We invited Youtuber and motorcyclist Helmet Head to make this video review of Moman H2 Bluetooth communication for helmet and talk about his actual use experience. As the video is divided into four parts, including intro, unbox, installation tutorial, and real test on the road, this blog will also go as four aspects to make an additional explanation.
  • Introduction: What is Moman H2 Bluetooth communication for helmet?
  • Unboxing: What is included in the package of the H2 two-rider kit?
  • Installation: How to mount the H2 on your motorcycle helmet?
  • Road test: How does Moman H2 best Bluetooth communication for helmets perform in real riding?

Video by Youtuber Helmet Head

Introduction: What is Moman H2 Bluetooth communication for helmet?

Moman H2 is a Wireless helmet intercom for rider communication under $100. It adopts Bluetooth 5.0 transmission tech and enables mobile devices like smartphones to connect within 20 meters. It has a long working time of 20 hours and a transmission range of up to 800 meters. It is not only used in motorcycle riding, racing, and biking, it is a Bluetooth communication for snowboard helmet, climbing, and jumping suchlike intense sports as well.

Unboxing: What is included in the package of the H2 two-rider kit?

“Your first impression of the module is it is a good bit of kit” After taking off the box lid, you will see a pair of compact communicators with turn dials and buttons. You can see it is built of great-quality materials and features interfaces for headphones and microphones.

Next, you can find the four velcro pads which are used to attach mics and earphones inside your helmet. A pair of boom mics and all the relevant USB charging cables come as followed.

Finally, there are some parts for installation, including two screwdrivers, hook and loop fasteners, two velcro clips, and two back clips. A user manual is also in the product box, which is clear and extremely easy to read.

Moman H2 wireless Bluetooth communication for helmet supports two-rider talking at high-speed. It provides 20h working time and a transmission distance of up to 800 meters.

Installation: How to mount the H2 on your motorcycle helmet?

After seeing what the package includes, the next part would be installing the H2 Bluetooth communication for motorcycle helmets. Blogger uses full-face helmet type in the tutorial, and you draw inferences about the case.

Move out the lines in the helmet

As said in the video. “The first thing you need to do is remove the lining from your helmet.” We can see that only clean up the interior can you put your cheek pack and hide the wires around the back of the helmet. This can make your arrangement of earphone attachment clearer and tidier.

Put the velcro pads and speakers in it

With that, glue the headphone velcros to the inside of the helmet where the ears are. Then follow by tapping the side of the speaker with the microphone. Be sure that the position of the extended boom mic can be adjusted to the right distance against the mouth.

Stick on the fastener and screw down the clips

Attach the hook and loop fasteners to the outside of the helmet in the same place as the earphone. Attach the plastic back clip to the top and the velcro clip to the inside of the helmet to form a firm and tight intercom clamp.

Install the H2 Bluetooth helmet communication and connect the headphone

The Moman H2 and the clip that comes with the package are perfectly paired with the design, so simply slide the H2 into the clip at the appropriate trajectory and the two parts will fit together securely. Then you'll need to connect the previously installed headphone speaker via cable through the appropriate connector. When the mounting is done and worn on the helmet, you will find it “got a real premium look and a real premium quality feel”.

Moman H2 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet communication uses the knob design for easy operation. It greatly ensures your safety during riding, biking, skiing, and other sports.

Road test: How does Moman H2 best Bluetooth communication for helmets perform in real riding?

After the installation, it's time to put the Moman H2 to the test, which is the most direct and intuitive way to see if it's a quality communicator or not, and Youtuber Helmet Head conducted two tests.

Test 1: Moman H2 can provide great audio in long distances and high-speed

As be seen in the video, when two motorcyclists with H2 2-rider kit are close to each other before getting on the road, the voice transmitted is commented “nice and clear”. And this kind of clarity continues in the midst of a sustained ride, whether it is at the speed of 30 miles in an hour or 60 miles per hour, they can still communicate and hear from the other rider clearly.

Test 2: Moman H2 helmet to helmet Bluetooth communication can automatically reconnect

When the distance between two riders exceeds the maximum distance that the Moman H2 helmet radio communication can support, then the connection between the two intercoms will disconnect. But when they come back within connectable range, they will automatically connect wirelessly again without you having to do it manually, which is very convenient and reliable.

Test 3: Moman H2 can connect to a mobile phone and support music listening

Thanks to the Bluetooth tech, the H2 Bluetooth helmet communication system can wirelessly links to your phones and enable you to listen to songs, pick up or hang up phone calls, receive FM radio, and use the GPS.

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