You might need a phone teleprompter purchasing guide if you're just starting a YouTube channel for video recording. Using this practical device elevates your appearance and gives you an edge over the competition. In this buyer guide, we will tell you which is truly worth your buying.
  • Three basics about the phone teleprompter: What, how, and when
  • Three best phone teleprompters for videos recommended at Moman PhotoGears
  • Three things to consider before buying a smartphone prompter for video recording
Moman MT12 large screen teleprompter can be used for phone prompting and camera recording.

Three basics about the phone teleprompter: What, how, and when

First, let’s have a quick overview of this device about its definition, working principle, and applications.

What is it

A phone teleprompter refers to a portable prompting device that can be used with mobile phones for recording or live streaming. When speakers are giving a speech from a script, prompters make them feel more at ease. Beginner videographers can maintain eye contact with the audience through the lens while still reading the script with ease.

How teleprompter works

A piece of reflecting mirror and a monitor that shows the text make a phone prompter. You can read your text's reflection on the reflecting glass above the monitor, but your audience cannot.

When do you need it

You may this sort of portable mobile teleprompter to make videos more efficiently. Many travel vloggers, and Youtubers, may continue to produce and submit material while on the go. Also, some freelance journalists who cover events might create reels and other information for timely posting. People who work in a television studio or wish to produce their own videos could need this tool.

Youtubers can buy a phone teleprompter for on-go-go shooting or daily vlogging.

Three best phone teleprompters for videos recommended at Moman PhotoGears

Here we introduce three top picks for sale at Moman PhotoGears Store, which can greatly help you in pre-recorded speeches and live broadcasting before your cell phone lens.

Moman MT1 iPhone teleprompter with tripod and remote at $65.99

  • Size and weight: 260*220*160mm, 800g
  • Material: Plastic and Glass

Moman MT1 is a mini teleprompter for iPhones, mini pads, and cameras. It is packed with a handheld grip a free gift, which has a smartphone clamp, and features a 360° adjustable ball head. Also, a remote is included in the package for convenient control. Youtuber starters can buy this budget MT1 for vlogging, live streaming, or delivering online speeches.

Moman MT1 iPhone teleprompter has a handheld grip and remote for easy use. It applies to Tiktok videos and lives, and also online presentations or speeches.

Moman MT2 Portable prompter for mobiles at $69.99

  • Size and weight: 270*260*165mm, 1000g
  • Material: Plastic and Glass

Moman MT2 is compatible with mobiles like cell phones and pads thanks to its 10” large screen. It also has the vlogging tripod gift set and remote control for flexible uses. With the coating beam splitter glass, MT2 can provide a clear display for text mirroring and reading. You can utilize it in many applications, such as TikTok shorts producing, live broadcasting, and so on.

Moman MT2 small teleprompter for smartphone is made of plastic and glass, which is sturdy yet lightweight.

Moman MT12 teleprompter for phone and camera at $139.99

  • Size and weight: 340*270*96mm, 1800g
  • Material: Metal & Glass

Moman MT12 is much bigger and heavier than the Moman MT1 and MT2, and it is rather a camera prompter than a phone teleprompter. It is made of sturdy metal one-piece construction with a 12-inch HD display. Therefore, it enables speakers to read from a wider angle and a bigger view. Moman MT12 has broader compatibility to be used with different kinds of larger phones and digital cameras.

Moman MT12 is of 12-inch HD display for wider reading angles. It is suitable for big-sized cell phones and tablets for prompting.

Three things to consider before buying a smartphone prompter for video recording

How can a beginner get a suitable phone teleprompter for specific needs? Here are three factors you need to think about before the purchase.

Construction and size: Is it durable and portable for on-the-go shooting?

Some Youtubers record videos indoors, while others are used to using a prompting device on the road or on a journey - which is why many choose phone teleprompters. It's portable and compact, mounted on a handheld grip that you can hold in one hand. But it's also a lot of repetitive packing, transporting, carrying, and installing, so the one you buy has to be sturdy enough, made of durable materials, and small enough to be lightweight.

Installation method: Does the mobile phone teleprompter feature a flexible mounting?

A device with flexible mounting options can make your video production run more smoothly and efficiently. Also, you need to see if it fits your cell phone holder or other shooting mount. Some attach to the front of the rig of the phone or camera, while other mobile phone teleprompters attach to a tripod, allowing the camera to be attached to the rear of it. The one-construction design of the Moman MT12 is ideal for long-term, fixed-place shoots, while the Moman MT1 and MT2 are more widely used for on-the-go activities.

Reading range: Does it have a wide angle for you to see and read easily?

Reading range is important when discussing teleprompter on phone since it encompasses several elements. You should consider the monitor's size and the typeface in particular. When choosing the appropriate size, take into account how distant the speaker will be from the prompter. Regardless, make sure you are able to maintain the proper lens distance while being able to clearly read the scrolling text on the glass.

Moman MT12 professional teleprompter is designed to be one-piece construction, which is easy to install for phone recording.


Without having to lose eye contact with the people you're speaking to, the phone teleprompters provide you with a terrific method to refer to your script. You'll be able to fully utilize this helpful tool without making easy blunders along the road with the aid of this buying teleprompter guide. Hope this blog can help you find the best one!


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