As a lithium battery for camera, Moman Power 99 is a popular option for photographing work since it is compact and powerful with a budget price. When we speak of lithium type of power source, photographers and videographers usually mix lithium and lithium-ion, but both refer to the rechargeable Li-ion type. This article refers to the latter as well.

Moman Power camera lithium battery has a durable and portable body. It is easy to mount, use, and be charged.

Why choose Moman Power 99 external lithium battery as your camera power solution?

Unlike the NP-F series and other cameras' inbuilt cell pack, or AA, AAA disposable batteries, Moman Power 99 belongs to the external power supply. after the original power supply runs out of power, it can be charged for the above types, to extend the working time. Through the actual evaluation from Youtuber Mark Bennett, we can see where its advantages.

The video shows many features of the Power 99 lithium battery for camera, which can be roughly summarized as follows:

1. It is designed to have a compact size for outdoor shooting

Power 99 has a palm-size body of 73*49*100mm and a weight of 530g, which is portable for on-the-go shooting. When Mark held the two products in his hands, the size difference became apparent.

2. It has a high yet travel-friendly 99Wh capacity to carry on flights

It features a 99Wh capacity, which means it can power a 100-watt light to full charge in an hour. As to common video cameras, Power 99 can support a fairly long operating time of up to hours. And 99Wh means that it’s a travel-friendly lithium ion camera battery on plane. It can check with luggage or hand-carry safely according to the current aviation regulations.

3. It has a efficient charging rate for quick replenishment

The max. current of 15 amps ensures a fast charging speed for devices. Additionally, its 14.4-14.8V standard voltage is compatible with a wide range of devices such as digital cameras and Godox video lights. It is stable, secure, and has a long camera lithium battery life of up to 1000 times recharge cycles.

4. It features various charging ports for powering an entire camera rigs

It features two d-tap slots, 2 USB-A slots, and a BP interface for output, greatly meeting your requirements for charging a whole shooting setup at the same time.

Check for the specification table of Moman Power 99


Moman Power 99



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Battery Capacity


Max. Power Output


Max. Current Output


Aviation Standard

Check with Lugguage / Hand Carry

D-tap Output

2 Slots, 14.4V-15A

BP Output

1 Slot, 14.4V-15A

USB Output


Charging Port

D-Tap Input Only

How to use this v mount lithium battery for a camera rig?

Photographer Ray Valencia shows us the combination of the Moman Power 99 mounted on the FX3 camera rig.


Through the video, we can see that Power 99, this kind of rechargeable lithium batteries for digital cameras, can be directly locked behind the camera or on the Aputure 60x studio light through a mounting plate.

Further, 15-millimeter rails can be utilized to install it to your photography setup as well. Thanks to five different output ports, Moman Power 99 can simultaneously charge for wireless video transmitter, external monitor screen, Nucleus-M motor, and Sony Fx3 or any other dummy battery for DSLR, BMPCC, mirrorless camera, etc. Each wire does not interfere with the other, neat and orderly and Ray can flip over the camera's original monitor without any collision.

Power 99 vs other Moman v-mount batteries, which is better?

Moman Power 99 is made of a 18650 Grade A cell, which belongs to the category of Li-ion. The chemical composition of different packs can result in having diverse properties and characteristics. As the hot-selling at Moman PhotoGears Store, what are its advantages that make so many people choose it? Here we will make a comparison between Power 99 and other Moman v-locks.

Moman Power 99 rechargeable lithium ion battery can be used to charge kinds of photography gears, like cameras, monitors, wireless transmission, and even studio lights.

It's more mighty and wide compatible than Power 70

Currently the smallest capacity of Moman v mount external batteries is Power 70. Its 70Wh capacity is suitable for continuous shooting of small cameras including DSLR, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, mirrorless cameras, etc. It can be used in a wide range of applications. The Power 99 can be used in more recent application scenarios on top of that. It can power higher power video cameras like BMPCC 6K pro, or camcorders.

It's less powerful but more carry-friendly than Power 140, 210, 420

The Moman Power 140, 210, and 420 have much more capacity and staying power than the Power 99. From 1.5x, to 2x, to more than 4x, they support longer shooting time, but at the same time, they are also bigger and heavier, not as portable as Power 99. And it's important to note that after 100Wh, there are rules in place to limit the number of batteries that can be carried by air traffic control. If you are a personal photographer who doesn't have a lot of equipment, you can buy a few Power 99 to replace them, which is more convenient and safer than buying a Power 210 directly.

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