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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Wireless microphone for video recording Moman C1 transmits reliable, secure, and anti-interference signalsWireless mic for DSLR camera Moman C1 features built-in DSP technology and 180Hz optional low cut
Sale price$79.00
Wireless Lavalier Microphone for DSLR Moman C1Moman In stock, 50 units
Wireless microphone for video recording Moman C2 features an OLED screen, a 40m LOS transmission, a wide compatibility, etc.Wireless microphone Moman C2 supports a long-time working up to 7 hours and is compact for easy carrying
Sale price$119.00
Wireless Microphone for Video Recording Moman C2Moman In stock, 50 units
Wireless lapel microphone for Android phone Moman CP1(C) is suitable for conferencing, gaming, YouTube recordings, etc.The transimitter of Moman CP1(C) wireless microphone is equipped with inbuilt professional noise reduction chip
UHF Wireless Microphone for Zoom Meetings Moman T1UHF Wireless Microphone for Zoom Meetings Moman T1
Sale price$99.99
UHF Wireless Microphone for Zoom Meetings Moman T1Moman In stock, 50 units
Best wireless microphone for iphone, SYNCO G1L black has a decent appearance and outstanding performanceExternal micophone for iphone SYNCO G1L black supports easy connnection to lightning devices, offering real-time monitoring and adjustment
Sale price$79.00
Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone SYNCO G1LSYNCO In stock, 50 units
Shop SYNCO TS Mini with professional UHF wireless microphone system at Moman Online StoreUHF wireless microphone SYNCO TS Mini features professional OLED screens which are designed to guarantee easy setup and adjustments
Sale price$149.00
Budget UHF Wireless Microphone SYNCO TS MiniSYNCO In stock, 50 units
Best digital wireless microphone SYNCO G2(A2) black with clear TFT screens for visually displays and diverse usagesThe one-button muting design of SYNCO G2(A2) microphone is much more convenient than the frequent turning on/off the system
SYNCO G1(A2) onyx black with dual channel wireless microphone system has compact construction and flexible compatibilitySYNCO G1(A2) porcelain grey consists of two transmitters and one receiver, coming with a 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum, also Syncoder tech
Sale price$129.00
Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System SYNCO G1(A2)SYNCO In stock, 150 units
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2 channel iPhone wireless microphone SYNCO P2L stone blue with two transmitters and one receiverSYNCO P2L with 2 channels works well for one-on-one interview
Sale price$129.00
2 Channel iPhone Wireless Microphone SYNCO P2LSYNCO In stock, 100 units
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Wireless lavalier microphone iphone compatible SYNCO P1L stone blue provides 5 hours of recording with its quick charging caseSYNCO P1L with a Type-C port enables you to monitor the current recording in real time and charge your phone at the same time
Sale price$89.00
Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone SYNCO P1LSYNCO In stock, 100 units
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2 Channel SYNCO TS features an upgraded UHF wireless microphone system and an extraordinary LOS range of 492ftWireless handheld microphone SYNCO TS has a backlit OLED screen on both the two transmitters and one receiver
Sale price$199.00
2 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System SYNCO TSSYNCO In stock, 50 units
1-to-1 black wireless microphone for camera SYNCO G2(A1) with clear TFT display in the compact size of 52x42x17mmWireless mic SYNCO G2(A1) features bright and high-contrast TFT screens on both transmitter and receiver as well
Wireless lavalier microphone for android SYNCO G1T black is a compact and powerful mic for video creation, live streaming, etc.Wireless microphone SYNCO G1T, small and lightweight, is equipped with a rechargeable battery allowing for recording up to 8 hours
Sale price$75.00
Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Android SYNCO G1TSYNCO In stock, 50 units
Wireless microphone for android phone SYNCO P1T offers a strong signal transmission and real-time audio monitoringShop good cheap wireless lavalier mic SYNCO P1T stone blue at Moman Online Store
Sale price$85.00
Wireless Microphone for Android Phone SYNCO P1TSYNCO In stock, 100 units
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Clip on wireless microphone for iphone offers steady, smooth, and anti-interference transmission within a range of the 394ft(LOS) Wireless lapel microphone for iphone Moman CP1(A) is perfect for outdoor live-streaming, interviews, online lessons, etc.

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