Thanks to the teleprompter, direct eye contact with the camera enables the presenter to read their script, which can result in more genuine speaking. And this cannot be done without its important components working together, today we will learn about teleprompter monitors.
  • What is a teleprompter monitor and how does it work?
  • How to choose a prompting device with proper monitor settings?
  • How to set monitors for teleprompting?

What is a teleprompter monitor and how does it work?

The teleprompter is typically used for reading scripts, and the monitor of it is used to prompt the scrolling content for the reflecting glass. Then, the beam splitter glass can display what’s on the teleprompter monitor to the readers while the camera is pointed straight at it. From news anchors to YouTubers, anyone engaged in video creation, live streaming, podcasting, and giving speeches, needs this device to perform better and with higher efficiency. You may read and speak more easily and naturally before the lens.

How does a teleprompter monitor work?

It has a reflecting screen, which we usually call teleprompter glass or mirror, that faces the lens of the camera. The monitor is put directly beneath it to show the script to flip the monitor image for teleprompter. Everything that appears on the teleprompter monitor below is mirrored onto the glass since it is reflective on the other side of the glass, which faces the presenter. The glass is entirely see-through on one side and reflects on the other. This enables the camera to shoot through it without changing the video's visual quality.

However, the picture on the monitor would also appear backward on the glass in the same way that everything you view in a mirror gets turned horizontally. Therefore, the script must be displayed on the monitor in reverse so that the presenter can see it correctly when it is mirrored in the glass.

The monitor of the camera-mounted teleprompter displays the content of the speaking script, and projecting on the glass clearly for the speaker.

How to choose a prompting device with proper monitor settings?

Next, we will go through two common comparisons to help you choose the right one for your prompting equipment.

Face on monitor vs teleprompter, what’s the difference?

  • Face-on monitor is more suitable for stage speaking or performing

Face on monitor refers to the electronic screen directly on the display of cue information equipment, more suitable for stage speech or presentation cues. It is not like the general sense of the integrated teleprompter like having a monitor, glass, shroud multiple parts. You can directly take your tablet or computer to act as a digital prompter, very straightforward and convenient.

Confidence monitor belonging to this type is often used in live performances or presentations. Speakers can face the audience while viewing their presentation on the monitor in front of them instead of continuously looking back at the presentation screen. Its disadvantage is also obvious, is not suitable for recording in front of the camera or smartphone as an iPhone teleprompter, and this is what this equipment can help you achieve.

Moman MT1 is a small auto-cue device for video production, live streaming, and podcasting. You can use your smartphone as its teleprompter monitor.
  • Teleprompter is more compatible with recording and online live streaming

Compare to the face-on monitor, it may not be the best option if you need to present slides and charts to a live audience, even the floor type of it has a teleprompter floor monitor just like the confidence type. But thanks to the camera-mounted teleprompter, the speaker may gaze directly at the recording device while reading the scrolling text. It is far more effective if you are giving a presentation.

It is popular among Youtube video producers and live streamers since it will make you appear professional in front of the online audience. However, be sure to train first. When utilizing this auto-cue equipment, it is simple to come out as stiff or robotic.

Moman MT12 professional teleprompter with large screen, is built in metal one-piece contrustion. It is easy mounting and durable.

Built-in vs external monitor of teleprompter for prompting, which is better?

Depending on the type of monitor settings in the teleprompter, we can divide it into two categories.

  • Teleprompter with monitor that is made of LCD or other types

This type is commonly used in television broadcasts, which come with an electronic screen for reflecting text. There is no need for another device to act as a monitor.

  • Teleprompter system no monitor built with the device

Like the Moman MT12 and other products sold in the Moman PhotoGears Store, this does not come with a prompting monitor. MT12 adopts the metal one-piece construction design, featuring HD display glass, a clothing shroud, and an adjustable clamp for putting the external monitor device. Many teleprompters are designed in this way. You can use tablets or smartphones as your projection monitor and fix them in front of the mirror for reflection.

  • So which one is better for you?

If you don't have a tablet device like an iPad or an additional phone in your home, then you can either buy one with a monitor or you can choose to buy another device. The trade-offs are all based on your situation. What you need to know is that if the non-special venue is common, or extremely professional fixed devices, like ordinary teleprompter LCD monitor, as electronic devices, they are very easy to damage. They and the teleprompter as a whole, not only the weight increased, and after slight inadvertent damage, some do not support the individual replacement of monitor, then your entire device is scrapped.

How to set monitors for teleprompting?

First of all, you can download an APP like Moman Prompter APP on your phones and pads. It is customized for the Moman teleprompters for text editing, including the color and size settings, and even inserting images.

After mounting the prompting equipment on the clamp, the users can utilize a foot pedal or a wireless remote to adjust the scrolling speed. Moman teleprompters for sale are all packed with a remote for Bluetooth control. Or you can buy the Moman FS1 foot control pedal with it.

In large productions or broadcasts, the teleprompter monitor is often controlled by the other person. The operator maintains an acceptable pace so that the presenter can read the script fluently.


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