These days, whether it's for a quick shot for our social media or a presentation at a zoom conference, we tend to spend a lot of time speaking to cameras. For higher efficiency and better performance, many people have started to use teleprompters as helpers. Today we will start with one of its components, the teleprompter glass!
  • What is the teleprompter glass?
  • How does teleprompter glass work?
  • What type of glass is used for a teleprompter?
  • How to have a better reading experience from the glass?
Moman MT12 large screen teleprompter has a HD display glass. It is of one-piece distruction, and is easy to adjust the angle of the reflecting mirror.

What is the teleprompter glass?

First of all, what is a teleprompter? It is a tool that is also called autocue and shows words or text for the presenter to read. The speaker may focus on engaging or interacting with the audience rather than having to remember several pages thanks to this device. And the glass--some of us call it the mirror--is a crucial part of that.

It is one of the components of a teleprompter device

A teleprompter setup usually combines three parts, including the monitor for displaying rolling text, the shroud for blocking unwanted light, and a reflecting screen or piece of glass placed in front of the camera lens. The text the reader will be reading is shown on the monitor in reverse, and this picture reflects onto the teleprompter clear glass in front of the camera lens, which actually is a one-way mirror.

It plays an important role in affecting the reading experience

When we read from the teleprompter, we are actually reading from the script reflecting on the glass. Its imaging clarity, whether there is ghosting, whether the tilt angle is appropriate, whether there will be imaging interference under different lighting, etc., all these factors will have an impact on our reading experience. What's more, when recording video, some camera lens is facing the speaker, placed behind the teleprompter mirror. So it will also affect the shooting effect.

Moman studio teleprompter MT12 can be used with phone, camera, camcorder for recording. The beamsplitter glass ensures a high-quality video effect.

How does teleprompter glass work?

The mirror, in addition to the camera and the display, is an essential part of a teleprompter system. The text that will be read is visible in the one-way mirror. A transparent coating on the mirror enables it to both reflect and transmit light. Beamsplitter glasses, often known as teleprompter mirrors, come in a variety of designs. 30R/70T or 40R/60T are the two that are most frequently utilized. The mirror is therefore either 30% or 40% reflecting and 70% or 60% transparent.

What type of glass is used for a teleprompter?

The autocue device for sale on the market has certain professional quality or even the presidential teleprompter glass, which uses beamsplitter glass. It has a particular mirror coating that reflects and transmits light. Sometimes it is described as a half-silvered mirror. Moman teleprompters are all geared with this high-quality glass. For example, the HD display on the Moman MT12 professional teleprompter is utilizing a 12-inch large tempered beamsplitter glass that offers a 15' broad reading range. It is 70/30 visible, being clear, durable, and has no ghosting.

Moman smartphone teleprompter MT1 has a compact body and light weight. The 70/30 clear mirror it uses is clear, duarble, and no ghosting problems.

Benefits of the beamsplitter mirror as a teleprompter screen glass

  • It may be made in any form or size and delivered to clients quickly. That’s why you can see different sizes of teleprompter from Moman MT1 suchlike the small type for smartphones, to the large type as MT12.
  • It uses a high-efficiency broadband visible coating, and the second surface's reflection is reduced to less than 0.5%. As we said above, one of the biggest features is that it is capable of eliminating the ghosting effect, saving the worries about the teleprompter glass double image.
  • It is very long-lasting and visually faultless. The vertical double-side-magnetron sputter coating procedure leaves the beam splitter teleprompter glass essentially intact as it coats it.

How to have a better reading experience from the glass?

If a teleprompter comes with a high-quality reflecting mirror that clearly projects the text, then you are halfway to success in your presentation. But here we will also give you some practical tips for using it to make your performance better.

You can use the Moman camera teleprompter for Youtube video producing, interviewing, daily vlogging, and other applications.

Make the background and text into a clear contrasting color

Under the speech teleprompter glass or mirror will be where the display will be. Depending on the device you have at your disposal, the display might be a tablet, laptop, or phone. The writing should, however, be larger so that you can read it well even from a great distance. For easy viewing, your script should ideally be in white letters on a black backdrop.

Make sure there is a Flip Text function in your monitor editing app

The display monitor is frequently positioned behind the mirror at a 45-degree angle. You can read the text since it will be visible and mirrored on the teleprompter mirror glass in this manner. When items are reflected in a mirror, the text initially appears backward as it should. However, the teleprompter app, like the Moman Prompter APP, on your mobile should offer a Flip Text function. Tap here to ensure that the text appears as it should on the mirror.


I hope that through this blog, you can have some understanding of the types, roles, and characteristics of teleprompter glass. It as an indispensable part of its quality is certainly one of the important influencing factors when buying a teleprompter, but it is not the only one. You also need to consider the type of autocue device, the size and weight, the reading range, the adjustable features, the accessories that can be adapted, the way of control, the function of the corresponding prompting app developed by the product brand, and so on.

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