them wherever the class is being held.

Price and budget

There are various models available, however, they are often rather pricey at the same time. You might think about a recording option for online instruction that may provide you with an almost professional recording at a reasonable cost.

Table: Three different class microphones recommended for diverse types of courses


Moman C2


Moman EM1




Regular price$89.99


Regular price$45.99


Wireless lavalier mic

Mini collar mic for iPhone

USB desktop mic

Polar Pattern




Frequency Response





-40dB(+3dB re 1V/Pa at 1KHz)


-45dB(+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal)

1. Moman C2 wireless microphone for an exercise class with OLED screen display

  • Pros: Moman CP2 are ideal if you’ll be moving around during your online course, which means that if you're in a class of yoga, fitness, dance, or any other class where you're doing a lot of exercise and sports, you're going to need this wireless and tiny helper. You're not tied to the annoying wires which are dangerous when you do your movements. Furthermore, this microphone for online yoga classes comes with a clear OLED screen for real-time monitoring and adjustment. Your courses may become much more professional with the use of a high-quality microphone.
  • Cons: It provides the greatest versatility, but is more expensive than other kinds. Despite the advances in wireless transmission technology, it's important to take delay, signal interference, and other factors into account when choosing a wireless type. The odds are low, but not impossible.

SYNCO P1L small yet powerful lavalier microphone insures a clear sound transferation during online teaching

2. SYNCO P1L small clip-on microphone with a lightning port for giving classes through iPhone or iPad

  • Pros: The P1L, like the C2, is a portable wireless type of lavalier microphone for online teaching. Some teachers use computers or laptops, while others use more portable mobile phones and tablets for classes. For iPhone and iPad with its special lightning interface, P1L is the most ideal choice. Additionally, it has 360-degree omnidirectional coverage, which allows it to capture sound from all directions. As a result, it produces clean, sharp sound and also has noise and echo suppression as an added plus.
  • Cons: Its merit is also its demerit. Due to this specific interface, it is only suitable for devices with lightning slots, but not for computers with only USB ports and type-C Android phones. It is worth mentioning, however, that it supports type-C fast charging, which can be recharged in a very short time.

3. Moman EM1 USB microphone for the classroom using zoom and stay in front of a desktop computer

  • Pros: The majority of computer retailers carry this kind, which is the most prevalent. Although they are inexpensive and simple to use, they might take up background noise from your surroundings. Since they're simpler to utilize with laptops and PCs, they are growing in popularity. This EM1 classroom microphone for zoom would be a great tool to have while you're teaching online and spending most of the day at your computer. This USB-connected mic has plug-and-play convenience and a single button for muting. The EM1 could be the best option if you need a mic but don't want it in your face as you work. It is inconspicuous and rests on your desk, so no headsets or phones are required.
  • Cons: USB microphones and wired types have similar advantages, namely high quality and low price. While the two have the same flaw, which is a limited recording range compared to the wireless classroom microphone. When you need to get up to the board behind you to write an endorsement, the range of sounds captured is limited. And there is a chance that the volume of the sound will be reduced.


To properly deliver the courses in an online learning environment, teachers require high-quality equipment. Teachers require a top-notch microphone in addition to high-quality desktop or notebook computers so that pupils can hear them well. Poor audio may have a substantial impact on educational achievements since speaking and listening between the instructor and pupils account for a sizable amount of learning. Have you learned how to find the microphone for classes that is suitable for yourself through this article?


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