Many podcasters and online content producers choose to utilize their smartphones for audio recording because of their portability, affordability, or ease of use. While some may claim that quality will be compromised, installing a podcast microphone for iPhone can surely result in a wonderful recording experience. This blog aims at helping you to find the most suitable mic among so many options on the market.

  • Why do you need an external mic for phone podcasting?
  • What to look for in a podcast microphone?
  • Which type of iOS microphone should I use?
  • Where to buy a podcast mic for devices with lightning ports?
  • How to use an iPhone podcast microphone?

Moman CP2 microphone for iphone podcasting has a mini body with windmuff, being ideal for kinds of recording activities

Why do you need an external mic for phone podcasting?

Buying an external microphone for phones may seem like a simple alternative for podcasting if you already own an iPhone. There are numerous excellent choices available, and in many cases, their audio quality will be comparable to a similarly priced podcasting microphone for iPhones that need a laptop or other mixing device to record. The best uses for them are for recording while on the go or in other circumstances where bringing a complete recording setup may not be possible. They offer a much better podcasting experience while enjoying a budget price, that’s why you need one when you decide to start your channel.

What to look for in a podcast microphone?

1. Compatible lightning port

While many varieties use other inputs like the headphone jack or that work with a wider range of phones, we'll concentrate on wireless podcast microphones on iPhone with a lightning port input for this list. Remember this since there is only one lightning connector on iPhones, exactly like when you charge it. suitable for iPhone 5 and later. Unless the microphone has a headphone jack or you also buy a lightning port splitter, you might not be able to listen to the sound you're recording while you're recording.

2. Premium audio quality

In the absence of an external microphone, the audio on your iPhone may be garbled, subject to wind noise or other annoying background noise when recorded in a large room, and full of echoes. Think about the differences between speaking to someone on speakerphone and speaking to them through a headset. When using a microphone for iPhone to record a podcast or audio, you'll be able to tell the difference right away. You can also utilize all of these features to capture video, telephone conversations, and conferences. In addition to the recording tool this factor affects audio, if you speak intermittently, the volume fluctuates, it will also cause bad recording effect. This happens to a lot of starters when they are nervous or forget their lines, so at this time you may need a camera teleprompter more.

3. User-friendly design

A user-friendly microphone will consider portability, so it should be mini and light enough to podcast without tiring even when it is mounted on the phone. Secondly, there is also the convenience of function. Many microphones now have a plug-and-play design. What does that mean you may ask. When you connect the receiver to the phone directly through the socket, the recording can be started directly after pairing without other additional apps or settings. Third, it takes into account the predictability of various problems that may occur in actual use. For example, the design of a one-button mute can mute in time in an emergency. Fourth, it has extremely long running time. If the power goes out, make sure it supports the v mount d tap battery that most photographers have these days. This mobile power supply can charge devices with Type-C, USB-A, D-tap, and PB ports. Or you can use the adapter to charge your podcast microphone.

Which type of iOS microphone should I use?

SYNCO P2L belongs to the P series wireless lavalier microphone. It can apply to smartphones with lightning port for online chatting, etc.

1. By Polar pattern: Unidirectional vs omnidirectional

A 360-degree signal field is provided by omnidirectional, commonly referred to as Omni. Consequently, it will cover all angles. But in all circumstances, it may not be the best option. The signal field for unidirectional communication will only be 90 degrees. Because it cancels out extraneous sound, a unidirectional podcasting microphone for iPhone is frequently preferred to an omnidirectional one. A unidirectional mic will enable you to record a single person's voice more if it is the only thing you are recording. For live recordings and voice applications, it works best as a recording microphone. When the recording space has good acoustics, it is the ideal option.

2. By wireless transmission: Digital 2.4GHz vs UHF

The majority of the conventional UHF types still in use today operate at lower UHF frequencies ranging from 470MHz to 698MHz, but the 2.4GHz system operates in the 83 MHz of airwaves between 2.400GHz and 2.483GHz and is always referred to as a wireless digital mic system. Although both frequency bands are highly power-limited due to FCC regulations, technically the UHF band has a wider range and better dispersion outside and through solid objects. Nevertheless, the difference is largely insignificant. For individuals who simply require a severak channels and need a simple setup, microphones, especially external microphones for camera of 2.4 GHz transmission, are a fantastic option.

Where to buy a podcast mic for devices with lightning ports?

Moman CP2 has two transmitters and one receiver for two person speaking and recording at the same time. It's small yet functional.

Specification form best microphone for podcasting with iPhone at Moman store


Moman CP2





Regular price$89.99


Regular price$129.00


Wireless Transmission

Digital 2.4GHz

Digital 2.4GHz

Digital 2.4GHz




-40dB±3 dB

Frequency Response




Working Time




(1) Moman CP2 wireless microphone with long runtime of 15 hours

  • Flexible choice: CP2 best podcast microphone for iPad, and iPhone as well, is divided into three kinds of items for you to purchase: A, C, and AC. The difference lies in the interface of the receiver. A stand for lightning port, C is used for Type-C smartphones, and AC is for both two.
  • Quick pairing: It supports 2-person recording and doesn't require an app or drivers because it has two TXs that enable pairing connections in less than a second. It is appropriate for usage in interviews, online streaming, YouTube video production, gaming on TikTok, and other situations. It has the capacity for one maker to capture or two individuals to audio simultaneously and consistently.
  • Reliable battery life: Its runtime stunningly reaches 15 hours, Fully capable of many long podcasting sessions. The charging case included in the package, which contains the TXs and RX, can power up CP2 to full charge three times.

(2) SYNCO P2L microphone for iPhone podcasting of dual-channel system

  • 2-person recording: SYNCO's P series microphones are available as P1L, P1T, P2L, and P2T. L means lightning port, T means Type-C port, 1 is a single transmission for recording, and 2 supports a 2-person recording. You can choose the right one for your needs, and today's P2L is perfect for iPhone podcasting.
  • Nine voice modes: By pushing the button on the receiver, the P2L microphones for podcasting on iPhone hide your voice and trigger nine unique effects, such as Original, Studio TX, Male to Female, Female to Male, KTV FX, Baby FX, Voice Amplification, EDM, and Monster FX. Make creating videos and streaming live more enjoyable.
  • Fast charging case: You can acquire a 45-minute shooting time by charging two transmitters in the case for 10 minutes. 5 hours of runtime are provided by a single full charge, and the charging case can store two charges.

(3) SYNCO G2(A2) mini lavalier microphone with TFT display screen

  • Ultimate sound quality: The SYNCO G2(A2) is more expensive than the other two, but it offers audio quality well over $200. as well. The 150Hz optional low-cut feature may filter out some relatively low noises, such as wind, coolers, and traffic noise, to produce clear sound output. The signal level setting is made simple and accurate by the gain control, which typically ranges from 0 to 5.
  • Wide application: It's TX isn’t designed to have a lightning plug, but a port of a 3.5mm audio output, so you may need a microphone attachment for iPhone podcast. Noted that a TRS camera cable and a TRRS phone cable are included in the product package list.
  • Screen monitor: The implementation of a new bright, high-contrast TFT display panel for G2(A2) transmitters and receivers allows for the visual display of the current recording mode, battery level, audio level, and gain in a variety of lighting circumstances. Similar to this, certain microphones for video recording come with an additional OLED screen type for wide-angle displays or indicator lights. Everything hinges on your decision.

How to use an iPhone podcast microphone?

Video tutorial from setting to using: SYNCO G2(A2) unboxing review

This video describes how to use G2(A2). A detailed description of its TX and RX on the use of various keys and ports. Through this video, we can also do the same to familiarize ourselves with the general use of podcast mic.

Simple operation for using iPhone microphone for podcast

  • Mic connection: Items like the CP2 and P2L simply plug the RX into the phone through the appropriate port, but with the G2(A2), you may need to buy some gadgets, such as a converter cable, to use with different devices.
  • Power on and pairing: It can be turned on with one button. You can know whether it is turned on successfully by observing the corresponding prompt light. As for the connection between the two channels, some support automatic connection, and some require you to press a button to manually connect.
  • Mode control of mute and low cut: Switching between audio effects is usually quite simple, either using buttons or a knob design.
  • Monitoring: Some have OLED or TFT displays, and some indicate lights that tell you whether the podcast microphone for iPhone is paired, the battery level, whether it is recording, and so on.There is also one like the SYNCO G3 wireless lavalier microphone where the receiver also acts as a transmitter. The RX has a 3.5 mm jack connector for headphone to plug in and make real-time check. 

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